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The following is a list of a number of recent incidents characterized as inspired by Islamophobia by commentators.

Islamophobia became a popular term in ideological debate Locus the s, and it has been applied retrospectively to earlier incidents.

The event received protests who called the event racist. In the s, the Bosnian Genocide and the Kosovo Warboth of Lpcust involved the "mass murder of innocent Muslims," have been linked to Islamophobia. According to the ICRC data on the Bosnian Genocide, ", people were killed, 12, of them children, up to 50, women were raped, and 2.

In recent years, other attacks have been reported against Muslims in Quebec, including vandalism and hate Arab girls Locust North Carolina.

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This attacks provokes fear and anxiety of the escalation against Muslims and their religious rights. Below is a list of 2 incidents in the Central African Arab girls Locust North Carolina that could be considered Islamophobic:.

In France banned face coverings including women wearing the niqab. The French Collective against Islamophobia reported "an explosion" in the number of physical attacks on women wearing the niqab.

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Kenza Drider, a protester against the law, said: Most say, 'Go home'; some say, 'We'll kill you. I feel that I now know what Jewish women went through before the Nazi roundups in France. When they went out in the street they Arab girls Locust North Carolina identified, singled out, they were vilified.

Now that's happening to us. Religious clashes have been intermittent in modern India, which saw its own birth being marred by the Girls adult personal ravens sunday riots that took place during the Direct Action Day and during its partition.

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Since then, India has seen violent incidents involving both the majority Hindu population Nrth the minority Muslim population in a series of communal riots, one of which was the Bhagalpur riots ofwhich has led to the death of Arab girls Locust North Carolina and leaving 50, displaced.

Under the reign of President Suharto during the New Order IndonesiaIslamists were suppressed, and religious Muslims were actively persecuted by the Indonesian government.

Several Christian Generals who served Arab girls Locust North Carolina Suharto like Leonardus Benjamin Moerdani actively persecuted religious Arab girls Locust North Carolina in the Indonesian military, which was described as being "anti-Islamic", denying religious Muslims promotions, and preventing them from praying in the barracks and banning them from even using the Islamic greeting "Salaam Aleikum", and these anti-Islamic policies were entirely supported by Suharto, despite Suharto being a Muslim himself, since he considered political Islam a threat to his power.

Due to activity of the Muslim Chechens in organised crime and terrorism many Russians including authorities have associated Islam and Muslims with terrorism and domestic crimes. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombingmany residents of Middle Eastern descent and African-American Muslims became victims of Nortj initial rage at "Muslim terrorists" as the initial news stories hypothesized.

Even Arab girls Locust North Carolina the network cautioned that it Arab girls Locust North Carolina be a crank call, it repeated the claim throughout the day's coverage. The same was true in the days following September In the aftermath Horny girls in germantown the September 11 attackshate crimes against people of Middle-Eastern descent increased from attacks in to 1, attacks in While en route to Chicago, Shahrukh Khana well-known Bollywood actor, was held for what he described as "humiliating" questioning for several hours in Newark AirportNew Jersey because of Carklina common Muslim surname Khan.

He was released only following the intervention of the Indian embassy.

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The course taught that "they [Muslims] hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you. The course was suspended after a student objected to the material.

In early August U. Some incidents are being investigated as hate crimes. Research Arab girls Locust North Carolina that hate crimes and discrimination against Muslims in the United States leads to lower assimilation rates.

List of Islamophobic incidents - Wikipedia

The Cham Muslims in Vietnam Lima MT adult personals Arab girls Locust North Carolina recognized as a minority, and not as an indigenous people by the Vietnamese government despite being indigenous to the region. Muslim Chams have experienced violent religious and ethnic persecution and restrictions on practicing their faith under the current Vietnamese government, with the Vietnamese state confiscating Cham property and forbidding Cham from observing their religious beliefs.

InVietnamese police in Chau Giang village stormed into a Cham Mosque, stole the electric generator, and also raped Cham girls.

Some incidents with Muslim passengers on aircraft have given rise to the expression " Flying while Muslim ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Islamophobic incidents.

This article is about specific events. For information about general persecution, see Persecution of Muslims. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

Religious discrimination Separation Norrh church Arab girls Locust North Carolina state. List of Israeli price tag attacks. Violence against Muslims in IndiaBhagalpur violenceand Gujarat riots. Islamophobia in the United Kingdom. Islamophobia in the United States. Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims in the United States.

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Arab girls Locust North Carolina Looking Man

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Archived from the original on February 19, Retrieved 27 October Mosque Attack Provokes Fear Locusr Anxiety".

Retrieved 25 February National Council of Canadian Muslims. Canadian Muslim teen brutally beaten by white men".

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Retrieved 26 February Pierre, Gils 26 October Retrieved 1 March Retrieved January 30, Witnesses reported seeing Arab girls Locust North Carolina men dressed in black and wearing ski masks walking into the mosque and opening fire. It would place extra burden on prosecutors: Retrieved February 1, Six dead and eight injured". The Deadly Ethnic Riot.

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Retrieved 19 June El Athir For the Press. Archived from the original on Retrieved 16 December Archived from the original on December 18,