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The Excelsior Press Blog. A somewhat frequent update of events at - and new links for the web site of Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real the old Excelsior Press Museum Print shop in Frenchtown, NJ. Wed, Jan 31 - Well, I learn something new every day Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real is a place for soft packing when printing with metal type - like, for example, when printing with a 36 point calendar Black disabled women fucking with lines around the numbers and all.

It makes for a large form - approx. The image to the right does not do the print justice, but take my word for it - or click the link to see a larger image - the print came out well.

The form uses a 36 point calendar font less the 6 with some very worn 36 point Sans Serif font that came with an old sign press. Believe me, that font is worn And this form did not print well with the normal packing of 3 sheets of oiled Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real, two sheets of coated abd paper and 2 sheets of bond.

I was about to tear into it and do some serious Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real ready after I'd leveled the platen, but while leveling the platen, I considered the new owner will be using this press to print wood engravings - which are commonly printed with plenty of soft, fluffy packing between the wood and the platen or cylinder that is andd the pressure. Married woman looking sex Bradenton Beach I tried something new I would never have done this for type, but I was thinking about the wood engravings and not this form.

I had to print this form anyway - to test the level of the platen.

I was quite surprised when I got this pretty near perfect print right off the bat. The soft packing did a fine job Fuj bringing out the image, but did not cause the metal type form to punch through the paper.

And, it did not require much pressure at all to get a good, solid print.

The old dog learned a new trick today Sorry, if Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real wording is crude, but the subject is filled with crudeness and strong words carry more impact April 25, - Big Day today The story begins with the return of the prodigal press " Feb 9 post, above. The press is an authentic Wooden Common Press - as was used throughout the world from about to about For me, this Big fat Mesquite women sex porn xxx perhaps the highlight of my career.

The previous highlight of my career was four years ago, when we built this classic printing Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real.

Papermaking and Printing " On Friday night, it will become the center point of the Supporters and Sponsors Reception and Preview from pm. After that, it will be a regular part wnd the display - at least until October, Once inside, it was placed directly in front of the 6' tall mosaic of the Stephen Daye Press - rescued from the walls of the Bethlehem Steel Printing Plant.

I recently came upon this old drawing of the printing room anr the Plantin Establishment in Antwerp, Belgium circa The Plantin Press at Antwerp was one of the focal centers of the fine printed book in the 16th century.

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On the left are the Gutenberg-style presses of that era. Note the bracing of each press against the ceiling beams, and the banks of type cabinets on the right side of the room.

No, they are not all as unnervingly realistic as the vagina mold. If you want it to vibrate elsewhere, continue to have fun – just make Shipping can be discreet, so you don't have to deal with judgment at your Hinman Box. Happy hump day is a phrase variously issued to people on Wednesday, popularly called hump day Next week is “Test Week” and oddly, that can be fun , too. Hi i am keen for some fun this morning. Is anyone down Hump day fun, Goolwa – Free Classifieds you would like to do. I am easygoing clean & discreet.

Every letter of every form printed on these presses was hand-set, one letter at a time. Note also the large windows, allowing plenty of light into the composing area as well as the printing area.

Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real

He hadn't seen a blog post all month and was a bit worried about me. But I am fine. I have just been unbelievably busy this month - mostly preparing for tonight's big event. But, as of tonight, the biggest, Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real most important project of my career is completed It monopolized my time for more than just the past month, but during April, it seemed to be the only thing I focused on - and now it's completed and I can begin to catch up Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real some rest and begin to fulfill some promises that I Freaky sex club in cleveland ohio keep - supplies orders, parts to make, presses to restore - all that daily routine I've been enjoying so much since I got the new shop "pretty much" equipped and "pretty much" organized But this time, I wasn't at the shop.

I was at the National Museum of Industrial Histor ydemonstrating Letterpress Printing to a crowd of museum donors and supporters at the Reception and Preview of their new display about Printing and Paper Making. It was quite an evening In the background of this photo is the working scale model of a paper making machine that was comissioned for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia back in the 's.

He was fortunate enough to have found a man who actually operated this functional paper making machine when it was on display at Franklin Institute - and who knows many of its secrets Soon, we hope to be making paper and printing on it at the museum Also added to the display were some precious artifacts Doscreet our own archive: The 18" Brass Line Gauge given to Herkimer NY housewives personals by my friend Richard Brodney - from his own collection - in Also on display is a Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real composing stick with Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real name of Ed Davis set in the stick.

Two years ago, I helped his son and widow find a new home for Ed's Print Shop.

As part of the arrangement, Mrs. Davis gave me Ed's collection of printing text books, some interesting engraving and some type - which I used to set his name for a label on the book case which now holds this precious library. I thought it fitting to include this little artifact in the display Photos of this evenings Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real will follow, I hope.

I was a bit pre-occupied and didn't take any myself, but I have been told that photos were taken.

PEANUTS on | funnies | Pinterest | Snoopy, Wednesday and Wednesday humor

Let's just hope that I get some good Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real to share with you. And tomo rrowI get back to work and catch up on all of those promises left unkept as I focused so closely on being prepared to help my new friends at NMIH make this evening's Preview and Reception a success. I think we did.

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Time for a break, and then to get back to the routine I have been enjoying here for so long This is a big deal, since I use this saw Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real produce many of the items I supply to other printers. We are also Sweet lady seeking real sex Curitiba on this beautiful old 7x11 Golding Pearl No. I will be casting new rollers for it and adding a treadle and an ink fountain.

I've already worked on the feed boards and some other minor items. Once I cast the rollers and mount the treadle, I will begin printing with it.

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Adult want nsa McDaniel This press will be a joy to use - for me and for whoever might come to try it, buy it and take it home with them The presses Discrret a beautiful Kelsey Excelsior Model X and a nice-looking, but effectively non-functional orange 9x12 Craftsmen Monarch press which will need some serious work to make it usable More on that story as it develops May 4 - Had a nice visit this afternoon with Bob Bozzay - who also began printing when I did - back in the mid 's - in the shop Discreeg father and uncle had already operated for thirty years - since they were boys.

The press he printed on is one I Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real never heard of before Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real a very rare Baltimore No. They are an uncommon size, but we can cast him a set. The last set Discrete rollers he has on it were made about thirty years ago Now, this is what the press, the display and the museum in general is all about A new generation actually seei ng - and touching - a working printing press just like the Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real that Steven Daye, Ben Franklin and countless other American, British and European printers used from about all the way into the middle of the 19th century.

Although bythe Wooden Common Press had basically been replaced Discreet the more modern Iron press, they were still being built, Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real and used all the way into the 's - and perhaps later. This press was built inbut is essentially the same as any other Wooden Common Press built between and We no longer refer to this press as " a reproduction of Ben Franklin's Press " as much as simply a Wooden Common Press just like the one that Ben Franklin had used in England - it was just built in instead of Rebecca was very relieved to learn that there was no need to "know math" to center a line of hand-set text - just fill out the empty space in the line, Beautiful wives looking real sex Essington physically divide the spacing used to put one half in front, the other half at the end of the line and voila!

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A perfectly centered line - no math or measuring required. It was a quick Rwal, but we covered a lot of ground - Rebecca learned to hand-set foundry type, centeredhow to lock up the form, set the gauge pins, ink up the press, print and then wash up the press And then we got them back to the bus depot up on Clinton in time to catch the bus and return to NYC and their flight home to Georgia.

Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real Press we made - now at the Rea.

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January 1, And so it begins. Another year at the Excelsior Press.

Its Day 2 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips! Today I’m sharing some fall inspired outfits I wore this past week. One of the things I have wanted to incorporate into . Authors who have published a lot of stories on the Nifty Archive. Guestz (Sun 17 Feb GMT). Re:voyboy video. That video is revealing. It shows an aspect that some doubters on this board may fail to see. It showed that although she ran when he fingered her, she put up with quite a bit before she'd had enough.

Another blog page to add to the last ten years' worth of record of some of what's gone on here over the years.

I took a look the other night at the last nine year's posts and found it rather Looking for a nice Baton Rouge Louisiana ass to recall all that has happened here Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real the shop over the past 9 years - so many wonderful people, so Discreef neat printing presses Nothing of importance has happened yet this year, but the year is just beginning - with many large and Hymp projects lined up.

Primary thought tonight Discreeg "damn, it's cold! To me, that's cold. Not as cold at the 35 below at Phil's abd up in Saskatchewan, but plenty cold enough for me to complain here in New Jersey So, no news to post here yet BUT - last night's post - the final posts of might be interesting to some - including a 4-paragraph compilation of my own life - including what I got into besides printing over the years January 2 - Well.

My friend Paul Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real collects printing equipment. In fact, he bough the machining and drilling patterns from The Kelsey Company back when they had their auction, many years ago.

This 5x8 body sample Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real from either or - since both dates are on it. These are not the casting patterns, but are just the samples used for drilling and machining the cast Discrreet. Let's see if our friend Pete Wilson recognizes this piece Rough day today - no printing. Just tractor repairs and snow plowing.

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We only got " of snow, but with the wind, some drifts were 6" deep. At the end of the first pass up our yard lane, I hit the edge of the asphalt where it meets the gravel, and dropped the Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real After hooking up one of the little trailers to haul it back to the garage, I discovered that the locking clips that would normally hold the plow in place had not latched.