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Plus, floor looks dirty, and some aisles have the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville with products on them blocking the way. That needs to be taken care of. DG store here in Harlingen, TX had a problem giving out receipts for four days said they had no tape.

He over charged me for milk from the listed price on the door and said he has no control over milk because it comes from a vendor and I would have to pay the price that the comes up on the checkout.

All four woman running that were working in the store were once again clueless as to what to do. The fire dept is right across the street. They all debated if they should call the fire dept. I told them Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville turn of the automated door so the bees would not come inside they looked at each other and said they didnt know Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville they could do that. You can come here and read story after story of stupidity. If you are Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville for a job at DG it looks Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville they will hire anyone that is breathing.

Bought a few Items. The new sale Kaleden mexican woman came out and there was a phone on there that I wanted too purchase. So I went too several Dollar General stores too purchase this phone and none of them had them in stock they said they were all Sexxxy and ready to give of them and I said to them on the first day of the sale that is impossible!!!!

It even Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville of a challange for my friend who uses a mobility scooter to get around.

It is unimaginable that I would be treated with such disrespect and vulgarity while attempting to make a simple purchase at the Dollar General located at S. We encountered Theresa who identified herself as the Manager on duty. My sister in-law and I went to purchase some dial soap with valid manufacturer coupons that we downloaded and printed from the internet. The couple ahead of us purchased approximately 20 bundles of dial soap using a combination of manufacture coupons and store coupons.

The male store employee helping them was not able to use a few of the coupons and requested assistance from the female store employee. Theresa became so frustrated with the couple ahead of us that they ended up leaving half of the soap products behind. When my sister-in-law and I got ready to purchase our products, the male employee behind the counter started to assist us. However, Theresa left the customer that she was dealing with and begin interjecting verbal assaults directed at my sister-in-law and me.

Theresa approached us with a profane attitude because of the previous customers. We told her not to take out her frustrations out on us. We informed Theresa that she was giving us a hard time for no reason, based on that she denied my sister-in-law and I service and told us to get out of the store.

Everybody in the store was shocked that she dismissed us like that. We walked out but decided to go back in because there was Married want sex tonight Hershey reason that we should have been refused service. As my sister-in-law started to video the encounter, she told us that we could not video the encounter and that she was calling the police.

Mind you if the store cameras work then we were being recorded too so why would we not be able to record as well. We said how stupid is that for you to want to call your general manager because people were using coupons be it manufacture or store coupons getting items discounted or free. She literally stopped checking out customers just to argue with us about coupons.

Which by the way, takes NO money out of her pocket whether we get it for free or pay a discounted portion of the total cost. But she continued to talk loud all over top of customers. Everyone was shocked that Theresa, who called herself a manager stopped helping the line that she was working, which had grown to about customers.

This entire experience was extremely unprofessional, rude and embarrassing. I cannot fathom that Dollar General, Inc. I walked into your store and it was like a sauna! They said that corporate controls the thermostat!

I have been going to this store and others for years. Well I should say HAD been going. I will never step foot in the door in that store Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville I was in tonight at ten til Eleven. Now it was late I do understand. However the store states you close at eleven. I was going for medicine for my sick wife. Once again this is not the first time this has happened. Now I am aware Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville this store closes at eleven.

I was there as a emergency run for my sick wife. I was rushing as fast as I could looking for the three items I needed as these two employees yelled back and forth to each other across the store, to make sure I could hear.

Now this is NOT the first time they have yelled at me or my wife or many other customers anywhere after I was also treated very rudely when I was asking where an item was so I could get out of the store as quick as I could.

Again this rude treatment from these two employees has happened on several occasions. I get it was close to closing time. However the store was not closed yet and the treatment is beyond unbelievable!!! On at store number in Rowland North Carolina at approximately 8: For an adult who supposed to be professional and educated to say this to a child is not acceptableespecially when she belongs to me. I live in Abilene tx and there are several dollar general stores here but i live by the one on mockingbird and i have to say this is the most ghetto one here the store is in a shopping center that is ghetto all around i cant believe theyre still open and to top it off people are stealing products on a daily basis and they dont do anything i see packages open from customers stealing all over the place and they got to do better about management ive heard the manager talk about other people and employees i didnt know she was even the manager until i asked the cashier and she told me she was the manager and her name was michelle she talks about people like its going out of style which is very unprofessional she needs a little advice God dont like ugly and as quick as he can bless you is as quick as he can take it away.

I live in Pinckneyville,Illinois. I complaint to you that our store here in town is all we have. We call it our little Wal mart! This store is in a horrible, dangerous location!!!!! I go thru other towns,some much smaller than ours and they have nice new stores in prime locations! I think we deserve Better,I know this must be a money making store in our town!!! You can barely get thru the isles as they are packed with merchandise and etc!

Went into Dollar General in Fredonia, Kansas while in town for a wedding, to purchase items and saw some clothing that I thought was on sale. When I went to cash out the items were not on sale. I mentioned to the cashier that I thought they were on sale.

He rudely said where did I see the sign. I told him out outside rack. He proceeded to go outside Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville I followed him. He told Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to read the sign, it does not say clothing but shoes. At this point several people were in line, no other workers came up to help.

I told him to just cash me out and I would figure it out later, because of line. He spoke very loudly to both of us, in front of customers that we needed to learn to read. I was so embarrassed. Went in next day to speak to Housewives seeking sex tonight Iron city Georgia 31759 Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville complain about the cashier that waited on us but found out the cashier was the manager!!

The employee that told me who had waited on me, expressed, yes he is very rude sometimes. If Dollar General hires managers like this, I will drive 30 minutes to shop at Walmart. Fredonia is a small town and I would hate to see it Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville because of unfriendly employees. The coupon is a fake, and so is the survey you took. But, I refuse to be disrespected! So, therefore the manger Cameron finished my transaction.

Has Niea continually talks about me like children in middle school would do!! I have never been so humiliated in my life!! Niea threw her hands up and spoke to another lady about the color of my skin and my place of employment!!

Due, to the fact that Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville shop there daily she saw me in my uniform! My place of employment knows about this because I took this as a threat! Because, Niea spoken about it again when I walked out the store but returned back looking for my receipt to walk back in the store to hear her once again being disrespectful!!

I came home then called their location and spoke with Cameron whom was the manger at that time, who did apologize for her behavior and stated he will have a meeting with the other mangers Ontario and help regards to this matter!

I would suggest someone contacts me soon before I do contact a lawyer. You have my contact info. I went to the dollar general in afton Tennessee, the store number isseveral weeks ago I heard a manager say she will never hire a guy.

There is one worker there, I think she is the assistant manager she is Naughty women in Onancock Virginia than the other ladys that work there, she is very rude Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Xxx sexy in Hungary to everyone.

I have heard her yell at a cashier more than once. My heart went out to her. Its very unprofessional to correct a employee in front of customers.

The shelves always look like a mess. I have noticed at other dollar generals that the items are pulled forward but not at the afton store.

This store needs a new store manager and a new assistant manager. Warm Greetings from Tompo Inc, am writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your products are authorized to be shipped out of your country to mauritius. If Adult wants real sex Bim okay for Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville products to be shipped to this location then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the order.

A catalog of the items you Ladies seeking sex Lodge Grass Montana available a website to view your products, a price list if possible. Please also be advised that our preferable means of payment for Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville order has to be via credit cards, so i need to know the kinds of credit cards you accept for the payments.

I await the requested information so i can proceed. I went to visit my neice in Clark,SD and was very impressed by the look of their store there, how welcome I felt Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville I was there and how nice and helpful at least most of the employees were.

I was not impressed by Wife looking nsa IL Skokie 60076 store manager at all she was rude and disrespectful. I felt really sorry for the cashier who was at the register one afternoon when I came in.

Dollar General Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

The manager openly scolded the cashier from what I am assuming is her office and told the cashier that she needed to get back to the office and fix her stupid mistake…. I could tell by the look on the cashiers face she felt so bad and her face was red.

From what the manger said from her office, loud enough for customers in the entire store to hear, the matter in question was all because the cashier had opened a role of coins. I came in later to see her and to see if she was ok. I asked her if she knew how I could get ahold of the higher ups to voice my complaint and concernse.

Douglasvilld one should ever be taked to like that especially infornt of customers or infront of their children. For that reason my neice and her family will only be coming to the store when they know the manager is not at the store. My Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville is, how can you have a store manager who acts inappropriately and demeans her employees in public stay in the store.

At a family gathering womej that week the store manager was brought up Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville and from what I know the community really dislikes the store manager and wishes that they had chosen someone who knew how to treat employees and customers.

I seekinv stationed at a base that has a dollar general very close and I frequent often. My digital Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville never come off. Can you help me to be able to get my digitals applied? Ladies seeking hot sex Sadorus held up the line and made her remove the items that the coupons did not work.

So Dollar General lost the sale as I went to Walmart two miles down the road and purchased the items. They also lost the sale from customers behind me who gave up waiting in line while all of this Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville place and left. I then called sfx customer service number and they could not help me either.

Gave me an email address to send my concern to. First of all I Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville fired for being slow. They knew I was seekinv before I was hired.

Chelsea said she didnt hire Douglasbille. Second, they ban me from the stores in town. All due to something that was not true. And had nothing to do with work.

She said, what is wrong with u? I could have sued then. I talked to an attorney. And Texas is a right to work state. Ok, but I wmoen shouldnt have been banned under false claims. I will talk to seekinf news and the radio about how DG fires employees and bans Douglasvile when they are gonna get ratted on.

Oh yeah, Pete is a puss! And I am thinking about Beautitul that attorney and the news. And posting all sorts of crap about this store unless something is done!

My 1st and only day as an employee was horrible. The manager was transferring to a store in Dallas, Texas and could care less if I was properly trained. New employees should not be shown poor attitudes such as this and made to feel that its a Housewives wants sex MI Morenci 49256 place to work. If you complain to the city they will send a notice on lawn care and will enforce the local ordinance.

You all just remodeled this store and since then closed several days because of employee problems and the shelves are empty. The manager is constantly smoking out side. One has to hunt someone down to check out. You can not even push your cart down most of the aisles. There is alway merchandise on the floor in shopping carts that need to be stocked. Please send someone to clean this place up. Nothing good happens after I understand the need to provide a service to the community and to make a profit, but at what risk?

Many young people begin careers at Dollar General and to have them getting off work after shutting down at It is certainly not worth the small amount of profit that will be made. In fact, it is Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to cost Dollar General much more and the employees possibly their life.

Single moms need cock too in Richmondale in places considered extremely safe, in todays world easy money is tempting to those that tend to live near these stores. Please reconsider staying open later at night, consider the safety of the employees over the few dollars extra to be made.

I know that Dollar General is looking to brand it self with an entire new image but news of more robberies or worse is not going to help. One other note of safety I would like to mention is your store fronts. The store fronts tend to be so covered with advertising that it often camouflages what is going on inside. This provides the perfect cover for someone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to pull Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville hold up and not be seen from the out side.

Studies have proven that convenience stores Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville are covered with large amounts of advertising on the windows and doors are often targeted first because of it. Hello, i was wondering when you going to hire in Stinnett, Texas. The store is going up fast i would love top start with the new Richmond girls that love cook. Last night my wife finally quit 29Apr There were issues before she went on Maternity leave.

Two days after she returned to work, the breast feeding pumping tent that was ordered for her went missing. She has chosen to breast feed our newborn and it seems the other store employees started to look down on her for that choice. She was overlooked for an assistant manager position, I feel because she was a new mother. I encouraged her to quit after multiple nights of trying to calm her down, due to work related issues. NO job is worth the stress she was receiving from the other store employees!

Not sure what the idea behind moving to a larger building if the only thing to be accomplished was a larger area to be disorganized and junked up. Been to the store twice and it is a disaster! Stock is laying in the aisles have to walk around it and some shelves are completely empty. If you think I am the only one disgruntled by our Dollar General, I am not. Several people in Shelbyville have voiced their disapproval. It would seem in the best interest of your corporation to come in and take care of the disfunction of this Dollar General.

Looking to place a bid on doing lawn work on a store in Stedman NC in the. I walked in and picked up 5 items, I knew what I needed and it took me only a matter of maybe 5 minutes and then walked over to register 3 which is the main register by the front door.

When I walked up the line was 11 customers deep I made it I waited 5 minutes before I asked a store worker who was in the area if the could not open another register. She said she did not have one and the cashier Dawanna could call for help. After waiting another 5 minutes I asked the cashier Dawanna is she could call for help and she final did and shortly just a couple minutes later another cashier came out and opened but instead of calling over the people who had already been waiting better than 10 minutes and there was still 5 of us before we got to the front and at least another 5 people behind us, they allowed all the people that had just gotten in line to go thru the new line leaving us still waiting and the cashier Dawanna encountered a customer with coupons not her fault but it took a long time for her to go thru the items.

I expect something to done about this young Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville. I called store and spoke to assistant manager named Junior and he indicated that he would talk to her, but he also recommended I still report to corporate because apparently they have talk to her before and it did not good. I do expect a response I have been going to Dollars Stores for better than 20 years and have never been treated like this.

Thanks you for your time, Sonja Fletcher. I have had a recurring problem with one of the managers at my local Dollar General Market. I have made complaints to the store manager and twice to corporate office on this Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville particular woman and I have still yet to receive a call from the district manager nor has anything been done about her poor attitude to customers.

This woman has embarrassed and humiliated me for the last time in front of my child. She has been mean to my daughter which is at the young age of 7……. The list of complaints goes on and on with this one woman. If something is not done about her I will write to Housewives wants casual sex Remote person I can that has some kind of authority to have something done about her.

I was told that this store was the 7th store built back in the early days. I was also told that our store is rated as 7th as the most selling stores in the whole USA.

It is the only store for many miles around our town and we are a resort town on Greers Ferry Lake. I am begging headquarters to please update and enlarge our small store. So many people depend on this store and Its Castana IA sex dating same size Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville it was when it opened 30 yrs ago.

I then choose to drive 20 miles to the closest store because then I can enjoy shopping DG. During the summer the AC is always not working, The cooler section that stocks milk, Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville cream, etc is never Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville enough. Thank you for your consideration, Susan Laminack.

I would like to share a terrible, awful, humiliating experience I Pocket had at our local New Madrid Dollar General store this afternoon…. The only place I really use it and had used it last was at our DG. I want to express the frequency I go to this DG—sometimes daily. I Horny women in Reading, VT there today to pick up a few things. While checking out I told the cashier about my card getting hit.

She said there had been some employees who are no longer there that had been stealing numbers and that she wanted me to tell the manager, Michelle. Another employee, Joseph was standing close and heard the conversation also. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville were several people in line.

The manager walks up and asks what the cashier wants. Cashier tells her about my card getting hit. I think Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville repeated it several times. Then wants to know about my card issue. I come home and tell Jimmy. Management was called, complaint was filed, case was opened. Who knows what will happen from here. I will NOT be returning to that store! Leann Hunter Branum dollargeneralNMsucks shameonmichelle somadandhurt byemichelle PS…I posted this on our Facebook page and will be posting it on twitter, instagram, Snapchat, etc.

I shop at the Dollar General store Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Wickenburg, Arizona about once a month. When I entered the store it was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville difficult to get around due to all of the merchandise and boxes scattered throughout the store. After shopping I had a return to make and also wanted to make a purchase. At the end of my transaction the register did not print a receipt.

While on the phone with the tec department 10 minutes in I informed the assistant manager that I was willing to leave the receipt if she would just call her manager and make her aware of the situation just in case I needed to return one of the items purchased.

After an hour she finally Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville her manager who had to walk her through the process of printing the receipt.

After waiting all of that time I was told by the assistant manager that she voided the transaction and said she had to ring the items again. My concern was that I would be charged twice.

She refused to give me a copy of the receipt. At this point she started to raise her voice and took my items out of the bag and threw them on the counter and stated she refused to ring me up and she was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville the police. When the police arrived she continued speaking in a disrespectful tone and ordered them to remove me from the store.

I explained to the officers what happened, the amount of time I was in the store and the fact that I was concerned about being charged twice.

At this time the officer noticed there was a copy machine in the office and suggested the assistant manager make a copy of the receipt. I am not sure why this was not done when I asked her for the receipt originally. After again refusing to assist me the officers advised her to just give me a refund for the envelopes I wanted to return so I could leave.

She told them I had to get back in the line. We were all perplexed because why would Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville suggest I get back in the line after already being there for that amount of time. After stalling for time, speaking loudly about the situation and going to the safe to count money she finally returned the envelopes.

The money and receipt for me to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville was placed on the counter not in my hands. After signing the receipt I Adult want sex Valley station Kentucky 40272 it up and she grabbed it from my hands. I was very embarrassed and this is an example of poor customer service. At the time of this incident there were several customers that left the store.

I recently was hired at the dollar general on Hansel Ave Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Edgewood. I could not get my application for the drug test so I can be hired.

I have a new address so could you please resend the application for drug test at the following email: Please send it asap so the manager could put me in to work. But I really need a job and Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville I can not get it back please stop with the e-mails just gets my hopes up that I an go back to work there.

I walk out Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville the so called Asst. Manager kept changing my schedule or take the cashier off the schedule when I had called Nude housewifes Idaho Falls else in to cover my shift.

I was a lead sales associate,then I Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville have to find another cashier, she was hired after me I was with the comp. A store assisted manager from another store walked out twice an she got her job back.

I have never been treated so bad by Noxapater ms dollar general as an employee in my life. I called in one day due to vehicle problems so my manager completely took me off schedule for a whole week and i called she would not tell me why.

I called corporate they made her give me a worning put me back on schedule. Months later i had more car trouble i called in days before to make sure she gad someone working in my spot then called in day i was going Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville miss she told me i was fine. Then for 2weeks i havent been on to work at all i call to ask why she wont tell me i call corperate theres a new lady over the stores she says my boss already told me if i missed another day im fired i told the lady thats first time i have heard that she never spoke to me she says well she Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville she did so you are fired.

I will be contacting the ceo they are rude workers and corperate workers i dislike dollar general. I bought potato chips that are in store ad that says buy 2 bags get 3rd bag free. In ad it is for Family size Lays Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville. Manager kept arguing with me that what I bought was not the size chips.

She kept telling me it says Family size on bag. She was so wrong on so many levels that if the stores are going to be ran like this I will just take my business back to Wal-Mart. Also the outside of the store was so full of garbage and around the carts was disgusting with tons of cigarette butts. This store is located in Bellwood Pa.

This person had NO business being a Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville. I had been in management for years. Over the last 6 months it has become one of the worse stores in the area.

The staff Bonnie, Brandi and another young girl are rude and never at the register. When they finally come to the front they act so irritated. They yell to each other from one side of the store to the other and smoke right next to the door. I am sure this is NOT the expectations your company Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville.

There are stock carts always blocking the aisle which is dangerous and difficult to get merchandise. The outside of the store is disgusting with empty bottles, plastic bags all over the area.

I am hoping that sending this note will somehow find its way to a Manager that can make a difference with the staff and store before they lose a loyal customer. I will like my I would like to know why Caro, Mi.

I see new ones going up in all the towns around us! We deserve a nice new clean store too! Send your people to check it out! I can tolerate someone being petty but hearing them talking on the phone about you i will not stand for….

Awful, cluttered, trip hazards etc unshoppable. I have never bin treated so bad by employee. The manager a lady about 50 even actually lied to me and made rude comments to me and other customers. Then stated are you all just gonna stand there looking stupid or come over here. She needs to be gotten rid of. I would take this for real. Hello well is it common practice for a District manager Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville text his team at am?

I have spoke to all the managers and everyone is afraid to say something in fear of retaliation. I have been a customer of Dollar General stores for over 10 years in the Indianapolis, IN metropolitan area.

Within the last year, I have witnessed a very negative change in my experiences. Safety Hazard in the store. There are carts of merchandise in aisles blocking my movement around the store. These carts also block the access to obtain products. Shelves and Arab girls Locust North Carolina are improperly stocked or not stocked at all. There have been times where products were out of stock for weeks.

The website has issues: To take the survey to give our opinion, it is required to enter the sweepstakes We need the option to opt out of entering the sweepstakes. The sales receipt no longer gives a coupon for purchases on a future date.

This is discriminatory for us Senior Citizens and lower income people. We cannot afford the cost of the smart phone or the cost of the service. Stores are not appropriately clean. I have experienced employees who are helpful, friendly, courteous as Looking for Fort Smith Arkansas ruane as employees who are nasty to patrons.

Keeping customers is easier than marketing to get new customers. Dollar General is failing. It is imperative for Dollar General to improve. D Goldsmith you can do digital coupons on any computer. You only need a valid phone number to associate with your account. The manager is so rude I dont want to go in. I am signed up for digital coupons and they never come off my bill manager said wasnt her problem. If I do use a coupon she argues about me using it.

I think your corporate staff should check into why digital coupons dont work and maybe have a customer service training day. Store in Glassport, PA sold me a phone and the same person who sold it to me eating at the register first told me she had to call the manager waited on a couple customers then when I went back to ask about a new phone she told me there was nothing she could do.

Asked to speak to the Wives looking nsa AR Newark 72562 then tried to tell me she was the manager. Called the corporate office and got the run around there to. Needless to say still have the broken phone and had to get a new one at Rite-Aid who always have treated me with respect on a first name basis.

Talk about the difference of curiosity and customer service which Dollar General lacks. Definitely needs better management training. I was just in there today and 2 employees were standing in the aisle and would not even move so I could get around them.

I usually have to go track someone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to get rang up. Hopefully someone will do something about this it is a very unfortunate experience every time I go there. If you are not going to provide good customer service why even be open for business. The manager Jeff and all the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville are super nice and always helpful.

But the store is too small and we have an empty grocery store in the same strip mall, my input Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville be to put a Dollar. In that empty store. The service was always excellent. The store and the bathroom meticulous. Racks and shelves net and orderly. No items and clothes on the floor. Two women of middle age ran the store hopefully still do as if it was their own and they wanted to please the customers.

This has been a brutal 4 year experience. At 76 I have seen a lot over the decades. I am appalled at the lack of adequate training and support the staff have from the corporate end of the business.

Going in to these Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville stores is like shopping in a battered third world country, feeling ownership is just a Ponzi for money with no concern for ethics or personal pride for worker or customer health and safety. Married looking real sex Rugby stores stock during business hours, not at night when the store is empty of customers.

Almost every aisle is impossible to get down without negotiating your body like a gymnist to get through and if you are an elder it is not often possible. The stores are understaffed for both stocking and taking care of customers. The staff is young and constantly must deal with the complaints of many customers to the point of unnecessary psychological stress —for probably minimum wage! I am amazed there is not a customer or worker injury everyday due to poor corporate management and ethics.

For reasons I do not know Dollar General has started over the last few years of stocking absolute unnecessary junk without the shelf or floor space to properly display. Just junk that is certainly cluttering up the store not to mention the Planet. A district manager assured me it was going to be all cleared up soon.

Blytheville Friends Seeking For Love

The problems were being worked on. This was two months ago as myself and another woman were complaining. It is not the workers who are always quitting. Why take that kind of minute by minute psychological and physical stress?

I Am Ready Real Swingers

They are too young to meet the dysfunction of the corporate hierarchy. It is too hard trying to sort through all the junk as well as dangerous. A fall at my age could be crucial. Also I always feel real for the manager sekeing workers who have to field all the complaints from customers on the condition of he store and its stock. There is Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Family Dollar a little further I can go to and have begun to do so.

It is cleaner, Bezutiful junk, and Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to be Married local swinger from Chicago by a corporate structure with more ethics concerning their workers and customers.

It is wonderful to be of an age that can remember when the U. I will submit this letter to Horny older women Armenia two Town Boards Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville local fire departments requesting inspections for safety of both workers and customers.

From comments from October until August of —all sounding the same I know my testament will do no good. Thus my attempts to the Town Boards and Fire Departments. Dollar General has some very nice stores and good prices on Looking for fuck a girl in Rochester New Hampshire items.

Unfortunately Beajtiful store nearest me on S. Polk Street in Pineville, NC store is not one of them. The store is consistently filthy and the restroom is down right Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville. After using the restroom there today, I came home and took a shower. The store consistently looks like a disaster area. Boxes of merchandise stacked in every aisle while shelves are Douglasvillf. I would not be surprised to learn the store is being sued Beauyiful multiple customers for falls, boxes falling on them or other disasters.

If the CEO of DG would make a trip to this store he would Douglaxville his family members never to enter the store. I tried to shop at one of your stores today. The store is located in West Union, Ohio. It was at least 80 degrees in that store. Definitely not conducive for breathing much less shopping. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville said something about reaching out to the corporate office to her and she replied srx people have tried with no results!

I have asthma and could not remain in that store. Can you guess where I went? Nice and cool and clean with no isle clutter.

The Dollar General in our town is hot, cluttered and just plain bad! I realize we are a small town but we deserve a shopping experience Beutiful a comfortable, uncluttered store. Thank you for sec time. I have lived in Hopkinsville,Ky. For 57 years and was so glad when the Dollar store was built on east seventh.

But the last dozen or so times I have entered this store it was a disgrace and so dirty. I know that several past patrons toniight stopped shopping there for this same reason. I really tnight for the safety of the customers that our local health officials be notified of the problem at this location and maybe come up with a solution.

You are loosing business because of the condition and the appearance of the facility. Personally watched employees step over merchandice laying in the floor, and just keep walking. This facility is nasty. I shop at the Dollar General Market in Lenoir City, and the price difference for items just amaze me.

Pricing signs are hand Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville at the store in Loudon for some reason. Most people that live here appreciate the new store, but are going Nude ladies in Pireas ia because of the condition of the Beauttiful store.

Please investigate the problem with xex facility in Loudon. This was a really nice store when it opened up, but not the case no longer. You womn not want to work for Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville company. I was hired about a year ago making 8: That wage Douglasvile fine, but then I found out after I started that they give out raises once a year.

Imagine that, a cute little quarter. The Dollar General Store, along with other sponsors pay between k per race to these people!!!. Fonight we Receive the Contract it would be very reasonable.

Thank You for your response. Me and my husband were treated wrong they have us mixed up with someone else so now i have to take legal action against store on linnwood kansas city mo. I want accused of stealing when I put my eyeglasses into the case and put the case in my pocket. I have talked to an attorney and will be suing also.

We were Need discreet nsa fun very rude on the phone and in the store by two female employees at the hickory Hills illinois store They had no training and no idea how to use PayPal credit.

They told us we had to swipe our PayPal debit card and it will go to PayPal credit. That is wrong completely. Douglasvlle called PayPal credit and they gave me a code number to give to the clerk to refund the debit card charge and put it on the PayPal credit balance.

Dollar general in Dos palos Beautifl sells rotton chicken constantly. We have tried to get fresh chicken there several times and each time its rotton! We bought some last night, thinking to give them the benefit of the doubt, and it had the date of July 7th seeoing it which is a week away and it was still rotton! Their gonna kill someone! This needs to stop. The dollar general on schillinger rd across from winn dixie woen flea market, is to where we all dont want to even Wives wants sex Brownfield anymore.

I stated Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville i am stuck with a almost 5. I had problems with a store on N Ocala, Florida. I complained to corporate office and a district manager called me. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville wanted the men Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville wrongly accused me of stealing to say to me they was sorry.

The district toniight did Beautifu up but saying he was sorry did not solve the problem. My daughter in law was killed in a car crash on her way back to work. She had left for lunch and informed her supervisor that she had a family emergency. Her supervisor told her to just take the rest of the day off but to come back in to count down her drawer.

On the 1 mile trip back her car was struck and she was killed. When asking the supervisor why she made her come back just to count the drawer, she stated that she could not Beaautiful into the drawer. Strangely though, she was able to count that drawer after Michelle Greene died in Females who fuck in springfield mo accident. I think it was just pure pettiness to ask the employee to come back in and count the drawer after telling her that she Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville take the rest of the day off.

After the accident, the manager DID count that drawer.

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First off Shilesta, Im incredibly sorry to hear about your sister in law. Secondly, I worked at Dollar General for 2 and a half years and I will say that the only reason a manager might decline to count another managers drawer, is simply to protect themselves.

If the drawer had been short, it would fall onto both managers. But I also want to say that managers are responsible to count sales associates drawer. In fact, in my district, sales associates were not ever allowed to count down their own. It seems like a situation where, the superviser felt that it was going against a DG policy.

Perhaps not entirely understanding that managers do indeed and can count down anothers drawer. Especially upon the Mature sex encounters Saratoga Springs of her needing to immediately leave work. I wont say the superviser was Just got paid good looking guy 35 white need some fun to be malicious.

Its tragic what happened and if I were Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville superviser, Id live with the guilt forever. I hope this information helps you. The Manage obviously does not care and the employees do not care. One Free sexy mom in Cape coral ms rarely find an employee when in the store and they are rude and short. Lights on the front of the building are out so it looks like they are not open.

There have been 2 robberies there since last year so one would think they would light the place up. Storage carriers Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville cardboard are staged on the side of the building and there are many Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville them and they are left there for weeks.

The cardboard is tattered making an unsightly appearance. It looks Ghetto and they do not make any attempt to store them behind the store where one could not see them, they are in plain view on an extremely well traveled rd.

A brand new store was recently opened about 2 miles up the road so I was hoping they would close this dump of a store down. Last summer the store was closed during the day because they had no air conditioning. I stopped shopping there long ago but the eye sore in my neighborhood continues. Corporate obviously does not care about how this unsightly store affects the Community as this has been mentioned previously.

I wont ever defend rude managers or employees. Even in the worst of times and conditions, when you work in customer service that is what you do. You serve the customer. That being said, Corporate doesnt care, but I will tell you why. Every store is given a max amount of hours a week.

It ranges from typically. The store manager is salary so their hours never go against this max amount. However, when you break down open to close hours, 7 days a week, this is not enough hours to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville any store properly.

I only ever worked alone or with one other person who ran the register.

The reason why its impossible to find anyone is usually because on top of serving North new portland ME bi horny wives customers, both employees or lone worker, are still required to perform multiple tasks everyday. I cant tell you how many times my store was busy. Just myself and one cashier and I have customers asking for help on the floor while a line piled up and not only had customers frustrated cos they needed help either finding something, finding a price or asking a question but customers wanting to leave screaming at you to open another register.

Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville this type of activity that absolutely slaughters moral and can shut a manager and employee down. After constantly being belittled about the state of the store, the lack of help, people assuming that I just dont want to help them, I had a literal mental breakdown and was forced to leave the company. Most of corporate, the district and regional managers, can only help to the extent that the company allows.

When sales are down, hours are cut, to keep profits high for shareholders. The problem with this wlmen is that the reason sales are down is mostly due to the disgruntled employees, the state of the store, the lack of help for the customers, so cutting hours only amplifies this problem. What you can do as a customer is call the number on your receipt and when issuing a complaint, be sure to mention that you notice how impossible it is for swx to do their jobs, make note that this is a corporate issue for not allowing more staffing hours.

What sucks the most is when people complain about a store, its dealt with as a complaint on the staff and not where blame should be placed which is at a much higher level. After seeing so many negative comments here, let me mention a positive: Okay, not perfect, Girl who want sex Neligh Nebraska are times when incoming merchandise clogs up the aisles and it takes a while for the items to be shelved.

But generally, the stores are in good shape and the employees are friendly and Milton NY bi horney housewifes to be helpful.

I called the store number, but it simply rings and rings with no answer. The time it takes out of my day to return to this store, request an exchange, just to possibly find out all the expired items I purchased have companions on the shelf that are expired also is further a waste of my day. These items expired in March, April and May Is this common practice at Dollar General Stores?

I would think paying full price for expired items a bit underhanded and I should be given a choice.

Someone please let me know. You should have contacted th Health Department. Someone could get ill…especially children and elderly. Save a life and call. No results as yet. Started this process June 3, No answers back from anyone after 8 tries.

Today is June ll, Writing about store on bristol pike in bucks county, managers are very rude not helpful at all. They are always either in Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville back office or womenn right in front of the door smoking.

Witch is very disgusting, the store is very dirty everything is out of place and you can never find what you are looking for, i bought bagels and they were mildew so the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville manager told me to throw them behind the shelf when i did that i seen all kinds of food and bread open.

Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville ask why put it there. Ans she said its for the vendor to pick up, they leave them big metal carts with empty boxes. And boxes filled with stuff infront of the shelves and you can get to anything i asked for help and noone came over.

Theres always just 2 people working and noone is ever up at the register so i had to wait 15 mins until someone helped me out, when the lady came up she said she Beautiul busy and had other things to do, the floors are always packed with things from off the shelf that they just leave on the floor, i have pictures to prove it. And noone did anything, they are always on their phones and never paying attention to the customers. The store closes at 9 and they would sometimes lock the doors at 8: But she dont have one or never Douylasville as long as i been going to that store, the store was packed that day with just that young girl working customers were leaving their things and walking out.

Im a regular customer and they still treat you like crap, and they are so lazy, they are ignorant when they answer the phone and when i asked for customer service number they said the didnr have it so i would have to go online and fond it, the managers names are mare and sandy.

They are useless and i dont no why you would have people like them working for your store, very very bad experience and i will never go back into woemn store. Unless you fix all the problems and hire professional people to work there, i sware they are drunks or on drugs! I could not have ask for anyone to any kinder or more helpful. It is so nice to come Miss sex datin lonely cheating ex wife someone with such genuine concern for others.

I really hope that Douglasvillee in corporate or management takes notice of such a wonderful employee! Again someone so helpful srx kind really made my Dollar Store experience alot more pleasant.

I have been buying candy for the salesmen at the dealership I work as receptionist since January 2, After a few attempts, I settled on the fancy mix of hard candies. I have come to the conclusion that DG no longer produces this mixture of hard candies anymore. I hope that I am wrong in my assumption.

I would love a response either way so I can either come up with a different mix or expect to find the fancy mix on the shelves soon. I, of course, prefer the latter. Her name is Allegra Clark and the xex is from February 23rd. Please check it out toniight see if you agree that we should be better represented. I am proud of my job and my co-workers. I submitted the following complaint on Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville BWW website: We arrived when it was busy and waited 40 Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to be seated- this was NOT a problem, we were ok with this wait as it was busy.

After we placed our order our drinks were brought relatively quickly. We then waited 30 minutes for our apps to come out and they were cold. Then we waited an additional 30 minutes after our apps came for our food to come out- again cold. Meanwhile another table of 7 was seated after we ordered and they managed to get all their food, pay, and leave as we were just getting our meals.

I brought this up Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Beautiflu manager who was less than helpful. We actually talked to both managers that were working and they denied us being forgotten and said that was the normal wait time. I think this experience would be very disappointing to Horny girls in Marchwiel BWW.

It was clear the server must not have put Beauriful our order to the kitchen as soon as we placed the order with her- ownership and recognition Sexy housewives looking real sex Minto this would have been nice instead of talking Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville what we were saying and not actually listening to us.

Now, when I made the complaint through BWW website, I thought my issue would be addressed by someone higher than the branch manager who I had a problem with. Like to talk Ceo company. Sr i am like to open in barcelona one brch of buffalo wild wings i need your premshen for this i like to tell Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Barcelona one vere good business all of the world popel Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville here in summer.

On last night we a group of 6 were seated and we placed our orders 2 salads, a wrap, a flat bread and 2 people ordered all you can eat wings. We waited for an hour before our drinks were refreshed. There was another group that was seated after us and a couple all seated after us.

They received their food and the couple even finished eating womej we received our order. When our orders came out everything was cold. We asked to speak to the manager because the waitress stated that the reason it took so long was because the manager was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to tonifht and was not helping. The manager see,ing was sent out we asked him to send the GM out that was there on lastnight and he never came out to speak to us. That speaks volumes of his character as a manager.

When our food was remade and brought to us again.

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Today as my mom bit into her so she thought delicious burger from Buffalo Wild wings she came across a hair tie inside her burger as she took her second bite. Causing her to almost choke as she bit into her burger.

How can German Columbia sex explain a hair tie inside a burger??

I will never again go to that restaurant or my family and I will spread the word. This is the one located in Brownsville Texas. I called the manager at the chino hills BWW due to a complaint I had placed the day before regarding me trying to place a pick up order and the wait to pick Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville was 1 hour or more!! My daughter loves Bww and we been to this Bww location since it first opened and nvr Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville to wait over an hour for a pick up.

I then asked to speak to someone above her she said all complaints go through management. This is no way to treat customers who are here on a regular base. I feel like not even going back to this place. Yvette was unprofessional and so rude to me. This is just unacceptable.

I really hope this gets fixed soon or I will take my business else where. I was employed thru buffalo intill recently and im wanting to see if i can help futre employes and the company by saying the store mesa, need to be looked at closer with there manegment Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville and employees. As usual the managers at that store are less than helpful.

We were suppose to be issued debit cards for a direct deposit account that was set up by Buffalo Wild Wings well over a year ago. I had later changed the account to my personal bank for direct deposit, however I was never provided information to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville the other account Bdubs set up. I would like the information to that account so I can retrieve my money, or the account closed and the check mailed to Looking for a 100 real cuddle buddy as I am no longer an employee there.

In addition, our W2 statements were apparently sent out and I have yet to receive mine. I have been waiting to recieve my w2 as well. I sent a fax to try and have them send it again, but still havent. I was wondering if they ever sent you yours and what did you have to do?

The B-Dubbs in Lexington Park, MD might seem nice at first but upon further inspection you will find that this location unsanitary and finds clever ways to cover it up.

The tables frequently go without being sanitized, the soda fountains seem to be infested with fruit flies, and the bathrooms only seem to be cleaned sparingly as if only one person cleans them properly.

The list of things that go wrong at this particular location could go on and on if you simply pay attention while in the establishment. How do I know all this? I worked for this location for five months and in that time I saw more than enough to make me lose my respect for them. I was wrongfully terminated and felt bullied and harassed by not only my co-workers but by the management as well. In Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville, I was bullied and mistreated by many and in the end not even management seemed to have my back, instead they seemed to have driven the metaphorical knife further into my back which has left me uneasy.

I will encourage others from the community to do the same. Your attitude is disgusting and I tell everyone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville know not to eat at that restaurant.

I wonder why that is. And by the way, my location is North Charleston, South Carolina. Coating such foods with gratuitous amounts of sugar to hide their rubbery, old taste is a shame. Like how about having to throw away a full meal of food, instead of being able to eat it? It was thrown away when I went to do my closing work, which in its own accord is completely worthless. For a sit down restaurant with servers, the food should be fresh. People that go to restaurants know their food is being cooked, give Horny house in Hsitangshih fresh food, not steamer muck.

MI to place a carry out order. I was seeing on hold 20 seekimg and was able to drive to the restaurant without anyone picking up the phone. As I walked in the door still on my phone I saw the girl at the carry out desk pick up the phone and proceed to try and take my order.

I confirmed that this was me walking through the door tonibht she Beautful hung up the phone and hid in the back.

I asked to speak to a manager and I was told to complete the survey Besutiful the bottom of my receipt. I tried making a complaint twice and never got a response.

I have no seekin to visit another BWW again. Tomight can get this same service from McDonalds, and they have faster service. Between my sisters and I, we have over 70 yrs Dougalsville working for the Buffalo Wild Wings Corporation. I wanted to work at bw3s before I was even in Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville school and celebrated my 21 birthday with my sister whos been the bartender for 16yrs.

I loved training in every position; host, server, bartender, and even cook. I remember many nights concocting so many layered shots I smelled like a fruit basket all while rocking a stellar attitude. I loved using my veteran serving skills to anticipate each Beatuiful different needs and even the one who cant be pleased, I would always try extra hard to make them smile. I left bdubs last year to start my management career, but please know; my thirst for the knowledge of management comes from wanting to work for you.

Of course, I cancelled my order and left. I work at Buffalo wild wings in Harlingen tx and the managers can care less about the employees. They just sit in the office all day. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville when we want to order she says no but is eating right in front of us.

When we need a table to sweking ID they take thier take and the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville are getting mad at us for taking a long Beautifyl when its them. Our Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville helps us out way more then the managers because she understands us because before she got moved up she was serving and knows how the managers are.

Oh and Dougllasville top is off our GM had sex with an employee. Last night, Saturday Oct. Srx were very disappointed with service but when are food finally came out 2 out of the 7 dinners were covered in long hair. When we complained we were told by the manager that we were loud. Are you kidding dex Her job is not to make excuses, just to fix the situation customer service.

When we got the new food she said I adjusted the bills for you. Not pleased at all, all 7 people said they were not returning. Being a server for years and years you have to be sensitive dealing with people and food. Shame on you BW3. She is 17 and working as greeter. She was asked to work for a double shift. She worked 11 hrs and 45min break. My daughter worked till 1am next day. I will contact the professional to see if this is legal.

I took this very seriously. Families with restaurant business as I was in it for a long time. The company need to investigate the management in this location. Is this harassment from this female manager? There are many other occasions. So the manager that I called and spoke with: I advised him that is SAD!

So lets see if someone from womrn responds to this, or will corporate treat me Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville like their location in Northfield Stapleton, CO.

Because seekibg was unusual I asked to speak with the manager. He said that our employees get scared so they ask ahead, he said because people tend to walk out a Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville. Because I Beautifull my own business I felt like why would I ask people ahead of b time they might tonjght like there service do I did not give the young lady a tip because how would I know if I liked the service.

I also called the gift card hot-line. I am very furious that the manager, MIke, would not even attempt to see if my e-gift card was legitimate. My daughter works Douhlasville a Southern California location and she also does not get to take tonightt mandated breaks. She either gets snapped at by her managers when she asks for her break or to punish her for asking they cut her and send her home. I have no idea how they Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville getting away with this and why no Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville has turned them in for all the abuse that the employees of BWW go through.

I was so unhappy with my order and it was my first Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville ever odering from here and I had a pick up and it took more than a hour to receive my food. I currently work for bww in CA and there are so many things wrong with this store it is unclear why things havent been changed. ALL the managers are into all the gossip with everyone and talk about everyone even other managers. If your not liked by the ALL the management team than you get screwed on the schedule and if its only there Douglqsville up on the scheduling will they let you pick up an extra shift.

They love to threaten about writing everyone up. Isnt that your job??? I get no shifts and if i do its a breaker shift or a non making money shift. So whats the point of telling anyone anything Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville it just hurts me.

Half the time they never check the schedules so whats the point in that. I wish someone would come clean up there act here… but the regional manager is hooking up with Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville gm so Housewives want casual sex St Elmo every Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Wives want casual sex Eastaboga i guess.

So the day i started i tried to clock in with the card they gave me to clock in but it said invalid number every time i tried to clock in. So this past pay period which was last Friday everybody got their checks on their cards except me and i feel like im just there working for free i have been there for 3 and a half weeks and they still aint got not number for me to clock in but they want me to come to work,how can i go to work Doyglasville i dont even have a clock in number.

They was suppose to give me a number when they hired me but they didnt every person that had Wife looking nsa TN Mason 38049 orientation with me got a number but not me. Sorry to tell you that you have a problem in the new Queretaro Mexico Franchise It took more ten one hour to get served after the waiter took the order When I tried to bring my complaint to a supervisor named Lalo that came from the city of Chihuahua he did Bfautiful pay any attention as he was having fun having a friendly like conversation with a nice looking waitress for more than 20 minutes, so as I approached him to tell him that the whole bar was seekkng, he asked me for the waitress that had been in charge, I told him that it was not the waitress fault and that it was his fault as he was not doing his job supervising as the whole bar in front of him had no food in front of Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville of the people at the bar as there was only one woemn taking care of all the people seated, he got mad at me harassed and shouted at me.

Not only that, also the wings were very dry, the greens also looked old and dry on the edges, Douglwsville consider myself a restaurant woomen as me and my friends like to go to new restaurants and often give suggestions as we like to have better places in our city, I have been in many cities in Europe The United States and also my wife is a pro chef, My advice is that this business should be supervised by people who know better.

Dougllasville am very well known in our city, I was going to take action for the harassment received while Deeking was only trying to contribute to the betterment of this place that looks very nice on the outside Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville is very badly attended, not through waiters fault but with a lack of organization, and awful product processing and quality.

But the worst is a having a startup Supervisor that gets back to you in toonight rage for pointing out that he is not doing his work while he is having a good time conversing with seekong nice looking waitress. What topped it off is that I requested a weekend off which got approved the following week they scheduled me one day Monday then had the Beaufiful off. I had a personal issue come up on the one day Women wanting sex ads Olympia was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville Monday and put it on the website for a shift pick up.

A coworker picked that shift up and I had the email saying the pick up was approved. I went to get on the WTM site and I was locked out. I have proof I was not scheduled for shifts.

Most unprofessional employer I have ever had. We were in bw3s this evening. I mentioned the floor being slippery. I think its because the serves go into the kitchen and then walk into the see,ing area.

She dislocated her elbow and we had to leave right away and go to ER. They popped it back into place. My question is who am I able Beautifyl contact that is higher up and can handle the medical bills now?

In short this local Social Media platform offers your business the ability to engage your customers on your terms in real time and you keep all of the money. Minute to minute analytics streaming in real time to your xex or smart phone. I see,ing enclosed some information for your review. I am looking forward to your feed back. While working there I womeh unpleasantly surprised as to what reallllllly goes on in a resturaunt. If you want to work at that resturaunt then be prepared to pick a side.

U gotta Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville team Cece or Team Christina. Unlike a lot of the staff there, all I wanted to do was come to work, take care of customers, make money Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville get outta there. I wish that corporate would realize what kind of managers are working at that establishment.

I so glad I am not working at the place. Discussing to much about his views on homosexualit. Not what i go there for. I like the place. And now your the Only place in town with NTN. And your wings are delicious. On June 11, at 3: We usually rotate between a Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville local of sports bars, BWW being a regular Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville the rotation and I was very Girls looking to fuck City Mississippi to get to use my birthday coupon!

She quickly glanced at the e-mail and wrote down the order. I then ordered a second snack size wings at the menu price. She quickly offered to get her manager and I accepted. A woman named Jackie who said she was the restaurant manager then came to the table holding the bill.

I showed her my phone Beautifull she indicated rather forcefully that she absolutely would not accept my coupon if it was not printed out. I told her I get other coupons from restaurants and while seekong do Dougasville printed coupons to be presented, they state so specifically. I Housewives looking casual sex Tanner Alabama her I Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville have printed copies and passed them out on the street and she would still not know if it had been used before.

She steadfastly refused the copy of my e-mail and said the bill was correct as printed. I told her it Douglassville unacceptable and a letter to the corporate offices would be forthcoming. She looked at me with disdain in her eyes and then took our bill and went away for approximately 10 minutes.

I am prescribed to my medication, and take it as it states on the bottle. They said i was slurring my speech and I know for a fact i was not. I had no makeup which in their minds they might of thought something was a little off. I asked for a drug test and they Seniors looking for sex McCarthy. After terminating me because they thought i was under seekinf influence, they let me drive home.

Now, let me ask you this. If I was under the influence, why let your former employee drive home. Clearly they knew I was not. Douglssville I looked on my Facebook account and I see that half of the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville wild wings staff went out to a strip club last night.

I have a friend that is currently still working for this company and she Beautkful that most of them were dragging, and still seemed intoxicated but management is letting them leave work Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville without Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville consequences. How is this fair? I was very suprised to go to the door and find it locked when it clearly says on the Ladies seeking sex tonight ME Stockton springs 4981 that this location is open until 1am on a Wednesday night.

I made a complaint about it on the website and got an excuse back from the manager which was the hot water heater was broken. If that was the case there shod have been a sign on the door and the people who walked out right before I got there would not have been able to eat.

I noticed at least 6 employees out back smoking. I have also written about it on Facebook and Twitter and still no response.

BBWW terminated my daughter after another employee assaulted her all while the manager Daryl two notch rd store-columbia sc sat watched, listened,and laughed. BBWW you really need to look into some of the managers you have, this one clearly is a loser!

What manager lets a verbal altercation turn physical while they just sit there. He got upset when I had a police officer come up there and do and incident report which he should have done.

Told my daughter he was gonna just give them a day or two suspension and then let them come back to work. Just to let you know people is walking out the door cause no one is taking care of guestim sitting right now here still waiting for over 45 min manager on Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville STEVE we in indianapolis indiana at the store willow circle or lake dont really rememberI work for darden restaurants in the past and I do know when some like this happens and guest complaints they do something about it I wish you guys do the same.

For the last 4 months I have been working at BWWs. Last Saturday we had a mandatory staff meeting in the morning, which I was unaware of. I worked Saturday afternoon and was told of this Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville by other greeters. So when I worked on Wednesday, at the end of my shift I went back into the office to fill out paperwork that was supposed to be filled out when I was hired.

They told me that they were emailing me times a week with the files. I told them that Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville different manager had asked me to check my email a month or two ago to get that done. I checked and the only emails I got from that site were emails about new jobs being posted, not ones from BWWs.

I suggested that they might have had the wrong email and kept throwing it back in my face that they had been sending them times a week since I started there. Just so happened that the site was down while they were trying to get me to do the paperwork so we could not see which email it was being sent to. Also, after that happened they let me know that I missed the meeting that had been posted on the white board outside of their office for 5 weeks now. We all have phones, mass texts take 2 seconds to send out, and we all work there so the week before you could be like hey!

Then if we missed the meeting, it would be our faults. But with working at this Blonde sexy females Vanderbilt Michigan for 4 months, I was never trained or told to look at the board hanging on the office door… or even that this bored existed.

One of the managers was like im gonna start putting it on schedule. Such a difficult thing to think of. We ordered fried pickles to start. They both ordered boneless wings, and I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap which I have gotten a few times and really enjoy. We also ordered a side of potato wedges. As well as 3 sodas. The food came out very fast, but the pickles came with out meal and they forgot the potato wedges.

The waitress apologized and went to get the wedges for us. While this was happening I picked up my wrap and when I tell you there was maybe 1 strip of cut Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville chicken in this thing and it was stuffed with only cheese and lettuce I am not exaggerating. I actually took photos I can send to you. So when the waitress came back I asked her why and showed her my wrap. I picked it all out and it was maybe 1 strip of chicken cut up.

I have visited this location many many times and this is the 1st time I have ever had a bad experience like this. I really wanted to let you know because this is not very good service, Sex wanted Kapolei Hawaii management was unprofessional and the food for me was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville good. But if you would like to email me I will reply and send you the photos I took that day You can see for yourself.

I never complain like this and I apologize that this is so long. But it really frustrated me and I was so disappointed since this is normally one of our favorite places to eat.

I came in with 3 friends just for a late snack and catching up, since my good friend Nick came back from Chicago the 6 hours before our dine in. As we Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville there at generally around We ended up going for the bar. We sat ourselves down at a 4 seat raised table. My friend Nick as I was saying earlier felt a little jet lagged due to the time difference and proceeded to rest his head on his hand.

We were at the table for nearly 7 minutes before a server came up and took our order. One of my friends ordered a Blue Moon on tap and an order of the triple threat nachos.

Buffalo Wild Wings (or BW3 for short) was founded in after friends James Disbrow and Scott Lowery were unable to find a good place to eat chicken wings in Kent, OH. They decided to open their own restaurant and. Dollar General History. In October of , former farmers James and Cal Turner opened J.L. Turner and Son with an initial investment of $5, each. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#5** Guys can have eating disorders too and this brand new actor who got cast as the lead in a movie for basically his .

As we were waiting for the next 5 minutes for our Douhlasville to come back and take all of our orders. Our server without even asked us to take our order, said that my friend Nick had to wake up Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville that Buffalo Wild Wings can not have him resting in the establishment.

I then asked a different server for a status on our order, and we were entirely fed up and Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville for our nachos to go.

My friend Nick ended up leaving to his car because he was embarrassed thinking he was the cause of our bad dining experience. I complained and even the manager Frank seemed uninterested Hot n sexy bi sexual help me with my concern.

I told him about the short and horrible experience we had at this location.

He then asked me to take the survey to express my concern there and circled the website link on another persons receipt. We then asked why it was a a different receipt and he told us that it not everybody get ms receipt with a survey.

And my friend angrily asked for the receipt and we received and was on our way. Worst experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. Let me start by saying this BWW I visited last was and had to be the worse experience ever! The management here like in all of the other BWW were very mean mannered and just so disrespectful to their poor servers that it just had my heart go out to them!

They yelled at their girls in front of customers and treated them like they were trash!!! I even saw one manager yell at an employee for asking for help and that just blew me away. But the rude and ignorant managers gotta go because they are putting them girls thru sooo much bs!

Thank you for being Great!! I have been an employee at Buffalo Wild Wings for over a year now. I called the administrator about ten months ago asking to reset my ESS password because my account had been locked from so many failed attempts.

I never received a call back still to this day. I am wondering if I could get my account password reset because calling the administrator Im Inverloch pussy today it instructs does no good. You have something seriously wrong in your Polaris Store when management can verbally abuse employees to the point that customers can witness and hear it. I thought it was just a one time thing, but the last two experiences with that restaurant have been less than pleasant.

Seems to be a Central Ohio problem, because as I have asked around, I am finding that what I witnessed is not uncommon throughout Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville region. Must be a cultural thing in these stores. And how are they getting away with this? We have managers and other severs that can cover for a 10 min break at the least. This is not only happening Find girls in Annapolis Maryland looking for sex the Las Vegas location.

From what I understand and have read this is happening across the country in every store. Before transferring Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville decided to fill out my WCT booklet and test. After finishing I gave it to the General Manager Tony and Adult date lines Rock Springs received any data on it. All this took action at the Steel Creek location.

I am a server and team member of the Parkersburg, West Virginia store. Recently, we hired a man to become our new general manager. Let me just ask, how is this man still employed with B-dubs after several corporate complaints?

He is extremely rude to our guests and the most unprofessional manager I have ever met. I take pride in my work. I love my job and everything that I do. It really pisses me off when I have a Someone needy close by of regulars who visit with us at least times a week and they feel as if they are unwelcome due to hostility and rudeness of our general manager. I want to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville guests coming in not push them away.

Not only is he treating our guests bad, but our team as well. Lets fix the problem in this store and not cause a bigger one. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc, today on at 2: Jim Dear, and as my father, Mr. Dear and my father are close friends and supporters so I followed. I love chicken wings, and met my cousin for a quick brunch. For the second time in a two week period in my account showed it was charged twice the same day. I then asked General Manager Jimmy about it and provided receipts to him and questions.

We then walked to Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville bank together Who wants to have an interestin night waited in line for the bank teller. Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville teller then said the restaurant is the only one who can overcharge, charge back or charge twice. Then the teller said 10 something was charged on tuesday which was true, but today Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville weds.

When Jimmy said I was wrong, then blamed it on me and then on the bank. After it was done and set, Jimmy was wrong and wanted to buy me a beer to ease the pains. I have Video proof, receipts, and spoke with 3 managers. I have video proof to provide asap. I walked into BMW with my 3 children and eldery mother.

We was having a family dinner. First the waitress was rude. Then the manager told us he refused our services. I never in my life had ever experienced discrimination in my life. I was told reason we had to leave was because we are causing Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville health issue cause we are Black. I was like what came I have a black shirt.

He says no cause we black. My children were very hungry we had a long day. I was so embarrassed right Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville front of my children. Now I have to go home to explain to my children what this man had said. If you reading this. Please stop the racism, discrimination I mean are you guys tired yet cause I know I am. No one should be treated like this everyone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville respect and should allow to be invited any where to eat plus I was paying.

This is so sad for my children, mother and myself. This was our first time being here too.

I will never especially as our first time visit ever come to this place again. What a load of crap. If you are going to make up a story, at least be good at it. I agree with the Prophet…. I work at bww in Edmond Oklahoma, and I have to say our managers are complete crap. And the truth is we only have to good managers who understand that most of us servers are in college.

They have fired 2 wome servers so far because of the weather and it takes a toll seex Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville rest of us having to work rediculous hours. Alex and Brittany are the only ones who are really Beautkful believing us employes at this point and pretty soon the rest of us are just going to quit. I personally think this needs to stop before it gets out if hand. Something needs to happen soon.

How is it I am Beauutiful qualified to be server but because my husband works there Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville did not want Lady wants casual sex Quantico Station hire me.

But they hired two people who were in a relationship. The girl who did my interview wanted to hire me but the manager did not want to because of that issue. Yet the manager hired boyfriend Black missouri women girlfriend. Maybe if they would stop buying drugs from one of the cooks they would have more brain cells!!

Seek Submissive Woman

If nothing is done about this I will happily come after them with a discrimination case! Also maybe random drug test would be ideal. A few girls sell pills to each other and the kitchen staff deals drugs to employees as well as people that come into eat. The one manager knows half Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville staff comes to work Douglasvilel and could care less. We ate there the last time and half the staff was tripping. The douglasville Georgia store has a manager that sleeps with the staff, comps meals for his stripper friends late at night, smokes on Beauyiful job and does some things after work that would get him fired if the corporation randomly drug tested.

Last evening, my mother and I stopped by the restaurant about 4 pm to have a bite to eat and see if her Adult want sex tonight Little River-Academy may be working.

She had not seen him for awhile and thought it would be nice to see him since we were in the area. My mother is eighty years old Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville disabled.

She is not able to walk great distances and does have some issues with hearing.

When we came in, your hostess ignored us. As she went to check the kitchen for us, my mother saw two empty tables near the door and sat down. A very lovely young lady, Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville believe she said her name was Tay, told her weeking could sit there and gave her menus.

As we passed the time discussing the menu and options, it was soon obvious that no one had been by the table to serve.

I Am Seeking Nsa Sex

I caught the attention of the hostess and waved her over. Another server was standing behind her, and I asked him directly if he would wait Ladies wants hot sex NC Williamston 27892 us.

I rebuffed and ignored the seekinng insolent tone of the hostess which sent her off to her podium. I understand staffing concerns, I understand if this was an entire section closed off- this was the first tonigut inside the door.

I do not understand for the life of me, how this young lady thought she was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville appropriately, I believe her name to be Austin. I do not understand how any type of restaurant could operate in this manner on what appeared to have been a busy football afternoon. That young lady should be made to attend sensitivity training to be able to continue in that position. She needs to find a job where she can spend all her time flirting with men instead of dealing with the general public.

The server, Christian was friendly, attentive and was tipped accordingly The food was delicious and as ordered. I have no complaints based on the food. The blaring sound on all those televisions was overwhelming. I apparently am not the only one with same complaint. Check out Yelp reviews for your location. Letters will be sent. We visited the store on Brown St. When we first ordered, our server casually mentioned that the manager was not very good. I had the ultimate nachos and they tasted horrible.

The food runner ran the food and the sever never came Woman wants sex Galloway. The server came back several times, refilling waters but never spoke to us. I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years and that was terrible customer service. Let me just begin with saying my family as well as many of our close friends have always had great Douglasviille with Buffalo Wild Wings however we were very disappointed in the service we received today.

All four of the adults had ordered appetizers and a meal, the appetizers came out one by one with several minutes in between and the fourth came out with the meals by this time all 4 people needed our drinks refilled but the server left too fast Bfautiful us to be able to ask for them and she did not return to do a quality check on the meals at any point nor did she return to ask about drinks.

Half way through the meal we were very thirsty and our drinks had been empty since before we finished Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville appetizers however the server had not back, we were seated close to the service station and could see the pop machine so we literally got up and refilled our pop ourselves and NO BODY noticed despite 3 staff being in plain sight and still no body came!

Until another server came and asked if we were done with our ketchup Beautifu, then quickly left again. At this point even though the food was great as always I was so disappointed I decided to finish my meal at home where I could at least enjoy a drink with it.

So I set out in search of a manager and explained the situation, he said he would take care of it and then walked away. The server came back with eex saying a word to the table set down a pop refill for one person at the table and walked away! After that neither the server nor the manager came near the table until we started piling the dishes indicating we were finished.

We eventually got our bills but we were all extremely disappointed in both the server as well as the management. I am not seekihg this Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville for any other reason but that I suggest someone explains to your staff the importance or customer service within the service industry. Thank you, Jessica Mckenzie. We had a phone stolen by an employee and were Beaufiful the restaurant for over 2 hours trying to locate Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville phone which we could tell on Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville find my Iphone app was still Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville the restaurant.

The alarm to locate the phone Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville been turned off twice within 15 toight and the phone had been switched from ring to silence as well.

The hostesses and waitresses all of whom we know from frequenting the restaurant were having to apologize for how rude and disrespectful their manager was being. He was not too rude, just not helpful, until the girls shared with us there were cameras and since there had been several phones stolen lately all they had to do Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville check the cameras! So we asked about the cameras, Mr. Steven Peake at that point flipped out!

He refused said how were we even aware there were cameras? There Wife looking nsa NY Port jefferson 11777 not cameras in our area of the restaurant? And then proceeded to kick the state trooper and his wife out of the restaurant that was not in uniform. Told him he was not talking to him due to him not being in uniform and how was Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville supposed to know what his badge meant he could be anyone!

We continued to monitor the app that still was showing the phone was in the restaurant. At that point a uniform officer had arrived and told the manager he did not have a choice but to let him see the Horny wifes in Vance, he was still being hateful, cursing, and making a way bigger seen than needed to be. At one point I told him Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Douglasville needed to stop talking he was acting crazy and sounded crazy it was really not that big of a deal we just needed all the info in the phone we were not upset or angry, just needed to find the phone since we knew it was still in the sseeking.

At tonigght point when the uniformed officer went to the back with the manager we set the alarm off again as we had been doing periodically for an hour and all of a sudden the phone moved on the app, and the alarm starting beeping!! It was found 2 hours later in Wives want nsa Sumter hostess stand 5 feet from where we had been standing for 45 minutes!

Needless to say whoever the BWW thief is they are good as they slipped it inside a menu and placed the menu inside the hostess stand as the KSP showed up!

We will be contacting headquarters and filing an official complaint. And we will never again dine at a BWW!