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Seriously no nice tools want nsa head

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Let me tell you the story of my tiny brush with the biggest crypto story of the year.

A few weeks ago I received a Seriously no nice tools want nsa head from a reporter at ProPublicaasking me background questions about encryption. Right off the bat I knew this was going to be an odd conversation, since this gentleman seemed convinced that the NSA had vast capabilities to defeat encryption.

We were just haggling over the details. Oddness aside it was a fun if brief set of conversations, mostly involving hypotheticals. If the NSA could do this, how might they do heaad

Seriously no nice tools want nsa head

What would the impact be? I admit that at this point one of my biggest concerns was to avoid coming off like Seriouslt crank. Then I might not get invited to the cool security parties. Which is exactly what this blog post will be.

Readers of this blog should know that there are basically three ways to break a cryptographic system. In no particular order, they are:. Which, assuming we can trust these documents, is a huge sigh of relief. This is probably the most relevant question. Of the libraries above, Microsoft is probably due for the most scrutiny. While Microsoft employs good and paranoid!

Moreover they have the market share. If any commercial vendor is weakening encryption systems, Microsoft is probably the most likely suspect. Moreover, even third-party encryption programs running on Sfriously often depend on CAPI components, including the Seriously no nice tools want nsa head number generator. Probably the second most likely candidate is OpenSSL. I know it seems like heresy to imply that OpenSSL — an open source and widely-developed library — might be vulnerable.

But at the same time it powers an enormous Beautiful lady want xxx dating Independence Missouri of secure traffic on the Internet, thanks not only to the dominance of Apache SSL, but also due to the fact that OpenSSL is used everywhere.

Unfortunately while OpenSSL is open source, it periodically coughs up vulnerabilities.

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Either way, there are very few people who really understand the whole codebase. Software is almost always broken, but standards — in theory — Seeiously read by everyone. It should be extremely difficult to weaken a standard without someone noticing.

The defensive mission is pretty simple: As utterly crazy as it may seem. While the possibility of a backdoor in any of these components does seem remote, trust has been violated. We already know that the major US and international telecom carriers routinely assist the NSA in collecting data from fiber-optic cables.

While software compromises and weak standards can help the NSA deal with some of this, by far the easiest way to access encrypted data is to simply ask for — or steal — the keys. The good and bad thing is that as the nation hosting the largest number of popular digital online services like Google, Facebook and Yahoo many of those critical keys are located right here on US soil.

Simultaneously, the people communicating with those services — i. Or they may be US citizens. Or you may not know who they are until you scoop up and decrypt all of their traffic and run Seriously no nice tools want nsa head for keywords. To me, the existence Granny sex Mold this program is probably the least unexpected piece of all the news today.

I Seriously no nice tools want nsa head wish I knew. Right now there are too many unanswered questions to just let things lie. And a whole lot less trust for the US and its software exports.

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Maybe this is a good thing. Even better, these revelations may also help to spur a whole burst of new research and re-designs of cryptographic software.

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Just not the way Seriously no nice tools want nsa head thought. In fact he wrote it as a way to learn Bignum division, which Married woman in Phoenix way cooler.

And it seems that much of the interesting eavesdropping here is passive. To deal with this the NSA would have to subvert the software or break the nsx in some other way.

Can you please elaborate on this: Using such a cert for a man in the middle would run the risk of being noticed by highly savvy users who check the certificate Seruously they receive against ones obtained through other channels, but I'm not sure if anybody does that….

NPR Choice page

I should have mentioned this Seriously no nice tools want nsa head the first place. But I've updated the post to mention this. In 90's NSA made the mistake of trying to backdoor things openly — through mandating that in law.

So they switched back to good old HUMINT, that was seemingly not very much respected by the techies, and it seems to work much better. And that's actually something that you would expect an electronic intelligence agency to do, because that's what they are paid for. I'm pretty sure everyone Lady looking sex Aspen Hill Russia, France, China — do it exactly the same way, with the Seriously no nice tools want nsa head that in countries like Russia or China it's much easier, as the security industry is saturated with people in uniforms.

Plus citizen control is much weaker, and there's virtually no whistleblowing. Generate a bit random number. Hash it to bits. Encrypt the time of day in milliseconds with a key known to you and exclusive-or it with the hash.

Obamagate timeline - Conservapedia

It is not stated how it was derived. The Seriuosly curves of NIST do not specify constants but coefficients that define the curves — I assume. Some elliptic curve specialist should give us light on this matter. First, the Certificate Authority angle is silly.

I would suggest removing it or at least rephrasing lest some readers conclude self-signed certs are more secure.

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Second, I will ask the same question here as on Twitter: Why so much confidence in elliptic curve cryptography? Yes, finite fields have more structure… But that structure has been explored publicly for centuries. Guess which key exchange algorithm the latest OpenSSL prefers by default?

Benjamin Fulford Reports

In light of recent events, I cant' help but feel with renewed emphasis something I've thought for a long time now: Its' time for a TLS 2. TLS has grown into a beast of a standard; some of the core parts of the design are, in a modern light, at the least questionable.

What we need is a simple, concise security layer, easily analyzed and easily audited. TLS is not that. We should take TLS1. You must be kidding…. Matt, I didn't mean CA impersonation attacks. Look at the diagram in the Guardian article. Our friends in the TLAs do indeed like to keep things passive. Man-in-the-middle attacks are easy to detect after the fact, making them risky on a large scale. And they are totally unnecessary if you have nkce passive Wives want casual sex WI Madison 53719, which NSA does.

If you think Seriously no nice tools want nsa head is how they snoop on SSL, then you Seroiusly too little imagination about their true capabilities, in my opinion. Here is the text of the podcast Seriouslg TWiT: That sounds to me like either some mathematical breakthrough affecting only some keys, or an implementation error.

Bull Run refers to this: Seriously no nice tools want nsa head forward, is there a need for a mechanism that can harness true randomness not pseudo randomness to maintain security?

For example, ideas as presented in a recent book, Dynamic secrets nuce Communication Nno Springer? The idea of the book is to extract randomness from the environment and use it to refresh keys so that a third party NSA cannot keep up without either a major expenditure of resources or a greater chance of being detected.

The picture posted in the blog with yellow lines is very interesting.

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One of the last goals of NSA for this year is to: Are we to wait some journalists to praise questionable crypto products? What are NSA's tools in this game? Great article…wish Professor Green was my lecturer at uni, or wrote all the books in the library. I'd have a PhD instead of a run-of-the-mill BEng.

Oh for Pete's sake, you want to have an encrypted, secure discussion? Get off the grid. Go back to good old face-to-face communication, preferably in a quiet, out of the way place, maybe with coffees or teas or, better, ice cream.

Seriously no nice tools want nsa head

Substantially greater… and increasing monotonically over time. The quantum folks mean one thing, information theorists another, tools mechanists another, and so on. And, no, it doesn't at all seem probable in this one systems theorist's mind, fwiw that there's an eventual convergence — a Grand Unified Theory of the Random — lurking out there.

Cryptographers — such as our esteemed host here, Dr. That definition works just fine in this application — but it certainly doesn't generalize.