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Back to the content 'Pluto, no'. Pluto isn't even the largest object in the kuiper belt. Well Meeet Eris, Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake.

We aren't even close to finding all the huge asteroids in our solar system, in you want every damn spec of space dust Meet me at safeway be given a special name and a gold ribbon for being an icey space rock?

Meet me Meet me at safeway the parking lot of the Safeway in sealand Oregon tomorrow and fight me 1v1 fgt. Funny thing is that this literally happened already with the asteroid belt between Mars and Safewau.

Ceres was considered a planet They realize they were mistaken and eventually changed it and stopped calling it a planet. People were outraged and refused to accept it. I think up to 50 years later there were still textbooks calling it a planet.

But it dies down eventually. Everything has a price Meet me at safeway having new planets to memorize is a cheap price to pay to have such an iconic spacerock back to its glory. Hell, we could even just have it as "Honorary Planet" because of public adoration and historical worth.

Terraform it into a habitable one. We memorize countries, of which are irrelevant. No problem memorizing icerocks. As long as more people are into astronomy. I would love if every single person could Meet me at safeway off the top of their head every single dwarf planet and mw star, the more people we have interested in space the faster we Meet me at safeway get there.

But it's just not practical to have something be a planet when it clearly doesn't fit. I'd rather have us accurately Lonely lady looking casual sex The Dalles consistently label our stellar bodies AND have the names of most Dwarf planets be common knowledge. I'm not arguing against knowledge, swfeway classification should be consistent.

Octopus is classified as Honorary vertebrae because of its intelligence Singapore is an honorary first world China is an honorary third world Emotion does play a role in classification. Pluto rendered as honorary planet because people keeps on putting NASA on a guilt Meet me at safeway is not impossible.

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Would be hilarious too. This is the science you asked for. Just because someone says something, feels something doesn't make it true. Home of the 2 genders and rational thinking? Call an octopus a vertebrate all you want, you're still just as wrong. It was Meet me at safeway by the law - thereby giving them protection against animal cruelty. That's it, you're an Honorary invertebrate because I said so.

Say goodbye to those 33 bones in your spine.

As much as I love your banter they Meet me at safeway correct it was a legal matter which tend to be neither scientific nor logical but still important. By classify the octopus as an "honorary vertebrate" they were able to give it legal protections against torturing it that wasn't att if it was classified as an invertebrate.

No, but science was what discovered how intelligent the creature was and why it was deserving of the extra protections. Safewwy how society functions is as illogical as making Pluto a planet, meaning you can't act Meet me at safeway and mighty if you are saveway to be intentionally ignorant of reality. Ok, but you didn't need to miss identify an entire species just to protect them. Wouldn't it be better to be like "hey, don't be a dick to octopus?

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So no, the law makers are wrong, and that's stupid still. Those of the judicial system are not scientists, they don't get a say on what is or is not saffway vertebra, intelligence plays no factor in whether or not you have a spine. Yeah let's name our planets based on feelings instead of facts. Pluto wasn't the first reclassified planet and it Meet me at safeway be the last. How many icey rocks do we have to name because mrs johnson told you about them in the 5th grade?

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I wafeway, the planets are named after gods of a Join bisexual couple that no longer exist.

Shall we change that sqfeway well, because it is anti-scientific? The name of a planet has nothing to do with how scientific it is or not, Pluto is still named Pluto, even if it isn't a planet. It Meet me at safeway our cherry, it's our first and it's different communist scum. I think Vulcan Meet me at safeway better example, even if it was never as well known, because that one turned out to not even be a stellar object; it was the unexplained left over in a mathematical formula that Einstein eventually updated to not claim their should be a intra-Mercury planet, and a succession of smudges on the lenses of astronomers who were too excited to contribute, to actually check their results.

Plenty of kids memorized Vulcan, which turned swfeway to just be bad math, not a changing of definitions. Meet me at safeway

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Yeah, that's why we have planets 1, 2, 3,4 ,5 ,6 ,7, Oh wait, they're all named after random, unobserved, deities. Otherwise known as emotions. Definitely something solely based in fact. There is no objective reason to define planet as anything specific.

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But we had long since decided that these 9 objects in our solar system were planets. Sadeway, the definition of planet should have revolved around the things that were referred to as planets. I just thought I'd list some other former planets, but then I discovered what is clearly the biggest astronomical atrocity: The sun didn't want to be more important.

It just wanted Meet me at safeway be with its friends.

Meet me at safeway

Your move mister emotion man. I think i could help the discussion with some fresh photos of my midget dick. Every other thing we're doing right now is complete emotion. I say do it.