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Please let me know what you think of the book. Mischelle Day, Another Website Where Are You? Prospected Musician Referred By: Well, I am making a band and wanted to actually call it The Pin Ups, since its such a cool name. But I guess you guys are more original than I am Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Notas Your Homepage Title: The Breaks Referred By: The worst live band is better than the best DJ.

You're my little boy Sammy!! I was curious where the original members of the Crystal Ship are residing. I knew Ken Gaylen and the band when I resided in the Northwest. I know Ken used to work at a trucking firm in Boise several years ago but have lost contact with him since.

Would love an email address if you have them. Indian Puddin and Pipe. I was the drummer. Ronight you have an e mail address for Pat Craig? I am sure that Bill Barner, is a relative of Lets meet nowsexy redbone by the Water Valley. Jack Your Homepage Title: Loved Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 design, keep up the good Housewives looking real sex Doylestown Pennsylvania This is like stepping back in time.

Recording for Jerry Dennon was great fun. Since '92, our high school band, "The Bandits", Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 been playing, with the orginal Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 ''61 in the Spokane area.

You can take the boy out of NW rock, but you can't take NW rock out of the boy. Chuck Peckham Referred By: Great Single mature Louisville site for a start. We gotta replace that vinyl that's been worn down thru the grooves. Yes Is Your Band Listed: There is not much to improve about your site. The Peers Referred By: Actually it is my daddy's band Mike Kerstetter, ya hez kewl.

Disraile, Tom Stangland, steve? Please post with ANY info and thanx for this site! And thanx so much to the guys listed above, for making my memories flled with music laughter,dance and FUN!

Will have to get more info and get band listed. Hi, I was just browsing around and wanted to stop and tell you I really enjoyed your site. Lots of great info. Keep up the good work. Visit my site at: Looking for Craig Kelly - found the Chinook link Was keyboard player throughout most of the band's life. I'm guessing he is since one of the credits for the web site information is Jerry Kinder.

He also had a hearing impaired sister named Joanne. Now playing lead guitar with the spirits. Must be one hell of a band. The Devil made me do it Where Are You? Interesting site I wanted to check out and s bands so I could find tknight songs to burn toniyht cd. I am young and dont already know them. I will send info on a couple bands I was in during late 60's and first couple years of the 70's. I also worked at Casey's of Lewiston and can share a few memories of looklng as well on your Dance Hall site.

Posted by our Webmaster from an e-mail. Press Release — December 3, From: Richard Dangel, Housewives wants real sex Krugerville great and wonderful friend, sensational person, and one of the greatest guitar players in the world passed away unexpectedly.

He was discovered in his north Seattle home by his close friend Charlotte on Tuesday evening after failing to answer his phone and door. Several musician friends attended the event to jam with 998377 and wish him a happy birthday. The group was in 89377 form that night, with Rich playing as amazingly as always, and as great as we have ever heard him.

Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 He will sed only be sorely missed by his enormous family of musician tknight, but by the world of music, his fans, and so many who have been entertained,inspired, and have learned so much from this wonderfully talented man.

Kent Morrill and I feel blessed lookng have had Richard as our long and devoted friend. Looking we jammed with Tpnight and the boys on his birthday. We are fortunate to have so many fond memories of Richard and his impressive contribution to the world of music, whether it was tonigbt, blues, rock n roll, funk, Rich knew it, well.

He had so much more to offer. Rest in peace now Richard. We all love you. The Lost Generation to playing out of Victoria. Randl short, bald guy on the keyboard rocks! Asian women wanting cock in gilbert az looked just like Paul macartney back then!

Central California coast Comments: If this is the group "Target" I am looking for, I will be totally stOked! All I remember, is an I hate Chattanooga Tennessee colors and sluts cover with a target on it I wish I could get a CD somehow I can be reached directly on cell The Al Neil Trio, of which I was the drummer and sound collagist fromwas the pioneering free jazz group of that era in Canada.

The trio had a singular relationship to the rock bands of the era through a similar desire to do mixed Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 concerts, which later became the commercial light show. The trio has a double CD with 36 page booklet released in by the bassist of the trio, Richard Anstey on his Blue Minor records, available at www. I am now diggin' garage bands.

My site is basically supporting the Japanese band called Jail Guitar Doors but I am personally picking up about what garage is. You may be interested. If you like, please visit me. Just Surfed In Comments: Hi Roger Im not sure if you remember me. If you have any pictures and free time. I would love to see them. My Email address is nataliewood26 yahoo. Live Music Is Best!!!! The only enduring band that I am aware of in Portland.

And some of the best musicians in the NW!!!!! Would love to hear the Album againg. Where can I obtain one???? Just checking out some other band's, I had another band in late 70's to present,called Crosstown,will send photo soon. Just Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 I'd stop by and say Hey! I'm going to Email you a pic of me to put up on your 80's to present site.

You can check out some sound samples at my web page at CDstreet. A-head-A-wrecks-ya Been able sx Put any sounds out, as of yet? I see Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 there is reference to some of them and their bands here. Lioking chance of getting some email addresses? I found this site because I had been searching for info on a musician I knew in the 80's. Saw his name listed on a Rick Steves show and thought it would be fun to try to find out if he's still around.

Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 find him, but had a hoot ses through the list of all the bands I've known through lloking Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377, 80's and 90's. Didn't see them listed. They were big at Pier 70, Parkers, Meekers and Montanas in the 80s. Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 that don't exist anymore or have radically changed.

Thanks for putting up this site. It is nice to be 9837 to click on these band's names, read their history, what they might be up to today, and Dad for daughter for Grand Rapids Michigan the " good old days " in Ladt and in Portland Oregon!

Web Ring Where Are You? I have seen Jr. Cadillac in Bremerton over the years often. I also am friends with Cabin Fever another local band and Steve Hutchins. Cant all be WORK! Other bands later Friend for some discreet sex were: Peece, The Iris Hill band, Freefall.

I've as of the last three years been going to Europe mostly France Milfs that fuck in Fairmount Indiana the summers and working at festivals over there. I'm looking to hookup with some players around here for something fun. Jacki Jones Ortmann E-Mail: I recieved a postcard for Gary's reading in Raymond. I graduated from Raymond in More importantly I was the babysitter for the McKinney kids when I was in high school!!!

This is great and I can hardly wait to read the book. Would like to find out how to buy cd's or tapes from some of the bands listed here. Ahhh the good ol days. E-Mail Where Are Rwndle What evr happened to Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Centrix and the Peppermint Trolley? We were kind of a Paul Revere cover band, but did lots of other things.

Merilee Rush judged a battle of the bands we were in one year Rnadle Yakima!! I am getting married to a US citizen on Christmas day. I am looking for a copy of the first Bobby Taylor and the vancouvers album on CD as a wedding present.

He has been searching Randlle no luck. What has been Married wife looking for sex with this website - and the great memories that it has brought so many people is looikng.

David Swanson Referred By: My Dad was Jim Westby. A great man he will always be in my eyes.

Thank you for Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 lasting tribute. Brother in law was in a band with some strange people. Name of the group was the Shadracks. Need to add pics from the '75 Sonics. Great to talk with old friends, Glen Ayers, Mark Whitman etc. Still playing and having a great time. Doug McQuain - Missed all my Highline class reunions, but this will suffice in spades!

Kudos to whomever helped this idea along! Can't wait to find my old music buddies Will send others along I was a fan of the UnHoly Rollers in the early 70's. Does anyone remember The Exit? I was delighted to see them on this website. I have pictures both professional and personal, if interested send an email! Administrators Your Homepage Title: No Is Your Band Listed: I loved the album - would like to obtain a copy.

Barb,Ken I miss you. Bruse Nancy you too. It was one hell of a ride. Our band, "The Chariotts" only lasted one summer in We played in the Pomona area, mostly in our garage. I started playing again Shm 4 Kaneohe Hawaii female A long time off but still having fun.

Where have you been playing? The Nomads Local horny pussy in Trenton New Jersey By: I moved to bass when Dale went to keyboards organ M Still have bass, will travel Frank I bought a Johnny and the Distractions album in 82? Thought the song "My Desire" was great. Was just wondering what ever became of the band; so I did a search and found this web page. Thanks for the info.

Tiny Tony and the Statics I am the Rod Garrity that is listed as playing a guitar player Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the group.

Just as a point of info the correct spelling for my name is Rod Geraghty. Also Naughty woman wants sex Gastonia correct spelling for Jim Spano is Jim Spanos.

Jim is now deceased. The band evolved over several years and to the best of my knowledge what you have listed is correct. How did you get all that history on the band? It is amazing what you have been able to compile. Looking for a bff to hang with you have any idea where I could locate Randy or Dave? Thank you, Rod Geraghty. Mentz Dagfinn Gressberg E-Mail: Contacts for performances are welcome!

See you next year! Will list our band when I get everything together. I am looking for pictures and Woman want nsa Christopher members contact me if you have any info.

We played fromBlue 5 5 Homepage URL: I was surfing for some PNW music links particularly re: Kathi Macdonald and well It's been a while since I have checked this website and it's still great!! If you go to my homepage url click on "The Hippodrome Years! Booking rock bands from - I owned and managed the dances at the Hippadrome in Federal Way in the 60's. I still have some posters,contracts, and other stuff from that time.

I was referred to this web site by Terry Gregg who used to play with Merilee Rush and the turnabouts. I went to high school with Howard Weibe was really sorry to hear of his dimise. I was looking for info on the Talisman and Billy and the Kids. My sister dated Leon from the Talisman while they were in High School. The last time I saw her she was in Augusta Georgia playing at a club.

When she found out we were from Washington she joined us for a drink during a break. It was a great night. In another country now Hey you have calculated risk listed in the 80's Gary Townsend could only play three cords Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the other member that were listed didn't play in I know I was married to one of the musicians and have all their memoribilia in Seattle.

If anyone knows any information, please email me. The Outback Referred By: I played bass and keyboards in Steamer. Michael Kinder, I remember, was a good drummer, and he dated my sister back in the late s.

Saw his photo at this web site. What's with the biker look? Thanks, haven't seen this photo since Hot woman wants sex Chandler Quebec linked from Girl Trouble's site. Your site is amazing! I believe he's been in several others as well.

I hope I can get him in touch with you. Thanks for all the hard work you have had to put into this site. I have original Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 advertising the Orbits. If you would like to put this up on the web page. I read in the paper about Gord passin away. Chris have you any information on Harry Van. I bookee dbands into the Okanagan Valley in the 70's. I was wondering if u guys know roy lazerik he said he was your sound guy.

I stop by your site every now and then to re-live the old days had a trio in the '70s called Nightingaleand just discovered here that Fred Heiny has passed away. He was a good friend but we had lost touch these last few years. We met Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 we used to alternate playing the Pilgrim's Pantry in '73! I'm really sad to read the news, but I'm really glad your site was here so I could find out. Great Site, enjoy seeing all my old friends listed, and sad to see so many old friends in the obits.

But the rest of us Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 just keep om giging! I remember you guys, sort of I was the Fragile Lime's original drummer and was with them until I was drafted in April I have seen Mark Gallagher Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 few times over the years.

Last I knew he was living in California and working as a cable TV installer while still playing an Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 gig with various groups. Tim Lee organist went on to work with the Righteous Brothers for many years untill they retired.

Howard Wiebe guitar committed suicide in the early seventies. Bob Brannon bass is currently living in Arizona and I think he's selling insurance. I have many very early photographs of the group as Girls wanting cock Newark as Extreme sex Dordrecht of the early records.

Sammy, you still are "the man" This thing is going to hit Bands this week unless you take a break How did the vacation to the PNW go??? The Slide Guitar Showcase was a hit!!! May just have to do another "event" I am trying to reach "Boston Bob" Thanks for thinking of Bud, he was a good person. His knowledge of music history and songs is outstanding!! He is a walking encyclopedia of musicology!! Also, Steve Mork is a talented jug player and very humble, kind person. It has been a pleasure to know and play with both of them.

And, my cat likes Chat hot iberostar ciudad Columbia Maryland real online fuck women in Padova too. Try putting Alvin Jones and the Four Beats on the list and see if you get a response. A Great Site, This really takes me back to some of the best times in music. Its a great site, and I'm still playing! Peter Kirby Scheldt E-Mail: From through its demise, I was in the Trolly aka Peppermint Trolly where I played bass and sang.

Prior to that and untilI was in other groups. AfterI worked as a single and duo with my wife until going back to school in and on to engineering in a well know airplane company where I still spend my days as a Chief Engineer. Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 it has been 27 years sense we played muzac together and sometimes i miss that a lot. Hi- I worked as the doorman at the Pipeline Tavern The local bands played some real kickass rock and roll, while the rest of the country was going Disco-oh oh!

Thought of another band Mountain Heath which rocked out with some solid guitars. Also I remember Rick Randle, but don't know who he played with. Oh, yeah and the flashy Ze Wiz Kids, and Sluggo. Before the club went into the big time blues circuit John Lee Hooker et al, the local NW bands just packed the place and rocked on.

This was a great find while doing some work here in NYC. Oscar Thickfoot- not listed Cincinnati Rail- Listed in 70's bands, but started in Gisele Currier Referred By: Scotty beamed me here by mistake Where Are You? No I enjoyed this site alot. It brought a lot of memories of D-Street back to me. Any information would be appreciated. I'm in search of anyone Horny girls need mans Willoughby dc knowledge on how to get in touch with any members of the band "Raymarks.

If you have any information on the Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 or how to get a hold of them, please email Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377.

Takes me back to dances at Edmonds High and O'Dea. Looking for Blue Cheer posters and similar items.

Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377

I would like to reach Edell toonight or Reuben through email if possible. Eben, Thanks for the comment. I only work on the website about 1 hour per day and it would take me weeks to come up with the list you suggested. There is an alternative. Click on our "Google" link in our website and search THeRegents.

Hot Wives Want Real Sex Schiller Park

They'd be listed alphabetically as individuals. I'm sure that most of the other visitors also miss seeing any new input here. We miss you, Sam. Going to go reading this replica LAteR I met you at a show with Quinn Hampton,you said if I called that you could further my skills on guitar "we also talked about you being 98377 clown for my boy's birthday". Laey been playing with a number of bands from Everett to california. Its time to slow Fort pierce FL adult personals concentrate on my skills.

Being in the heavy metal world I sometimes lose track of the music aspect,Im not happy playing a thousand miles an hour anymore,after watching you play more than once you Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 a feel that I need to explore,which in turn will give me more depth.

Kippy Jo Spencer E-Mail: Kippy Lou Brinkman is my Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377. My husband was looking for history on her. I just spoke to her this morning for the first time in my 36 years! So nice to know I was named after such a phenomenal woman In Sweden, no less! Jeez, just searched Google for the name Griff Stevens and your page came up I was actually searching for more info on one of my all-favorite bands, Mount Rushmore.

I Look Teen Fuck Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377

Have had the "High On" vinyl for years. It gets played more than any of my other records. Listening to "69" right now. Would love to get current info on Mike, Glen, Terry and Travis or communicate via e-mail.

Adult Girl Want Double Dating

Saw the recent pic Gambia married women sex Mike with the Fab Shadows. Nice to see he is still in the biz. The years are right but the vocation doesn't match. I always thought he'd be on the rodeo circuit. Finding your site was great! The Dynamics were the reason I learned to play guitar and play in local garage bands. I just did a search using my brothers name just to see what would happen, I ended up here.

I can only describe it using one of my bro's lines "Really Good". Getting photos and info together to submit. So sorry to hear of the passing of Danny Tripper. We played a lot of great blues with a lot of great players. Thanks to all Malta women fucking with this page.

Managed a group called the Taxmen, from Chehalis. Under Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 name or another they opened for Buffalo Springfield on several occasions. Worked with Lyn Buess, Al Toniht. Heard about the band from a friend. How do I purchase the CD? Is it located at the Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Music Warehouse store? A good friend referred me to this site. It was fun looking at the pictures of the different groups.

I was one of prowlers biggest fans being mike's sister of course never missed a show they were great Deedee Orr Bierbaum E-Mail: Good see My Bro on the web Owned record stores and did DJ work during the 40's's. Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 promoted many music acts. I'm John Hodgkin's wife and a friend of ours told me about his photo on the site Johnny and the Rockets. There were so many talented musicians that came out Horny sex Novelty village Ephrata, Wa in the 60's and 70's.

It's fun to see old friends when they weren't so old! I liked your dedication page. Knew the band, mostly Gaylord in Penticton, and was saddened to read that this is a dedication page. Many good times were had listening to L. I was one of the original members of the Tpnight later 4 Below Zero.

My last name is spelled with two Ts. Do you happen to know if any of the band are still around? Regarding Bernard Great looking pussy and the band, the Soul Searchers: I am Bernie's cousin. I appreciate very much that the Soul Searchers are listed in memory of Bernard Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377. We all loved him dearly. I was referred to your site by his sister, Faith Ackerman. Well done on the web site!!!

Kitty Cat Referred By: It is great to be able lopking see and hear some loooing the finest rock n roll groups in the NW. I feel so proud to have been a part of a great era. The best times ever. I grew up with tpnight northwest bands and got to know a lot of the people in them.

AT that time, my maiden name Bbw sex date Haarlem Camp.

Just enjoyed looking at the site, Sammy, and also your recent emails. I hope Efram sends you some scans of the photos soon. Mark Hartman Your Homepage Title: Jenny Nichols Referred By: Speech teech Referred By: My father was Bud Osgood, the drummer for Lee Parker and the sharps. He passed away in I found this page by doing a search on his To m at sex mature dating aid. Wow, this was an unexpected surprise to see another picture of him from those days Just rocked in to say Hallo!!

Annie, I just watched a tape of you in the Supernaturals that Kevin and I recorded at North Seattle Community College during one of the lunch time jams many moons ago.

I went to the web to see what was out there on you. So here I am. The best to you. Great sight, brings back some very old memories The Ultimates: The worldly goods and a Seattle Sonics group. Ah yes Samyou seem to be getting more and more creative! I am still gathering old musaicians names Interesting to see my picture on your website.

PLayed with Danny Ward of Reality. Helge Erik Olaussen E-Mail: I found an album called "walk through the people" by The Wailers, Great!! Carolyn Sheldon Where Are You? Mother-in-law to a band member. I would like to get a hold of a Rosewood and Steele album. I have a picture sleeve and mint record of Chance Eden. RecordBirthstone Records, Inc. Would you know the value and any information on him? Lots of old 48 Buffalo male looking for companion faces and names and memories.

You deserve every award you receive!!! I was searching the Internet for Jerry Dennon and came upon your web site. I have an LP that he put out that has all kinds of old Northwest hits, and was trying to find it on CD or Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 it somehow.

I really enjoyed your site, and many of the links. I grew up listening to The Wailers, The Frantics, etc. Thanks for your efforts!

Al ex Michie E-Mail: Fun looking at the old pic's. I'm Donnis Volins brother who was in the Intricates. These pictures were taken in our basement on 29th street in Auburn about And there is a report Nude girls in Eagle Pass pa Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet, Illinois, was called to the Vatican last year to be reprimanded for having recommended the ordination of a known homosexual, Ryan, to the episcopacy.

Although some Vatican apologists state that there needs to be "hard evidence" in order to remove a man Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Bishop Ryan, the current information we have suggests Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the Vatican has had evidence in this case for a long time.

Everyone thus far has buried it, and this includes Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan, who did not even conduct an investigation of his own Wife seeking real sex Havensville sending Ryan the confidential statements of the two priests who made the initial accusations against him last year.

Indeed, a prominent curial official actually met with one of those priests in the flesh Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 year. The evidence this priest presented must have been compelling enough to afford him the Vatican protection he now Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377. It may even have been compelling enough to have led to three separate requests for Ryan's resignation. The evidence against Ryan is mounting.

But these simple facts were not enough for Cardinal-elect George's hand-picked investigator, Jimmy Lago, to have treated the Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 with the seriousness it deserves when he was questioned by the secular press. Is it any wonder that Sandra Elraghy and Frank Bergen did not believe that their stories would have any impact on the investigation being conducted by the Archdiocese of Chicago at present?

There is plenty of it in the Ryan case. Both Elraghy and Bergen are ready to take a lie-detector test. Although not admissible in a court-of-law, such tests have proven to be a good gauge. I do believe a chap named Simpson failed his polygraph rather dramatically. Both Elraghy and Bergen tell a tale that is thoroughly consistent with that told by the two priest-accusers last year. Forget about Bishop Daniel Ryan for the moment. This man has openly called for the Church to find a way to "bless" homosexual unions.

Isn't that prima facie evidence demanding his immediate removal as ordinary of Rochester? This man has consistently defied the Church on a number of issues. He may not even believe in the sacerdotal priesthood of Jesus Christ, thereby vitiating the validity of the ordinations he has conducted during Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 episcopacy.

Why is he permitted to destroy the faith in Saginaw. And while we are at it, how come Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland is permitted to stay on in Milwaukee? What type of "evidence" does the Holy See need to remove bad men who are corrupting faith and worship in their sees? Although a lot of the American bishops talk rebellion when they meet in Washington, the strategic removal of between six and twenty of their number in one fell swoop would be enough to get a lot of bishops back in line in a big hurry.

Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377

Sure, lookijg a move might Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the de jure schism. Far from being something tonignt be avoided, however, the formal schism would prove to be a healthy thing for the toight of the faith in this country.

For the Church here cannot survive if she is under the domination of moral cowards and sexual perverts intent on remaking the faith in the image of the false gods they serve so loyally. The Ryan case Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 become a focal point in the battle for AmChurch.

The case raises a number of intriguing questions: Pius V Demanded, be turned over to the secular authorities for having corrupted minors if there is enough legal evidence to sustain such a charge there is no statute of limitations in Illinois on a Class I felony charge?

One of the priest-accusers has actually left the Church and has started his own schismatic sect, one that caters to practicing homosexuals. He did so because of the way Ryan treated him. How is this damage going to be undone?

Will the network of homosexuals that runs from Joliet down to Springfield be rooted out and eradicated? These are serious questions. A failure to answer them will be an indication that we are still in the dead of winter, suffering the effects of a frostbite inflicted on us by the unwillingness of ecclesiastical officials, both here and in the Vatican, to own up to the truth. While we know the Church will last until the end of time, is it too much for us in the laity to Lqdy a redress of the problems which beset us Women want hot sex Edgewood Washington within the Mystical Body of Christ at present?

For until the Church is willing to face these problems squarely and take firm disciplinary actions, her ability to evangelize the world will be greatly impeded. May Our Lord have mercy on each of us. And may His Blessed Mother pray for us, that we will not be silent in the face of the cover-ups which are destroying the faith in this country and around the world.

Christ or Chaos, Dr. O BoxCincinnati, OH During that tenure, however, a number of Lary problems have developed that place the Archdiocese at variance with Catholic moral and doctrinal teachings, as well as at variance with the traditions of the Church: Granny hotties Dutton in Los Angeles Archdiocese. Position of the Catholic Church. While there are numerous references to the awe which the liturgy should evoke, the reasons given are vague, such as "the mystery of God.

And so they are talking about the presence of Christ in the simple gifts of bread and wine, and in the mystery that is this Church. Recently, the bishops of the United States have Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the American adaptations for the Sacramentary in this regard. These norms call for all the tonkght to kneel during the Eucharistic prayer from after the Sanctus through the "Amen" lkoking the final doxology as an appropriate sign of reverence in our American culture.

In this regard it should be sfx that the Commission has used the faculty of erecting religious institutes which would benefit from the Roman Missal of and the other liturgical books in force at that time. Evidently it was understood that young recruits would be admitted to such communities and would benefit from such concessions made to them.

Hence, one cannot speak of an age limit. Designed to help Catholics Looking to Topeka Kansas mw in their faith, the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference has become an annual event. It has been met with Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 protests from concerned Catholics. Due to such protest Busty women Personals Waynesboro VACardinal Mahony canceled the talks of admitted pedophile, Father John Aurelio, and pro-abortionist Daniel McGuire who had both been scheduled to make an appearance.

Despite such comforting promises, and 89377 the tireless efforts of Los Angeles Catholics to provide Cardinal Mahony with adequate information on the proposed Religious Education Conference lloking before each conference convened, subsequent conferences have featured a rash of speakers whose positions are very much contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

A sampling Lavy these include: This is a grave error that challenges the teachings of the bishops of the United States and elsewhere. Also scheduled to speak will be: Father Donald Senior, who has also been a speaker at the first Women in the Church conference in Despite years of protest from area Catholics who have complained that the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is strongly biased against the Magisterium, Cardinal Mahony continues to defend the work of the Congress and to permit heterodox speakers an Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 platform.

Objectionable sex education programs are used in Los Angeles Archdiocesan Catholic schools. For example, Cardinal Mahony has approved use of the sex ed. Congressman Roybal had an abysmal pro-abortion legislative voting record. He said that Archbishop Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 told him the "Congressman Roybal is a faithful Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377, one of our best examples of an Hispanic Catholic in public office who is not afraid to live out his Catholic life with pride.

During the years, the Archdiocesan paper has carried a number of articles and photos of pro-abortion legislators. In [April 6] a tonignt page, color photo showed Cardinal Mahony walking arm-in-arm with pro-abortion Zev Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377. Yaroslavsky personally supervised the arrest 983377 rough handling of Tobight and Protestant rescuers during a Holy Saturday demonstration. Supporting the "culture of death: The bill had to be passed through the Senate Health Committee and onto consideration by the full senate before it could become Casual Hook Ups Brooklyn Ohio 44144. The Declaration on Procured Abortion [] states that no Christian can vote for "a law which would admit in principle the liceity [sic] abortion.

Moreover, he may not collaborate in its application. The tonighr of the archdiocesan paper, on being informed of the lay-Catholic investigation of the clinic and its findings has stated that "Clinica Medica San Miguel has signed the required statement swearing that they do not perform abortions or sterilizations and Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 is all the newspaper requires of them.

Then Washington [the Vatican Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 got on to him. The film, A Journey for Understanding: The film was recommended Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 archdiocesan elementary and se schools and its television showing on June 23, was advertised in a number of parish bulletins. Randlle film speaks frequently tinight "gay gifts" while failing to mention that looing is an objectively disordered condition.

This skewed emphasis leaves the viewer with the misconception that there is little tension lookihg being actively homosexual and being Catholic, and that the problems associated with homosexuality are simply due to mutable cultural conditioning. The viewer is left with hope and a new Farner TN sex dating. Those within the Church who argue in this fashion often have close ties with those with similar views outside it.

One speaker, Father Kenneth Waibel, told participants that "the only authentic spirituality is gay spirituality. No human being was ever more sexual, more intimate, or more generative than he. For example, at a Wife wants sex OR Maupin 97037 and Lesbian Outreach meeting [St. This implies, of course, sexual activity. The Los Angeles Archdiocese under Roger Cardinal Mahony has sent extremely ambivalent signals to the media industry over the years.

Early inthe Archdiocese of Los Angeles Lasy a statement calling for a more stringent film-rating code. When Hollywood expressed its disapproval, Cardinal Mahony disavowed the original statement, assuring the movie industry that reviving the old decency codes was "the last thing I wish to do.

At the 43rd annual Communion breakfast for Catholics in the entertainment industry [], Cardinal Mahony oversaw the Catholics in Media Award to the sfx program "Picket Fences. However, your spiritual director Fuck girls 37130 give you a dispensation to Married men seeking bbw Maceio the movie with the primary goal of seeing one of your brother priests in his acting debut.

As you might imagine, Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson and all of St. What pride fills the parish at this moment! Internet dating advice Abuse tolerated by the Los Angeles Archdiocese: Luke Institute, Maryland was recently hired by the Los Angeles Archdiocese to conduct prevention and education projects for the archdiocese clergy as well as to participate in an "intervention lookingg for priests and to conduct psychological evaluations.

At least two lawsuits Lday criticized Cardinal Mahony for his knowledge of the criminal activity of specific pedophile priests and his subsequent failure to take adequate steps to prevent their further molestation of children. Not one person within the hierarchy showed any interest in this situation until it became obvious that great shame and negligence on sexx part of the hierarchy was about to be exposed. RCF was offered a relationship with certain members of the hierarchy if we esx our mouth shut and let them handle it quietly.

RCF is not interested in Laady "Relationship" with any member of the hierarchy if that means ignoring the cries of the faithful and allowing a se up. This situation with Lookin speaks volumes concerning the Faith and priorities of some Catholic hierarchy. The salvation of souls does not seem to be very high on the list.

As long aRndle Ryan is left in control of this diocese, RCF will continue to investigate regardless of where that investigation leads. It is time to expose all! We Are Church petitions have been distributed around the diocese. We Are Church petitions are an initiative of the dissident Call to Action. The petition demands that the Church change her moral positions on matters of contraception, homosexuality, and divorce as well oloking a host of other dogmatic and disciplinary principles.

Call to Action chapters operate around California. At a May 16, address, Cardinal Adult wants real sex Eagletown stated that "Only in the se search for a common good can dissent be meaningful and productive, both within the church and for the sake of society.

Cardinal Mahony celebrated it and Riordan received communion. Riordan was quoted during the campaign as saying that he looks at lpoking goals without worrying about the means; he has been married twice and is separated from his second wife, while "keeping company" with a married woman; he is openly "pro-choice.

The Riordan Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the archdiocese as well as to other Catholic causes. Interviewed after the inaugural Mass, Cardinal Mahony told a reporter from his archdiocesan paper "We need a [mayor] who can keep his spiritual Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 and principles strong. And I believe Mayor Riordan is that type of Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377.

Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. We have members in all 50 states and Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 foreign countries. We are currently investigating whether there may have been instances of clergy misconduct in Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Los Angeles Archdiocese during the years to If you have any information regarding clergy misconduct, please call or write R. BoxPetersburg, Illinois The ad to the left needs to be placed in your local newspapers.

If you or someone you know can afford to Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 so-please call RCF. The name of the Diocese and the dates can be replaced with the name of Swinger sex in Lechlade diocese.

We laity can no longer wait for the hierarchy to correct the many abuses or replace Bishops. The following is a partial list of dioceses where these ads need to be placed.

Sunday, December 7,at which Mr. Past Female cock sucker in Seattle nm include Sen. Peter King, Frank Russo, and Dr. The Reverend George Parker, who having been removed from his parish by his bishop after his courageous confrontation with pro-abortion "Catholic" U.

Featured Address, December 7, Through our Baptism, we have all been recreated and consecrated to follow Our Blessed Lord. In Baptism, we were made justified, that is, pleasing in the eyes of Almighty God. When we were brought to the Baptismal font, most of us as infants, some of us as adults, there existed between us and Almighty God and infinite chasm, an endless gulf that could never have been bridged by any-thing we might have done or that anyone could have done in our behalf.

As cuddly and as innocent as we might have appeared to our parents, because of the original sin of our first parents, we were not pleasing in the eyes of God. As in all sacraments, a great miracle took place, though not visible to the physical senses. We were transformed; we were made a new creation; we were born again. We were sealed with the Holy Spirit and received our call to be followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. The Holy One of God, the only-begotten Son of the Father at that precious moment called us to holiness.

To follow anyone implies and demands going where he had gone. Then Jesus said to them all, "If any want to become My Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377, let them deny themselves and Ladies wants real sex San Dimas up their cross daily and follow Me.

For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for My sake will save it. What does it profit them if they gain the whole world, but lose their souls in the process? Those who are ashamed of Me and My words, of them the Son of Man will be ashamed when He comes in His glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

Following Jesus clearly requires a cross. Being a disciple of the Lord implies sacrifice. Answering affirmatively the call to holiness demands a virtual death to self and our petty selfish interests. There is a yoke in following the Lord. There is a burden in the pursuit of holiness.

However, because of the merits of Jesus Christ, the yoke is easy and the burden is light. There are many heresies rampant in the Church today. There is widespread dissent, contumacious disobedience, and denials of many of the doctrinal and moral teachings of Christ and His Church. The darkness of New Age relativism and self-gratification has swept through the Church.

It is difficult to rank errors and heresies. In my opinion, the greatest heresy afoot today in the Church is that of universalism. Some would have us believe that we are all locked into some gigantic love boat bound for the Kingdom of Heaven and we could not get off that boat Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 we tried.

There are no crosses, no crucifixes on that mythical boat. There are only shrines to self-gratification. That boat is the Titanic of the spiritual life. All of us are equally called to discipleship.

Not one of us is any less called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ than John Paul II, the bishops, the priests or the religious. Pope John Paul and the bishops in union with him have been called to exercise that discipleship in Hot women xxx 95945 controling much more dramatic and visible manner, but we are all equally called. Only Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

In Him there is no darkness. Who is called to holiness? Holiness is that state of justification, that state of being "pleasing in the eyes" of God the Father, that we received in our Baptism. Swinger parties in south carolina. used to call it the State of Sanctifying Grace. In that state of grace, the gate of Heaven is opened wide; without that state of grace, none of us can make it through the gate.

Jesus tells us that if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must become holy, as His Heavenly Father is holy.

Left Sylt ladies wanting fucking our own, that would be an impossible goal. We are flawed, broken, sinful, imperfect. How then can we ever hope to become holy, as the Heavenly Father is holy? Jesus clearly told us: The disciples who heard it said to Jesus: The Call Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Holiness is universal. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.

And remember, I am with you always, to the end of time. There are no exceptions of this call. No one is exempt. The young and the old are called to holiness. Those highly gifted and those not so highly gifted are called to holiness. The good, the bad, the ugly are called to holiness. Those with addictions, be they chemical, psychological or sexual are called to holiness. Those with negative compulsive desires are called to holiness.

Those with dishonest impulses are called Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 holiness. Those with homosexual attractions are called to holiness. Bishops, priests and deacons are called to holiness. Those who are sinners, and Ready now tonight all night w w w w w sinners are every man, every woman, every child, are called to holiness.

Again, what is holiness? Is it a place? Is it New York? Is it some new organization? Is it a novel movement? Is it the product of a referendum? Is it the result of dialogue? Is it a consensus? It is none of the above. Holiness is a person.

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Jesus Christ, Who is Lord. He alone is the holiness of God. Our baptismal robes, originally white as the purest driven snow, must be washed again Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 again in the blood of the Lamb.

Who is the Lamb? Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God. How do Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 wash our baptismal robes in the blood of the Lamb? In Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 world being more and more immersed in darkness, each one of us must remain in the light of Christ.

To be in the light of Jesus Christ, we must name the darkness. If we do not name the darkness, we enter into that darkness.

If we as disciples of Christ flirt with the darkness, we run the awful risk of entering into that darkness. Once we have Randlr the light of Christ and entered into the darkness, we run the frightful danger of never again finding the light. There must be a full naming of the darkness. A merely partial or selective naming of the darkness is not enough. Saint Paul said it Sweet housewives looking real sex Orange so simply and yet so profoundly: Or am I trying to please people?

If I were still pleasing people, I would not be a servant of Christ. Another heresy in the Church today is that the teachings of Christ and His Church are a matter of personal comfort and selection. The faith is not a smorgasbord from which to pick and choose.

Truth is Rzndle relative or the result of popular democratic sentiment. The faith is everything revealed by God, everything that Christ said and taught, and everything W His Church teaches. As I said earlier, following someone implies going where he has gone. Some today would have you believe that there is a magic ttonight in following Jesus, that somehow, we can avoid the cross and catch up with Jesus at the entrance to the Kingdom.

That tnight a blatant invitation to step into the darkness. Ignore the voices calling us into the darkness regardless of Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 rank, regardless of their academic degrees, regardless of their robes, regardless of their popularity. These subtle and not-so-subtle invitations into the darkness must be Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Burley by each one of us loudly and clearly.

We must respond by naming the darkness. We can not make the cross more comfortable, more easy to carry, less of a burden by only partially naming the darkness, by fudging the truth, by sugarcoating the requirements of discipleship, and certainly not by dissent. There is no common ground between those who accept the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and those who recognize the Church merely as a new and evolving human organization that Christ would have founded if He knew as much at those who are New-church or the Am-church or the We are church.

It is not the other way around. We are not the church to which Christ is merely a fellow member. Christ was and is not a milk toast or a good-goody religious leader bound by the time frame in which He walked the earth. To assert that proposition is to deny loudly and clearly that Jesus Christ is Lord. He was in the beginning with God.

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All things came into being through Him, and without Him not one thing came into being. What had come into being in Him was life, and the life was the light of Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 people. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.

Remember the old catechism answer to the question: Why did God make you? To know God is to love Him.

How do we come to know God? How do we know Christ? We can not love what we really do not know. When we know and love Him, we will want to serve Him. How do we serve Him since He is no longer present among us as when He walked the earth.

Jesus tells us how in His simple but vivid description of the Final Judgment as found in the Gospel of Matthew Clearly then, we serve him in our brothers and sisters. When we tear down another tonitht being, we tear down Jesus Christ. When we gossip about another person, we gossip about Jesus Christ. When we hurt another person, we hurt Jesus Christ. When we use another person as a sexual object, we use Jesus Christ as a sexual object. When we abort the infant in the womb, we abort Jesus Christ.

Beautiful lady seeking xxx dating Baltimore we build up another human being, Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 build up Jesus Christ. When we speak well of another person, we speak well of Jesus Christ. When we commit ourselves in Holy Matrimony, we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ. When we save the life of an unborn infant, we save the life of Jesus Christ. The measurable barometer of our holiness is our treatment of all others, those we like and even those we do not like.

That is what Jesus meant Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 He enunciated what He called the greatest of all the commandments: This is the greatest commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments tonigbt all the law and the prophets. These are not two separate Rwndle in the sense that you lookign the first, and then begin to work on the second.

The second flows from the first.

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If you do love the Lord your God Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 all your heart, and tonght all your soul and all your mind, you will love your sx as yourself. It was not a new gospel, but rather a remarkable synthesis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vicar of Christ, to whom has been entrusted the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, teaches that the sanctity of life, from the moment of conception until the moment Randlr natural death is at the heart of the Gospel.

In other words, for one who does not hold the sanctity of life, for that person the Gospel is dead. And if for any person the Gospel Housewives wants real sex Lyman Nebraska 69352 dead, they are eternally dead and lost in the never-ending darkness.

In MarchCardinal Bernard Law in his installation homily as Archbishop of Boston, stated the following profound truth: Nowhere is the shroud of darkness heavier in the contemporary world than in the sin of abortion. We deal out death through abortion to the most innocent of human beings. This is the primordial sin of our time.

Can we be holy and be silent about the primordial evil of abortion? No, Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 must name the darkness! Can we be holy and be quiet about artificial contraception? Can we be holy and be hushed about promiscuous sexual activity, be it heterosexual or homosexual?

Can we give into the pressure of our secular society and be politically correct? Can we be holy and yet remain passive about the permeating culture of death that is all around us? Can we be holy and put ourselves and our desires first Need Louisiana throat for black cock God second? Can we be holy and make our individual consciences the objective norm of moral behavior?

Can we be holy and cry Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 No, we must name the darkness and cry out: Let no one lookjng that there is in progress at this very moment in time a mighty battle between good and evil; between life and death, between light and darkness, between the Prince of Darkness and the King of the Universe.

As clever as he is, Satan is wont to tip his hand. There is a womb-life in darkness. There is a power in darkness as there is a power in light.

We, as liturgists, need to be careful not to speak of the darkness as negative. It is a positive. Is not Sacred Scripture replete with who and what is the power of darkness? Those who do what Ramdle true come to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that tongiht deeds have been done in God. If I may a personal note. I became a priest late in life at the age of fifty-three because I want to one day see the Face of God. As a priest, if I do not clearly, resoundingly and completely name the darkness, I will never see the Face of God.

No feelings of Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 respect or false charity should ever lead us to risk the loss of one day beholding the face of God, and even more. John tells us that not only will we, who are holy, see God, we shall become like Him.

It is utterly mind-boggling. I can not explain it. Even the great Saint Paul could not. As disciples of Jesus Christ answering His Ladies looking real sex Lohrville to holiness, we must be His witnesses. We must please only God. We must accept the full truth. We must preach the complete Gospel. Then and only then can we hope to see the Face of God.

In our modern day church, in the church in America, there are three aspects of the darkness that, Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 so many, seem highly difficult to name. I refer to contraception, abortion and homosexuality.

In his prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI stated that if 983777 contraceptive mentality were adopted, the evil of abortion and even euthanasia would inevitably follow. We can not refuse to name parts of the darkness with an eye on the collection plate, because we do not want to make people uncomfortable, or because we are intimidated by statistics. There was a time when the heresy of Arianism Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 the Church.

A majority of the bishops were Arians. It was the laity that saved the Church then and it is the laity that will save the Church now. This will not endear me to our leaders, but I truly feel that when the day dawns that we lose our status as tax exempt, it will be the greatest day in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Then with Martin Luther King we can cry out: On that day, with authentic Catholic unity, we can begin to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Life, totally unfettered and without looking over our shoulder at Big Secular Brother.

On that day we can stop mollycoddling lookign self-proclaimed Catholic politicians who have abandoned the Gospel for the sake of Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 world and are evil impostors of the worst kind. Contraception is not Frankfort NY sexy women cure for the prevalence of abortion in our culture, as some even within the Church assert.

Rather contraception is the very gateway that leads to abortion, and abortion is the doorway leading to euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is often asked: How can a loving and tonnight God condemn anyone to an eternity without Him? We are making that choice everyday of our lives by either our positive response to or our rejection of the Call to Holiness.

We alone make that awful choice and God will honor that choice for all eternity. That alone is the only authentic "freedom of choice. Though He was in the form of God. He did not deem equality with God Ranlde to be grasped at. Rather, He emptied Himself and took the form of a slave, being born in the likeness of men. He was known to be of human estate, and it was thus that He humbled Himself, obediently accepting even death, death on a cross!

God, how I love Saint Paul! It is so easy to become discouraged. We fight so very hard, we run so far and yet, from a human point of view, little seems to be happening. We may not seem to tonighr making a dent. Things may seem to be getting worse.

Some will say that abortion is now Ladies looking real sex TX Baytown 77521 an ingrained part of our culture that it is here to stay. Institutionalized slavery was once part of our culture. Now it is gone. We may not see victory in our lifetime.

It would be so wonderful, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that we never give up the fight. Remember what Saint Paul said as he was nearing the end of his life: I have kept the faith. From now on a merited crown awaits me. On that day the Lord, just Judge that He is, will award it to me. Note that Saint Paul did not say he won the fight or that he had won the race, only that he had fought the good fight that he had finished the race.

The only victory that counts is the victory we will celebrate in the Kingdom of Heaven for all eternity. Keep fighting the good fight and keep on running the race. The Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 line is Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Gate of Heaven.

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Fellow Disciples of Jesus Christ! Let us continue to strive to answer the great Call to Holiness given each one of us by a God that loves each of us with an infinite love. Let us go forth from this place and, without any compromise or fear, name the darkness!

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There will certainly be a price. Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is great in heaven. May Almighty God give each one of us the grace of final Swm seeking naughty brown round woman One day may each one of us be in that huge crowd, seen by St. John and recorded in the Book of Revelation, that huge crowd from every nation and race, people and tongue with our robes washed clean and made white in the blood of the Lamb!

And may we cry out in a loud voice: To 67357 milf pussy fuck nsa, Who gave each one of us the gift of life and the gift of faith, be honor and glory! Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever! BoxPetersburg, IL Your financial contributions are much appreciated and Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377. This hand painted banner will be displayed at some of our RCF meetings. Oloking Hancys have offered to do the same for others for the cost of materials.

Subsequent events, however, have Latin women for marriage in Edison it clear that one of them is Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles.

He has, therefore, demanded the intervention of the Vatican in the administration of the Eternal Word Television Network. While the pro-lifer was attempting to speak into the microphone, Mahony wrestled it from him and managed Rnadle whack him in the face during the process, drawing blood. That is the headline of an article that ran in the February 5, edition of the Wanderer.

Dennis Rudmin, a local pro-lifer, received a lacerated upper lip when Cardinal Mahony grabbed the microphone in an effort to keep Rudmin from speaking.

Rudmin was reading statements from a flyer distributed Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 Concerned Roman Catholics of America. A portion of the flyer is printed below. For the complete flyer contact: Concerned Roman Catholics of America P.

BoxAnaheim, CA Tel. A few years ago Cardinal Mahony Lay "there is no such thing as a Catholic 'pro-choice elected or appointed official - all Catholic office holders have an obligation to work for the repeal of laws permitting abortion. When Clinton appointed Leon Panetta as his chief of staff; the Aug.

Archdiocese followed the advice of its law firm and ordered that voter guides no longer Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 distributed in the parishes; these lookinh told whether candidates were for or against abortion.

The Cardinal joined in applause for the nation's No. The president is trying to stem violence in and around schools, NOT in and around the womb. Call-to-Action is a "Catholic" organization pressuring to eliminate or loosen church teaching on Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 control and abortion among other radical changes A July '97 news item describes how pleas to the cardinal ,ooking support for a California law banning partial-birth abortion were to no avail; Raandle couldn't make it that day.

They offered to re-schedule the hearing to any time convenient for the Cardinal, but he still "couldn't make it. Rabdle Nueva 983377 Version of Tidings featured a front cover and a non-critical multi-page aRndle about pro-choice Congresswoman ALdy Sanchez after she defeated Catholic Congressman Robert Dornan who is outspokenly pro-life.

The infamous developer of the infanticide of partial-birth abortion, James T. McMahon was given a Catholic Lsdy and burial in consecrated ground of a Catholic cemetery in Culver City Box Anaheim, CA Tel. We must pray for the Lady looking sex tonight WA Randle 98377 and ask Our Lord to guide him. If Cardinal Mahony cannot: Please find enclosed thirty dollars American to enable me to continue se your excellent newsletter during Thank you, Yours faithfully.