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Bennett Secretary, Genealogical Society of Utah. Tabernacle Address Fir, May 30, Aug 15 Sep 15 Liahona Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin 6 Jun 13 Oct 17 Mar 29 Millennial Star In January,under the somewhat peculiar circumstances of the times, I was sent on a mission to the Sandwich Islands.

I sailed from San Francisco on the steamship Mariposa on the 2nd day of February following, remaining upon this mission until July, Not long after my arrival on the islands, I received a communication from Elder George Reynolds, enclosing the following letter over the signature of James H.

This commitment to equal educational access for blacks and women provided for the school This article focuses on Oberlin's original commitment to black education and on Shipherd and Philo Penfield Stewart, who sought to establish a utopian community positive interaction between the races The s was a. Founders A Presbyterian minister and a missionary founded Oberlin in A student walks through Tappan Square considered the gateway between the and the college on about acres of donated land with about 40 other individuals. . Ambar, the first African American woman to lead the institution, began her. Published on Feb. 21, | Updated p. m.. ELYRIA Euclid woman gets nine-year sentence for enrollment scam that included LCCC. Published on Feb. Oberlin police seek suspect in theft, assault at Walmart. Published on Feb.

Brother Reynolds suggested that I call upon Mr. Rice, of Honolulu, with the view of inquiring more particularly into this matter, which I did at Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin first opportunity. The following Blonde in Edgewood around 4pm Mr. The theory of the origin of the Book of Mormon in the traditional manuscript of Solomon Spaulding will probably have to be relinquished.

That manuscript is doubtless now in the possession of Mr. Rice, of Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, formerly an anti-slavery editor in Ohio, and for many years state printer of Columbus. During a recent visit to Honolulu, I suggested to Mr.

Rice that he might have valuable anti-slavery documents in wpman possession which he would be willing to contribute to the rich collection already in the Oberlin College Library. In pursuance of this suggestion, Mr.

Rice began looking over Single seeking real sex Middleton old pamphlets and papers, and at length came upon an old, worn and faded manuscript of Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin pages, small quarto, purporting to be a history of the migration and conflicts of the ancient Indian tribes which occupied the territory now belonging to the States of New York, Ohio and Kentucky.

On the last page of this manuscript is a certificate and signature giving the names of several persons known to the signer, who have assured him that to their personal knowledge the manuscript was the writing of Solomon Spaulding. Rice has no recollection how or when this manuscript came into his possession.

It was enveloped in a coarse piece of wrapping paper, and endorsed in Mr. Rice's handwriting, "A manuscript story. Rice, myself and others compared it with the Book of Mormon, and could detect no resemblance between the two, in general or detail. There seems to Obdrlin no name nor incident common to the two.

The solemn style Seekinng the Book of Mormon, in imitation of the English scriptures, does not appear in the manuscript. The only resemblance is in the fact that Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin profess to set forth the history of the lost tribes.

Some other explanation of the origin of the Book of Mormon must be found, if any explanation is required. On the morning of the 16th forr April, my companion and I made our way to Punahou, about two miles from Honolulu, to the residence of Mr.

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Whitney, son-in-law of Mr. Rice, with whom the latter is at present living. On going to the house we met a very aged, but intelligent-looking man at the rear of the dwelling, whom we found to be Mr.

After introducing ourselves, I informed him that I had seen an article, published in the paper by Mr. Fairchild, relative to Mr.

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Spaulding's romance, from which it was alleged the Book of Mormon was derived, and that interest and curiosity had led us to call on him, in the hopes of seeing it, and of having some conversation with him on the subject. He invited us into the parlor, and when we were seated he asked, "Are Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin Mormons? He then enquired how long we had been in the country, our business, etc. He then began to talk about as follows, to the best of my recollection: I have, with others, compared it with the Book of Mormon, and I undertook to copy it, but ran out of paper before I got it finished and so discontinued it.

There is not one word Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin sentence in it in common with the Book of Mormon. The only possible resemblance is: This manuscript is nothing but a simple story about the tribes of Indians supposed to have inhabited the country in the vicinity of Conneaut, Ohio, where some ancient mounds existed, and it is a very poor story at that. It came into my possession inwhen Lady looking sex Aspen Hill.

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Winchester and I bought out the printing establishment formerly owned by Mr. Howe in Painsville, Ohio, in connection with a large number Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin old papers found in the place and turned over to us with it. I have had it ever since in my possession. I have looked at it scores of times, and often thought I would look into it to see Oberiln it was, but never did until a year ago, on the occasion of President Fairchild's visit.

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Since then I have often wondered that I Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin not long ago destroy it with other worthless papers. I have recently had letters from several parties making inquiries about this manuscript, and all desiring to obtain possession of it. Howe thinks he has a Single Serra moms Serra upon it, but I have told them all they cannot have it. He went into another part of the house and soon returned with a parcel wrapped in a piece of old, brown wrapping paper, and fastened with an old, tow string.

I judge the manuscript to be six and a half inches wide and eight inches long, and about an inch in thickness. Holding the parcel before my eyes, he said: You see that pencil writing? That was written there before it came into my hands. Rice then untied the tow string and took off Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin wrapper, when we saw a time-worn, dingy, somewhat dilapidated old manuscript.

I glanced over a portion of the preface, which set forth that in consequence of the existence of large mounds in the vicinity of Conneaut, indicating the former occupation of the country by a numerous people, etc.

I do not pretend to give the text, but merely the sense as I gathered it from a hasty glance. Rice called our attention to the certificate on the last page, which was referred to by Mr.

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Fairchild in his Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin published in the New York Observer of February 5, This certificate gave the names of several persons, known to the writer and signer of the same, who had made affidavits, Seekimg the certificate says were "on file in this office," to the effect that they "personally know this manuscript to be the writing of Solomon Spaulding.

Rice is now about 84 years of age, but he is in good mental and physical condition.

He chatted freely relative to his early recollections and acquaintances, not forgetting to give us his mind respecting plural marriage. Rigdon had never at any time denied or denounced either 'Mormonism' or the Book of Mormon.

As he had refused so emphatically to part with the manuscript or allow it to be copied, I asked him if he would part with the copy Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin had made, so far as he had gone, for reasonable compensation for his time and labor.

At first he refused, but after some talk on the subject, he promised to write Mr. Fairchild by the next mail, and if he made no objection he would perhaps Sedking so.

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There is no doubt that this is the identical, much-talked-of, long-lost, much-believed, but very innocent "Manuscript Found. Davidson, the widow of Solomon Spaulding, certified to as being the writing of Solomon Spaulding by several persons personally knowing the fact, and subscribed to by D. Hurlburt Obeflin, by whom it was taken to the printing establishment of Mr.

I. In January, , under the somewhat peculiar circumstances of the times, I was sent on a mission to the Sandwich Islands. I sailed from San Francisco on the steamship Mariposa on the 2nd day of February following, remaining upon this mission until July, Not long after my arrival on the islands, I received a communication from Elder George Reynolds, enclosing the following letter over. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard., the leading online dating resource for singles. Search through thousands of personals and photos. Go ahead, it's FREE to look!

Howe, the reputed author of "Mormonism Oberpin and transferred to Mr. Rice on his purchasing the printing establishment, and by Mr. Rice preserved until now, without even knowing what it was, for some forty years.

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It seems that the hand of Providence is plainly visible, for some wise purpose, in the whole affair. Sedking now it has been carefully examined and compared with the Book of Mormon by Mr. Fairchild, President of Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin Oberlin College Library, Ohio, and by others, and by them declared without similarity in Love in ilsington, incident, purpose or fact with the Book of Mormon.

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Rice declared to Brother Farr and myself that he "believed it to be the only romance of the kind ever written by Mr. Spaulding; and", said he, Bisexual Mitchell male I feel that this is a fact. From this remark we inferred that it was his belief that the reason it was not owman by Mr.

Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin

Spaulding himself was because it was not worth publishing, "For," said he, "it is only a very simple story, and a very poor one at that. Patterson with the Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin, when it is said he returned it to Spaulding, "declining to print it," and said, "Polish it up, finish it, and you will make money out of it.

Rice, when he allowed us to examine the "Manuscript Found. Soon after this, Fabias was sent by Constantine "with an important message to a certain general in England.

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They were lost at sea. They began to pray "with great lamentations," etc. The natives were alarmed, held a council, and finally extended towards them the hand of friendship, made a great feast for them, sold them a large tract of land for "fifty pieces of scarlet calico and fifty knives," and established with them a covenant of Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin peace. Not daring to venture the dangers and uncertainties of the unknown deep over which they had been so mysteriously driven, they concluded it better to remain than attempt to return to Rome, Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin.

The ship's company consisted of twenty souls, seven of whom were young women who had embarked at Rome to visit their relatives in England. There were three ladies of rank among the women. On motion of one of the sailors the women chose their husbands; Lucian, Fabias and Trojenous were of course selected by the three ladies of rank, but six poor fellows had to go without wives, or marry the natives, etc. This is about the thread of the story so far as we Seeking over 40 woman for Oberlin Sseking.

Among those who had written to Mr. Rice for the manuscript womaj Eber D. Howe, Sexy wife seeking hot sex Saint Simons Island Painsville, Ohio, since which Mr.

Rice informs me he had a stroke, and was supposed to be on his death-bed ; Mr. Demming, also of Painsville; Albert D. Dickenson of Boston, grandniece of Solomon Spaulding. Dickenson demanded that the manuscript be sent forthwith to her or to Mrs.

Even though the recruitment of both women and minorities is on the rise, however, school, seeking advice on interviews or resumes, or looking for a job, we can gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older). Meetville - men's dating site in the Oberlin, Ohio, United States, where thousands Men seeking women in Oberlin, Ohio #1 Looking for: woman In age: Oberlin College. Oberlin Web Site, Women, 1, (%) students: 3% of classes Oberlin Population, 8, Graduates Pursuing Inclusion and social engagement remain core values at Oberlin today .

McInstry, from whose mother it had been "stolen by D. Demming says he Manitoba coeds "not think it is the Manuscript Found," for it is rumored that Hurlburt sold it Seekiny the "Mormons," and they destroyed it, which he says, "I believe to be true.