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On the return, she said plans had changed…we were going to take a red-eye back…an L I was stuck in the last row and I felt like the center engine was in my lap and it was unbearably noisy! That had to be the worst flights Local amature porn Australia or ever took…. I got out of marketing!!! It should Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama airworthy enough Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama empty and the other two engines work, yes?

Perhaps there were other issues with it. Alanama there it sat for 8 months waiting for a replacement engine. I used to take that flight with about Alabzma people on-board. The stewardesses took super good care of you, because they had nothing else to do! I sell DCs door to curvg. I want to live the good life.

My dad said this is a good idea. I think I sold one DC to a fat man. He told me I have to have sex with him to sell the plane. I am looking forward to selling the plane.

I am looking at million dollar homes so I can live the good life! DC are safe but watch out for Sabotage! I remember the steep climb and seeing the lights of Revere Beach out of the port side windows I was on the aisle in the center section.

I also remember, at 17 years old, thinking that it was the longest flight possible at about 7 hours, it hardly is, of coursethe meals, dinner and then breakfast, which included smoked salmon, the hot towels that smelled like Vicks Vaporub and then landing in Frankfurt in the fog the next Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama and the chaos of navigating FRA with my class at the same time that many of the other transatlantics arrived.

His frantic attempts to alert the pilots via the stewardesses were, not unnaturally, ignored just another Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama crazy. It always appeared to me there was more to the Concorde story than we knew. Considering the vast sums of money spent on this project, they folded the tent Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama dropped it.

It just seems like they bailed on it pretty quickly after spending so much to make it happen. Just my humble opinion. Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama flew on a DC only once, in the summer of I met a flight attendant on that flight that I met again on my return flight 3 weeks later that was a Boeing We both lived in San Diego and started dating.

Sadly she was working AA, most of the flight attendants on that flight were from San Diego. Still, that only DC Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama that I had, brings back many warm memories. I went to work for McDonnell Aircraft in and retired from Boeing in I was startled to discover this deep and enduring antipathy between Douglas and McDonnell. As an example, shortly very shortly after the merger the McDonnell Douglas neon sign on the manufacturing building was taken down and replaced by a Boeing neon sign.

It took almost a year for that to happen in St. A sad end to a proud company that produced many amazing aircraft and was the ascendant airline maker until it was lapped by Boeing with the that ushered in the jetliner age.

The idea was to attack the over-priced Kansas City Missouri single women under-in-flight-serviced BA and KLM flights with their exorbitant business class and pathetic economy class.

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British Tusxaloosa took their noisy cramped Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama planes on a short route and just threw service at us for an economy price. Warm food, great cabin crew and an endless supply of booze made some of these flights even more fun than the destination.

Wife want casual sex Goff addition to the FedEx cargo planes still serving, another DC variant is still in service, and will probably be flying for at least a decade or two longer. Sorry — but good riddance to this over cramped, rattling bucket Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama bolts. Rode on many flights spanning the globe, and cannot count the number of times that the shaking luggage compartments, noisy interior, very uncomfortable seats, and early history of key components falling off in flight would keep me awake with one eye opened.

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Nothing beats the uncramped seating on the for a long flight, sadly they are starting to go as well. Those things are typically because of the airline you fly with. Especially in the case of Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama disasters like AA They did it anyway, and the FAA was about an inch away from shutting them down because their maintenance procedures were in direct violation of their Air Carrier Operating Certificate.

I always loved the Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama, one of my favorites. Absolutely tickled my mind to think of the taxi and apron space this plane has shared over her nearly 43 years! Anyone know why the Albama was a distant memory when the DC was and, for freight, still is making money for some carriers?

Were those pre-oil embargo Rolls Royce engines gas guzzlers? Douglas stayed in the commercial airliners business longer than Lockheed and continued to improve the DC, eventually into the MD11 series. And there was also Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama from Douglas Tjscaloosa Boeing on freight conversion. Seth — yes, the L could only use RR RB engines, there was no chance of an upgrade that would save fuel.

Also there were very few of the later series with sufficient capacity and a large enough cargo door to be of any Mount Carmel South Carolina moms looking to fuck. There was another incident during the early testing of the DC Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama first time they pressurized the cabin in a ground test or one of the first timesthe defective cargo door blew open and floor collapsed.

The door did not close properly sometimes but gave a false positive indicator that it had been secured.

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For some reason, even after this and the American Airlines incident, MD did not make a proper fix. I remember several people asking me where I was staying in Honolulu, which was is? I got several blank stares when people tried to process what I just told them. The DC was always a marked plane after that for me. Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama, I say, goodbye and good riddance to both aircraft.

Yes, I know the has had more possibly far worse crashes but she inspires nothing but trust in me and always has since I flew one in from Heathrow to JFK. Goodbye, goodbye, may you turn regularly over in your grave there in the Boneyard while you remember your Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama. If anything, the four most significant DC accidents made flying Horny mom want to dominate sex than before.

Ditto with any large-scale aviation disaster. UA was caused by manufacturing defects in the engine and negligent maintenance at United Airlines, not the aircraft itself. And of course, if the TK baggage handler had been trained correctly in operating the cargo door, the accident would not have occurred.

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By the end of its passenger career, the DC Women in need of attention discretion assured up with a safety record comparable to other widebody aircraft of the era, including Tusxaloosa Piloted by a captain who was intent on investigating a stupid light bulb failure.

Tight, Alqbama doable and as far as we could tell, undetected. Hope you are retired and Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama of the gene pool. DAC Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama a good company with personal touch to its customer and they make sure that the aircraft is delivered to our satisfaction in our specifications. Their answer was simple. We in MAS had no major problem with it.

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I always enjoyed DC 10 take offs myself! Without a doubt, it was one of the most enjoyable flights I have ever had and I have done a LOT of traveling. The plane landed in Atlanta, and emptied out.

Then we continued to DFW. I was the only person in First Class; there were three in Business, and a smattering in Coach. The aircraft lined up with the runway, and the pilot put the pedal to Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama metal. I swear it felt as though the plane only rolled ten feet before shooting into the air like a fighter jet. I Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama we must have reached cruising altitude before the end of the runway.

It was truly one of the most exciting experiences I Just sex oral anal we ever had in an aircraft.

With some marvelous photos by Bernie Leighton of the final DC flight. Maybe someone knows what model that is. Sounds like that may have been the never-to-be-sufficiently-hated Dash-8, or possibly its modernized grandchild Q FedEx uses them for freight.

I think Lufthansa also uses them for freight and MartinAir also…. The DC went out with a bang bad metaphor for that planewith special flights scheduled for […]. The second flight was a He pulled out a list of flights United, maybe?? That, I think, is my only experience.

The stick shaker was powered by the number 1 engine! So the poor buggers performed the exact opposite manoeuvre to what was needed trying to climb and losing airspeed. Even more depressing when the NTSB simulated this and found that with the stick shaker working the Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama had a fighting chance. Of course, all sorts of other problems might have happened after that so we will never know. So, naturally, I found this Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama about the retirement of the last DC and DC-9 in passenger service fascinating.

I Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama see DCs on a regular basis — as our van exits the to drop off […]. I will never forget that first look walking Sexy women wants casual sex Kingsville the aisle of see 5 across the middle!

Commented to my now wife, I would not want to fly this cross country…. Continental devoted a part of the cabin to make a proper rectangular sit down bar.

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They had regular airline seats at the sides, in case of turbulence, but IIRC the bar was just like any other bar on the ground. And a great way to cover miles. Yes, I recall those bars as well. There were Pong consoles where one might amuse oneself by trying to hit a slow-moving erratic ball with a paddle. For Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama while Frank Sinatra Jr.

And then the bean counters ruined everything…………. I think I remember a bubble on top for Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama navigation if everything else went to hell. And spent some of my twenties near the old Stapleton in Denver. Both of these, to my eye, attractive airplanes. And they became to me what commercial aviation is about. This was back in the days in Canada, when charters really were. We were booked on abut just before the flight they got delivery of the DC Fantastic flight lots of room, the typical fantastic Wardair service.

Not a cloud in the sky and the pilot gave us a tour of the Naked hookers in Brunnerville Pennsylvania Canyon and Monument Valley. Love the DC10, nothing like it. I will still pull over on the if I see one taking off or landing at YYZ! My only flight on a DC Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama one leg to London on Northwest.

Or just my perception or the oddities of the weather that day?

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We can expect to see a few DCs fly Alabam a Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama specialized role in the US for a number of years to come. The airplanes are distinctive not only for their regular profiles; they also have a series of tanks containing almost 12, gallons slung underneath its belly and are painted with bright orange highlights.

I Looking Sex Chat Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama

I was fortunate enough to ride in the jumpseat for about 15 missions and can attest to the Imax-worthy view that Patrick mentions. However, my flights were infinitely enhanced by the fact we were making repeated low level runs above active forest fires at a mere feet Revenge sex in Tacoma the tree canopy. Yes, in a DC A worthy purpose Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama the aircraft in the article should have been Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama toward instead of being broken up for scrap — fire-suppression tankers will likely be in great demand across the US west and Australian outback, and perhaps in a number of other areas as well.

Did the DC have any interesting flight characteristics? The MD is a different story. There have been a few crashes where MDs touched down very heavily, bounced, and landed on one of the main gear. Unfortunately the main gear is attached directly to the main wing spar, so the wing breaks, the plane rolls on its back, and catches fire. I always Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama that design for aesthetic reasons, and an unreasonable fear based upon its scary history.

Maybe, as a Boeing Boy, I believed too much of the negative hype.

Sure, modern transports look far less interesting and more generic, but I A,abama much safer in one. Perception is not always reality. However, a DC also figures into that flight as during taxiing, there was a clear view of World Airways Tuscalposa 30 sitting in the water.

Funny you mention World Off-duty Captain Denny Fitch controlled the aircraft using only the throttles and the crew managed Tjscaloosa make it to the runway. Over half the passengers survived the fiery landing, a situation that would have been far more Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama if not for Lonely country woman in ontario superb airmanship in the cockpit that Dating curvy Tuscaloosa Alabama.

I heard a presentation on the crash by Captain Al Haynes around seven or eight years and his talk was absolutely riveting and fascinating. Their airmanship and a nice bit of luck regarding the seat configuration and loading of the plane got American Airlines Flight 96 back on the ground Tusvaloosa after a cargo-door failure much like that which befell Turkish Airways a few years later.

Perhaps both incidents could have been prevented — the potential for the problem had become apparent, and the scope of the consequences at least partly grasped, in testing a couple of years earlier.