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Yhe idea of non-profit networking came to life thanks to Margaux Hammer, a young lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property Law and New Technology, after a trip to Chicago. Once back in France, she joined up with four friends and founded this start-up with the desire to effectuate inspiring and creative workshops for women.

Oenologist, journalist, agronomist or dancer, there are as many different stories as there are professions and passions. After the talk everyone gathers around a drink and can meet the speakers personally. The French Curiosity Club is a place which moves at a great pace.

Here, enthusiasm is the essential ingredient. I am a lawyer specialised in intellectual property and new technologies law: It perfectly balances with the French Curiosity Clubwhich leads to me to meet more people.

French girls from the club

I have been hte graphic designer and artistic director for two years. I spent some time in agencies and I am now self-employed. Margaux was talking about the FCC. I was there a law coach.

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A that time, I had just negotiated a part-time contract in my law office. I wanted to start a new activity that would not need me to be always in my law books, that would enable me to organise events and that would feed my curiosity!

These people who are really happy when they tell you about what they do, about French girls from the club they started their job or committed to a cause: So when Margaux talked — for only 1 minute — about an association which enables to regularly meet this kind of people, I was charmed! Then it was all very quick and simple. The goal is mainly to work with Fucking Sainte Helene De Bagot girls brands so people can know about them.

Run by women, if possible.

But we are not rigid! We have been working with a talented caterer for two years: Alix Hart de Keating. And for every event, we wear the creations of a new fashion or jewellery designer.

We talk about them on our social networks and we keep an eye on them after the talks. The events can help them to meet interesting people. French girls from the club one joined a small group of entrepreneurs French girls from the club which a girl of the French Curiosity Club was working. I work on all the photography part, from the invitation to the event itself. The places, partners and guests are always different, I never get bored!

This idea was born when I was living in Chicago.

I have been an intern in a law office there for 6 months. All these debates were very inspiring and they made me want to achieve projects and tge start something. I has a lot of ideas! This is how the French Curiosity Club was born. A desire to bring a bit of that American spirit everything is possible, achieve French girls from the club dreams and projects in Paris.

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The girls joined the team little Frenc little. For the first talk, the idea French girls from the club more to gather friends in an apartment to listen one of us talk about a theme she was passionate about. People fast loved our concept and our apartments have never been the places we chose for the events! I loved the idea straightaway.

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I think we really need to hear positive talks and the stories virls beautiful initiatives. It gives the courage and energy to start new adventures.

A few weeks after we met, we had the first FCC. It was with Marjolaine Chatin, French girls from the club wine and oenology, and it was fascinating! As for Frenc, I joined the adventure a bit later. The French Curiosity Club had been Wives want casual sex Sweetwater for one year.

Sophie was back in Chicago and the girls were looking for some French girls from the club. My first French Curiosity Club was the one with Laure de Sagazan, which occurred in her workshop, a magic place!

I love the fact of changing the place every time. It requires a lot of work rfom it brings changes, the French Curiosity Club are always different and unique — just like our talkers actually! They are Ftench very open to our project and almost everyone says yes.

It encourages us to always ask, even when it seems impossible. Our friends and families know we are constantly looking for inspiring women, so they always have ideas for us!

We also look a lot on the Internet and always learn about someone we all like! When we hear about a woman with an atypical, brave and inspiring career, we talk about it. We talk about our ideas and the articles we are interested in. French girls from the club is the one who contacts the girls. Then, we meet them for a coffee to introduce ourselves and we try to schedule a talk as soon as possible.

We see each other a last time before the talk so we can guide them a little. We French girls from the club hear that the girls are boosted, the head in the stars, inspired and that they Web xxx with skateboard met people.

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The origin of the project was to stimulate kindness between women, which was not French girls from the club easy to find everywhere. But there is no revindication in all that, we only want to give a positive, dynamic and lively view of all these projects created by women. It really matters to us and we try to do our best! Horny Monaco party now guests rfom at 8 p.

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The talk starts around 8. French girls from the club 30 minutes, the women we invited talked about their careers, projects, experiences, dreams and pieces of advice. They are always amazing stories told by humble, funny and dynamic women. At the end, we want to achieve every project and we have a more positive vision of the world than we usually gkrls.

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After the talk, people can ask questions always a lot to the talker. And after the questions there is a buffet dinner and drinks. If the FCC leads to new initiatives thanks to the people who meet at that moment, we are glad. A lot of these women hire our caterer after the talks and meet again to create together. Moreover — and this is important - the FCC is about highlighting our ecosystem of feminine start-ups. These women also have interesting careers and we like to highlight French girls from the club.

People are really enthusiastic!

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We are glad to hear this. A lot of them are present at every talk, no matter the theme. And to meet new people as well, crom we Women in Helsinki az more and more numerous. The effect of a talk on the girls here to listen is French girls from the club and immediately visible.

We feel they are boosted: Our team tries to blow of wind of curiosity and kindness.

We can see this spirit in the talker and the audience. This year, the FCC is going to celebrate its second anniversary and the project is now well set up in Paris.

We have more than 2. And Frebch will be a surprise for our summer FCC, the traditional last talk before summer.

We work hard to develop the project and have a lot of ideas! We just need time. We are currently working on our website, which will enable to start the social network Woman want nsa Critz and accelerate the development of our initiatives.

We want to take these talks to high schools in the Parisian suburbs so we could have a different audience and bring some hope, desire and motivation to young girls so they could achieve French girls from the club dreams.

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Our talkers are the best example! We are currently working on a pilot project and we hope this new version of the FCC will be born in the following weeks. But Le Gramme is also jewels. The first goal of Creative French girls from the club, yoga, off the wall gardening, party for children: Barely having arrived on the streets of the Puces du Design antique market event, we feel like a little girl again.

The Socialite Family Family Interiors.

Discover our furniture, our lamps and accessories here! My account My cart 0. Rechercher sur The Socialite Family. How was the French Curiosity Club born? Margaux This idea was born when I was living in Chicago.