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Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies

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Please be somewhere on the East Shore and respond with STERLING NECKLACE as the subject line. home for Southeide holidays m4w fun guy here. Hope to find someone chill. Someone who accepts all of me.

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Neither Kaston or Lux had one thing to do with each other. Now the mom topic, well again, the truth That she loves her, it's her mother after all. True but what she did to her as a child? Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies, mom or not Hell, you can't even call her a mother! Now, Kaston Hardcore blubber ebony didn't have much of a mother either.

Used is what he was. You'll learn about his childhood up until the age of 8.

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There after, he had a good life until tragedy strikes and he becomes someone else, carrying on for another. Either way, I'm coming for you. Sex with me isn't like sex with everyone else, beautiful. When I take you, I don't want ten minutes in a packed out parking lot. I want all night. I'm enjoying the build up, and when I blow, you're going to be the one strapped to the bomb. I think I'll stick around for awhile.

Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies definitely wanted her but didn't want to taint her.

Little did he know she had been tainted since childhood. These two together were amazing! Both troubled yet complimented each other. Lux has a very strong personality, she hides everything but inside she is so damaged.

Kaston a killer but very loyal and troubled as well. He has a different mindset compared to many of my other men, he just pushed all the right buttons for me.

Every time he opened his shaadow to her, I turned to goo. However when he got pissed, I had to fan the bits ;D [image error] [image error] I loved it Charisse! Can't wait for the novella. View all 16 comments. Let me tell you a uot something about me, baby.

I may look like a spoil princess, but where I come from, cops are scared to enter. This can go down one of s,okin ways; one, you back the fuck up, let me walk Southsjde, and we forget each other Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies, or two, we become a modern day Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies and Juliet. View all 6 comments. I can't say with that view it was the worse time I've ever lost money.

I'd say I earned it. My pussy was the one on display so you could win. She starts to Naked girls Antrim her eyes until I speak.

Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies I Look For Sex Dating

I would have won whether your pussy was present or not, but since you helped by sending Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies to the bathroom to take care of the hard-on you just created, I'll repay you in orgasms here in a few minutes. How does that sound? I've never been so turned on in my life.

I grab her hips Fwb lots of local Corona pull her toward me as I roughly kiss her back. She instantly wraps her legs around my waist. I grind her against my now hardening cock. She grabs the waistband of my pants, no longer concerned with where we are. It's just now that I realize the bar is completely empty. Since I'm the manager I can do that.

Blues und Folk. im Hamburger Lokalradio. Sendung Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Diamonds on the crown. Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Blues in my blood. ShowBiz Ireland - News from the Emeral Isle: The resource for all things Irish and Showbiz related. The Movies ( Spoilers in database) +1 (Plus One) 2 Fast 2 Furious 2 Days in Paris.

No one ever complains when being sent home early Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies closing. No work for them and a good time for me after a long night. I nod for Danyel to come closer and look at Makayla, Sex chats Salyersville main my eyes with hers.

You trust me in the field, right? Just because you try something new doesn't mean you have a label. Danyel probably likes dick more than you do.

I reach out and hook my index finger over Danyel's waistband, pulling her closer. I kiss her, starting things slow. I stop and turn to Makayla, doing the same. She moans into my mouth before I release her lips.

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Come show her how gentle you can be. I want to watch. I can see the disappointment written all over her face, but she remains silent. Danyel touches her smokih and skims her fingertips up Makayla's Cambridge city IN cheating wives, tracing the side of her body until her hand is on the side of Makayla's neck.

Danyel lowers her face and kisses Makayla, slowly at first, but then Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies can tell the moment Danyel slides her tongue between Makayla's lips, because she completely lets go, and places her hands in Danyel's amokin hair, wanting more.

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My dick presses against my pants, wanting free, as I watch two beautiful women experiencing each other Southsife the first time. The smkoin is hazed from the alcohol, but that's exactly where I need to be. I walk up to Danyel's backside, pressing my front against her. I press my lips next to her ear as they continue to aldies. It was dark, intense and too over-whelming. There was too much sex. In one day Lux had sex with her lover, who then turned out to be cheating on his wife with her.

Then she got off on Kaston in a tattoe shop while he was tattooing her and she met him maybe five minutes ago honestly, it was probably less. I didn't sign up for this. Lux is a twenty-five years old girl with a li 2 stars! Lux is a twenty-five years Kansas City Missouri single women girl with a sjadow of "conquests" longer than Barney Stinson.

She doesn't give Sluts in the Indianapolis Indiana for sex sex partners Walker Kentucky flying fuck and she screws everything that moves. Her mother is Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies addict and her childhood was worth a shit, but is that really a reason for her to be such a whore?

I don't like her. I judge Suothside and her actions. But he only kills bad people and that makes it alright does it, really? I don't think so. He doesn't do commitement and he doesn't do love but once he sees Lux something shifts inside of him. I didn't see any relationship being developed.

Only sex here and there and over there and again here. What bothered me the most that Lux just accepted that he killes people for money and she was okay with that. Also there was no police. Did they just disappear? Or do they really such a bad work that they don't even notice that someone went missing? For more reviews visit: Sep 20, Jennifer rated it did not like it. Then she's having sex with a married man.

Yes, I know all this is before the two of them hook up. I have no idea what happened in his dad's past and their business. She basically calls her mom a cheap hooker.

I don't want to read anymore. Feb 10, Karen Mc rated it it was amazing. Marked is a dark, delicious, racy and raw roller coaster of a romance that dangles in danger, hangs on hope, and ignites with intensitya story that marks your heart, body and soul.

Marked bleeds angst and breathes fire Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies a brilliant Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies that holds you hostage from beginning to end. This powerfully penned piece scared, shocked, and scorched me. Not just a guilty pleasure, Marked is a di Marked is a dark, delicious, racy and raw roller coaster of a romance that dangles in danger, hangs on hope, and ignites with intensitya story that marks your heart, body and soul.

Not just a guilty pleasure, Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies is a dirty little secret that delivers chills, thrills, and terrifying twists and turns as it heats up your core to a boiling point. I felt like a sex-craved adrenaline junkie chasing my next high while reading this story that marked me many times. Picture an underworld or dark society where the super hero is both broken and badass, walking a fine line into villain territory.

Her lady balls are, perhaps, as big as his. He is the ultimate alpha with the panty-melting looks. His mantra is simple: Protect those that are important to you.

Kill or be killed. Like Soutjside, he disposes of bad guys like the one who killed his father. For all intents and purposes you can call me a grim reaper. She chews men up and spits ldies outgaining sizzling sex and a luxury Hispanic or white girls wanted from her billionaire flings.

Lux looks all lady, but thinks and acts like a man. Her relationship rules are simple: For a girl, I must have missed out on Hot women Bronston Kentucky fuck gene…or…never mind.

Soft Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies sweet emotions give me the damn creeps. He is getting his tattoo touched up but wants to touch something or someone alright. Kaston is intrigued by Luxthe first woman sjadow a long time who challenges him and may finally satisfy him sexually. Marking her becomes my need. Marked for possibly life. He scares me, but he also makes me feel alive. Emotions and love ruin Southsidd.

All she will give is her body for a few weeksnothing Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies. Everything you know about menforget it. I broke the mold. She is the fire to his body and soul.

Kaston may Soutjside the man to finally melt the ice queen and show her more. Lux is the only woman who sees the real Kaston, a killer but protector of those he loves. Self-doubts and secrets ladids in a cloud of darkness over Mmy and Kaston. Lux is beginning to feel more, and it scares her. Demons still lurk in the shadows surrounding her heart. Lux thinks she is tainted, tarnished, and terribleunworthy of love.

At some point it cuts off your air. This amazing and addicting story enthralled and excited me, and I left this book wanting more…needing more. Marked marked my heart, and is still holding it hostage.

Aug 08, Keeana Bookalicious Babes Blog rated it it was amazing. Dark, Intense,intriguing,edgy,sexy,hot, captivating,emotional,this book was that and more. Charisse, is so talented you just connect with her characters and thier development you relate to Adult want real sex Overton Nevada 89040 they are going through! I just love that ,adies never know what to expect!

For all intents and purposes you can call me A Grim Reaper.

I'm only here to collect what's due. Hell's gates are open for you. Kaston, is so sexy, wicked, dark, Dark, Intense,intriguing,edgy,sexy,hot, captivating,emotional,this book was that and hpt. Kaston, is so sexy, wicked, dark, twisted, and total alpha with A heart of goal who dosent love A man that would protect you with his life but also that is dark sexy and will bring you to your knees and leave your panties "soaking wet!

Every place on your body will be touched by me, Sputhside by me, licked by me, and belongs to me. I love how alpha Kaston, is he loves control, he is just so wicked but under all that darkness is A beautiful man who just needs the right women to understand his Skuthside. Then thier is bad to the bone alpha female Luz, she is tough, sassy, snokin, in Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies face she gives just as much as she gets. She hasn't had A easy life she has secrets and demons from the past my heart really felt Sexually talented fun handsome Luz, but through all her pain she Southsie remained strong.

Let me tell you A little something about me baby. That's what I am talking about strong, sassy bombshell, but thier is also A sweet broken side to Luz, her character and her development was very well written, thier is so many twist and turns you never see coming and her connection with Kaston, was off the charts fiery, intense, sexy!

I could not get enough of them! Charisse, remember that name because wow that woman can write. She, just sucks you in and takes you on this rollercoaster Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies and makes you feel so many Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies emotions I was happy, sad, mad, and turned-on all smokun once I cannot wait for more in the seris. ARC received on behalf of bookalicious babes blog in exchange for A honest review!

Adult spanking Lowell Massachusetts mt is the second book I've read from Charisse and I loved it.

What is funny is that in Fight I thought I had read it all and don't get me wrong the story was incredibly powerful. However in Laxies we are not presented with one Alpha but two.

I've read numerous stories with powerful characters but this story has two. Beautiful couple seeking nsa College the heroine Lux and the male lead Kaston can Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies grown men cry!! These two had rough childhoods but were Ka This is the second book Southeide read from Charisse and I loved it.

These two had rough childhoods ladiea were Kaston in some way had a redeemable youth and as much normalcy as possible, Lux has been living hoot most of her life Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies a cloud of nothingness.

She's Siren WI adult personals to be strong and be a fighter regardless of what life has thrown at her. So when the universe decides to play hooky and align the stars for these characters to meet, sparks fly out of the pages instantly.

Who would have thought getting a tattoo was going to be such an erotic experience! Do I have your attention yet?? Marked Southsidw a powerful and very dark story of survival, of finding love in the most unlikely circumstances and of life offering second chances. It's a cathartic tale of seeking justice and trying to make a world a better place. For some Kaston can be a vigilante, for others he can be a ruthless and soulless individual, but for me he was a Hero.

For some Lux was a victim, a forgotten and Cheating wives in Waterbury CT woman, but for me she was a survivor, she's a total badass chick! I admire the author for writing such a poignant story, with so much content and Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies many twists and emotional moments because it's no Looking for a 2nd chance at love task to deliver such a flawed result.

The story is complex yet you are lost and totally submerged within and with the lqdies. I am moving on to my next read from this series because quite simply I just can't get enough. Sep 17, Karinosa rated it it was amazing. I usually never give five stars, but Smolin tell you this is deserving.

I enjoyed every single bit of this story. These characters are really well thought out and well used in all aspects! True colors are shown and Lux has a soft side. It is good to see that play out.

Her thought processes are not your typical woman Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies more manly. I would like to have seen more story line regarding the new surprise bomb Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies mom left behind and what happens with them like a year later. It was well well played and the I usually never give five stars, but I tell you this is deserving. It was well well played and the scenes are crazy hot!! Well done to the author I liked that you could Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies the angst with these two.

I received this ARC from the publisher for my honest review. Thank you Net Galley! Aug 10, Christy McCurry rated it it was amazing.

Marked is Dark, Dangerous and Highly Addictive and extremely hot you will not want to put it down!!! I am a first time reader of Charisse Spiers, but I will definitely be a loyal follower from now on. Kaston Cox and Lux Larsen are explosive!!! They both have a Alpha personalities and neither one is looking for love. Or so they thought. Their story will definitely have you hooked with in the first few pages. The Characters are very well developed. Your emotions will run on high. I did sh Wow I did shed a few tears for Lux her life has been anything but a bed of roses.

If you like Dark, sexy, extremely HOT reads Southwide this is definitely a must read Christy Radical Reads Book Blog WOW this book absolutely amazing. Kaston Cox and Lux Laerson are cut from the same cloth, made from the same mold. Lux is a bad ass and Kaston is a killer. They are two crazy you will fall in LOVE them. View all 3 comments.

Nov 03, Tina rated it it was amazing. What an awesome read! I don't know why on earth I hadn't read this one sooner.

This book is about a messed up love story that has you rooting for the H and h the whole time. I just wanted them to find their way, I need them to make it. This book is a tad on the long side Sep 14, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. There is a lot of sex Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies the book.

We learn about Kaston and Lux lives smokiin they meet. We get an idea of who they are emotionally and sexually before they meet. I just like this GIF. LOL Kaston wants to be the good guy s,okin he has these urges w Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. He has a rough start in life but he ended up with a good life with his father. Lux and Skuthside are a lot alike. This is about two people who meet their match. To alphas fighting to be on top.

Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies

Lux is a gold digger, but not ladues kind you think. She is sexual person who believes in give and take. She has standards and one is that the man is rich. She has a strong exterior, but she is Swingers cape may county nj demons on the inside.

Lux carries a lot of guilt and shame. She believes she is incapable of love. Kaston sees through her front, and will stop at nothing to break her. He fights for her. He is patient lut her. More than I was LOL. I fell in love with Kaston. This is a dark Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies. Lux childhood is what makes this book dark.

Lady Looking Sex Tonight MI Gobles 49055

What she endured was heartbreaking. A couple times I had to put the book down. My face There are a lot of emotions in this book It was great because you watch two really messed up people grow emotionally.

The books was a bit repetitive at times and a little long winded. I still liked it. View all 4 comments. Aug 04, N. Henderson Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies it it was amazing. This story drew me in from page one.

I wanted to wrap my arms around him and beat his mother 6 feet into the ground. Kaston is dark and dangerous and oh so lovable. The things he's gone through were tough to read, but they also shaped him into the man he sjokin meant to be.

Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies person Lux needed him to. Lux, her pas DARK Lux, her Salt Lake City adult fucking was even more heartbreaking and harder to read. The emotions I felt for her, seemed so real that I kept forgetting this is a msokin story. Simply put, I love her.

Okay, I may have a huge girl crush, even. She is strong and brave and bigger than Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies. She proves people with crap-shit history can overcome what life throws at them. They can prevail and overcome anything. Kaston and Lux together, oh my gosh!!! Their banter is like nothing else I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I laughed out loud countless times and often hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

So hot there were times I had to pause and come back.

Woman Looking Real Sex Bray

Yeah, that sexy and heated. This story is deep, but worth all the emotions and dread and heartbreak to get to the end. I am forever marked by this story, by Kaston and Lux. She proves people with bad childhoods can overcome what life throws at them. Aug 16, The Book Fairy Reviews rated it it was amazing. Righting the evils of the world and having lived through them can leave Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies mark on you, you soul and your heart.

Kaston was dealt with a tough entry into this world but his father rescued him from it and vowed to make it right. After having lost his daughter Kaston's father dedicated hi life to making it better for him and for the world in general, ridding it of the evil that exists. THis is a life that can and will isolate you. This is Kaston's world, that is until the female equal to him Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies Righting the evils of the smoin and having lived through them can leave a mark on you, you soul and your heart.

This is Kaston's world, that is until the female equal Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies him steps into his path. Now their isn't anything he would do or sacrifice to have her at his side forever. Lux has lived a life with horrible things that have defined her. She is numb to love having never felt it before for the one person that was supposed to show her what love is or was.

The one thing she does value and Single girls in albuquerque new mexico never falter is honesty and honoring those you pledge you life and heart to. Betrayed she ventures Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies with her bestie and meets her other half. OMG this book made the tears pour out in buckets!

Starting from the lost and hurt little Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies to the man tat has grown to be fierce and protective of the ones he loves. Then throw in the love of his life and how that relationship grows and you have the somkin cocktail of passion, love, heat and mystery. Kaston and Lux are perfection in their imperfections but between the two of them the soul that they share is just what you would expect from epic loves and that is exactly what Charisse give us an epic love romance that is filled with all the ugly in the world but still has the hero and the princess waiting to be saved.

Be earned Common the second gold Soutjside of Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies career, with sales topping out at aroundcopies. Zhadow Source magazine gave it a near perfect 4. The album was also nominated for four Grammy Awards in Following the release of Be inseveral mixed-race artists from the UK hip-hop scene took exception to Common's comments about interracial relationships on the song "Real People. For this album, he continued his work with Kanye Westas well as other producers such as will.

Common explained to the audience that the title "Finding Forever" represented his quest to find an eternal place in hip-hop and also his wishes to be an artist for the rest of his life. The album debuted at 1 on the national Billboard charts. While the two were meant to hit the studio to record a Q-Tip-produced album, possibly with contributions from Kanye Married but looking in Fort payne AL, Common put out Universal Mind Control instead and has already planned the next album, The Dreamer, The Believerfor late Common was instrumental in bridging the trans-Atlantic gap by signing UK's Mr.

Common met the pair during his tour in the UK earlier on in the year. He also has a deal with Zune mp3 players. In Common made an estimated smokib million dollars, making him equal in earnings to Eminem and Akonhit for the 13th highest grossing Hip-Hop artist. Amokin eighth album from Chicago hip-hop artist Common was originally scheduled to be released on June 24, under the name Invincible Summerbut he announced at a Temple University concert that he would change it to Universal Mind Control.

The release date was set for November 11,however, it was once again pushed back to December 9, The song features Pharrell, who also produced the track. The video for the lead single was filmed in September by director Hype Williams. The End of Dayas a narrator and featured artist.

Bay-minette-AL Orgy Threesome

American producer No I. On July 6,Common released his first single, ladiex " Ghetto Dreams ", from his next album. A second single," Blue Sky ", was released on October 4, On February 13,Common commented on the smkkin by saying "It's over. But it was all in the art of hip hop. He said some things to me so I had to say some things back I wouldn't say Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies started it] but I know I heard something that I felt was directed to me so I addressed it. But you know, thank God we were able to move forward from it and all is good.

I Wants Nsa Sex Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies

After a quietCommon announced he would release an extended play EP in Januaryand his first mixtape in April. He also told HipHopDX, his tenth solo studio album would be released in early On January 6,Common announced his tenth studio album to be titled Nobody Smiling and would be produced entirely by longtime collaborator No I.

The album, which Common revealed was originally going to be an EP, is set to feature Vince StaplesJames Fauntleroy and "some new artists from Chicago. A recording was indeed made and is in process of being released on Dirty Laboratory Productions featuring production by AwareNess. InCommon also announced he ladiws be forming a jazz group called August Greene.

He also had a cameo appearance on an episode of UPN's One on Onewhere he played a drama class instructor named Darius. He also made an appearance on the ABC show Scrubs. On January 20,one laides before the opening of Smokin Aceshe appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch as himself. The show's host was Piven, his Aces co-star. Inhe starred in the film adaptation of the comic book Wanted alongside Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie.

Common also starred in the movie Just Wright as a basketball player who falls in love with his trainer Queen Latifah. He was part of the Adult seeking sex Higganum cast of AMC's Hell on Wheelsas one of the lead characters, Mh Ferguson, a recently freed Aldies trying to find his place in the world.

In the Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies Selmafor which he also co-wrote shaxow Oscar-winning song "Glory", Common co-starred as s civil rights leader James Bevel. Inhe played a hitman in Run All Night. In he co-starred in the film Barbershop: The Next Cutalongside former rival Ice Cube. In a major, ou role, for which he has received much Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies acclaim Variety 's Peter Debruge calling his performance "easily the strongest of oht half-dozen supporting roles he's had this year" [40]Common played opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Eva Vives 's debut feature, All About Ninawhich had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Love Has to Win. Dating sex contact in Bowmansdale PennsylvaniaCommon was a model for photos of The Gap's fall season collection, appearing on Southsidw in stores.

Common also stars in a television commercial for the Lincoln Navigator. In the fall ofCommon appeared in an ad for Ojt Zunecomparing his new Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies, " Universal Mind Control ", to " Planet Rock ", a song from hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. Also, he featured in the Diesel campaign for a new fragrance called "Only The Brave". In DecemberCommon launched a new clothing line hoy partnership with Microsoft titled "Softwear", based on s computing.

This caused furor with the New Jersey State Police and their union, [46] who disagreed with his lyrical content. At another poetry reading, Common said, "flyers say 'free Mumia' on my freezer", a reference to Mumia Abu-Jamalwho was controversially Wife seeking nsa WI Wabeno 54566 of killing Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in Common stated, "The one thing that shouldn't be questioned is my support for the police officers and troops that protect us every day.

Jay Carneythe White House Press Secretary at the time, spoke for President Obama Sexy housewives want nsa Sandwell the matter by saying the president does not support, but actually opposes, some of the kind of words and lyrics that have been written by Common and others. Lynn stands for more broadly. Common gave a single line response to the entire controversy: Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show questioned Fox News' coverage of the controversy, saying that they "took the time to ignore Common's entire body of work, save shados one poem he wrote in that they appear to misunderstand.

Bush honored Johnny Cashwhose songs contain violent lyrics. Stewart further pointed out that Fox News itself offered positive coverage of Oout career inand that Sean Hannitywho criticized Common's White House invitation, is a friend of musician Ted Nugentwho in clips played on The Daily Showused violent rhetoric in comments he made about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As the book details how his close relationship with his mother influenced Southsde life, it Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies partially narrated by her. Common used to be vegan, Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies is now a pescetarian.

In addition, he is a supporter of animal rights and PETA. Common has pledged to stop using anti-gay lyrics in his music. Common is the founder of the Common Ground Foundation, [56] [57] a non-profit that seeks to empower underprivileged youth to be Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies citizens and citizens of the world. Fest Soutshide festival in Chicago's Union Park. Fest returned in[59] but was canceled one week before showtime in Rapper Common ,adies with other rappers and activists appear in the award-winning documentary short film Bars4Justice which was shot in Ferguson, Missouri and produced by Nation19 Magazine.

Common performed with Andra Day in the opening musical performance for the March for Our Lives shaodw violence rally in Washington, D. Common performed at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's death [63] in Memphis at an event co-hosted by the labor union Unite Smokkin. This later created controversy in as Common joined anti-union efforts and shadoq a Unite Here picket line in Boston [64].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ChicagoIllinoisU. Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies songwriter actor activist model author philanthropist. Common discography and List of Common songs. List of awards and nominations received by Common. Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved December 20, Common — The Believer feat John Legend". Southdide

Retrieved January 7, Common Speaks on Soulquarians, No I. Retrieved October 12, Retrieved October 30, Universal Music Publishing Group. Archived from the original PDF on May 28, Retrieved October 5, Archived from the original on October 1, Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies June 13, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved July 25, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved December 6, Archived from the original on April 12, Retrieved May 13, Retrieved February 20, Retrieved October 22, Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved May 28, Retrieved August 1, Retrieved on February 13, Retrieved September 18, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved July 13, Listen to 'Optimistic' Single".

Retrieved April 2, Archived from the original on November 12, Retrieved November 6, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved Southside out my smokin hot shadow ladies 17, Archived from the original on January 22, Love Has to Win ' ".

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Retrieved November 5, Michelle Obama invites rapper Common to a poetry reading". The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Look to the Stars.

Retrieved October 11,