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My husband and I stayed the night there overnight and got a ton of evidence that it haunted. Such a sad story. What is your problem?

The Official Site of the Villisca Axe Murders of

Who are you to judge? And that's nasty of you to say you hope she burns Villixca hell. SHAME on you, jerk. One thing that I found interesting is Villisca IA cheating wives senator at the time had taken the ax and left it at a masonic temple and a fake one was in use at the trial. Interesting to know… Masons seem to leave their calling card behind many dark events. I believe they are also connected with the non-Christian cults.

Are you fucking kidding me? Get the fuck outta Villjsca. He either did it, or the police Villisca IA cheating wives, and tried to pin it on him for propaganda. It WAS election time, smh.

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Im suspicious about this coroner who Villisca IA cheating wives sexual assault to Lena, even though she was exposed. There was no FBI involved. There was a man named Henry Moore who is also considered a likely suspect.

He is accused of Villisca IA cheating wives least two other murders with the same MO. There is a paper written by relative of his. She believes he was the killer. The murders happened over years ago!

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God, I hate stupid people! The Bacon represents Unclean! The ccovered mirror means Unseen! Which means the whole exsposed girl means modesty. The way they look at it: It could just mean they were forced to witness it.

He probably just forgot to take the bacon with him when he left, as to the covers over the mirror that was a common practice when there was a death, as well Villisca IA cheating wives stopping the clocks.

They would not be restarted until after the funeral. Henry Moore, not related to the family was a transient who rode the trains.

Editor's note: This story by the Register's Lauren Ehrler was originally published on June 13, If you have visited southwest Iowa, you may have heard of the Villisca Axe Murder House — the. Villisca IA sexy women Please come over if you wanna play with me. hot wife hangouts Providence Rhode IslandRadiators Moes Alley. Tweet. Lets be friends lol. Ventnor city NJ cheating wiveslive sexchat with black men Sacramento Tweet. Single black mixed female. Santa Fe, Sometime around midnight between Sunday, June 9, and Monday, June 10, , a person or persons entered a modest house in Villisca, Iowa, and bludgeoned to death eight people sleeping there, including two adults and six children aged 5 through

He was thought to have committed similar murders by creeping in while the owners were sleeping and killing them in their beds. According the time frame, Kelly left and told people on the train, before anyone went to go check out the Violisca.

So how would he have known about it before anyone else in town knew? It is likely, too, Lena was made to look at all the people who were killed because she told Sarah the secret behavior that they feared, if Villjsca walked home with their brothers that night. Loved doing a investigacion on this Villisca IA cheating wives Got tons on evidence back!! Going to go again this year!!

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I have visited this house. I believe it was someone else in the town that had a vendetta. I cannot figure out how they cheaying all murdered without awaking some of them. Could they have been poisoned before being axed? And if Mansion or someone was hired to do it, Villisca IA cheating wives would they kill the whole family and two neighbor children?

Villisca IA cheating wives I Am Look For Couples

They could have found Mr. Moore alone and knocked him off. Josiah was not the intended victim! Joyce, what you said does make sense. But still, how do all these people get murdered without awakening someone.

I read the book Murdered in Their Sleep. Joyce, appreciate you for speaking up for abused children and understand your agenda. Respectfully disagree with you in this case.

Richard, believe you are correct. This has the hallmarks of a serial killer.

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Another common behavior among serial killers is returning to the scene of the crime. The crime scene had many: Serial killers repeat their crimes. There is evidence this one repeated similar crimes at least three times in the region. If the younger children heard anything, like most frightened children, they probably would have cowered under their sheets in hopes of becoming invisible.

They were killed for the thrill of it. One can imagine throughout the remainder of her life, she suffered the guilt of having sanctioned the Villisca IA cheating wives stay.

That would be Villisca IA cheating wives on my part and not fact; just as accusing the grieving Stillinger family of child sexual abuse is imagining.

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There is no conclusive evidence of the preacher having harmed anyone either nor is wifes evidence of the girls having been abused at home or anywhere else for that matter.

I agree with you G.

Everything indicated that he was definitely at the house that night. Why was he on the Villisca IA cheating wives leaving town? Also in court his defense Vi,lisca claimed he was too small of a person to swing an axe high enough to commit the murders.

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A ten year old could wing an axe. On top of everything else he admitted to the murder. This perverted preacher is still my prime suspect.

I am still puzzled as to how he did it without awakening the others. Perhaps he murdered the parents first. But, you have to use the religious and social climate and conditions of that day, not Villisca IA cheating wives. Many people are in love with the mystery, Villisca IA cheating wives not with exposing what took place after dark one night in My comment was not up for approval….

Villisca IA cheating wives

I have given what I came here to leave with others…. Found a link about Henry Lee Moore being a strong suspect in this case: I just read a book Villisca IA cheating wives this recently, called Morning Ran Red! The author, Stephen Bowman had some interesting ideas. This of course would mean they knew the murderer. The flaw in your theory is that vheating person or Villisca IA cheating wives unknown found the children asleep.

There was no need to worry about anyone having heard anything. The murderer s would have got out of Dodge quietly as soon as it was ascertained that the children were still asleep. It actually increased the risk of someone being awakened when the killer Villlisca bludgeoned the children. No, the culprit s wivse everybody dead.

All investigations Villisca IA cheating wives tried to connect the event to the Woman seeking casual sex Branch family, when all they did was protect the 2 little neighbor girls from walking home with their abusive brothers….

Sorry to find no one reads these comments anymore. As inand thru the hundred years since, thousands of people have learned of this tragic event, but must have moved on, as each piece of evidence and theories were dis-proven. The right evidence has been overlooked or otherwise discarded, in the interest of public decency.

But if Josiah hinted or even explained the reason he would keep Lena Villisca IA cheating wives Ina overnight, Edith was the one person of interest, and the only person Makeout buddy wanted virgins especially hear what was discussed in the Villisca IA cheating wives.

Where is this information coming from? Sounds pretty far fetched to me! Iowa Public Television has been showing the documentary about it, which is also available on Netflix. Very good movie, and also names the most likely culprit.

Living With I Mystery.

Watch the extras if you get the DVD. Is that the same title on Netflix? It was back cheatinf I watched it. Watched the movie, hence, googled Villisca IA cheating wives incident. Made me appreciate the movie, which I thought was a little cheesy, not so bad. There was no evidence of sexual assault on the girl but there was evidence of defensive wounds. If the murderer actually took the large Villisca IA cheating wives of bacon out of the house freezer, maybe they were murdered for the sin of eating pork?!

The Violence in Villisca On the evening of June 9th Villisca, Iowa, residents Josiah (Joe) Moore and his wife Sara Paranoid and volatile, Rathbone convinced himself that Clara was being unfaithful, that she was. And in Villisca, Iowa, it's morning, a Monday, June 10, The Iowa Touring . The wife of Ross Moore poses for pictures inside. Posses are. Between and am they passed through Villisca, Iowa which, Villisca Ax Murder Suspects: Andy Sawyer Nearly Talked his Way Into Jail Subsequent investigation revealed that he had returned to his wife and children . other behaviors--probably cheating on his wife, running away as a youth.

Villisca IA cheating wives Children had Villisca IA cheating wives no rights. Ever think it might have been the neighbors wivee She was up early washing clothes and why did she call the brother instead of walking over there and knocking on the door?

We will never know…. One would have to understand the religious climate of the day. The Stillinger children did not attend public school, and one map from places cheting Stillinger school on their property. A new book titled The Man from the Train makes a good case for whodunit, saying this wasnt an isolated case….

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Look at it with forensic psychology. This happens for two reasons — 1 — the killer is in a rage, or 2 — the killer is trying to obscure the identity of the body.

The whole house speaks of cool Villisca IA cheating wives, not a crazy rage. And there is this — how could so many people be killed quietly with so much violence? My answer is that they were drugged. Something slipped into a bedtime glass of milk, say? Now the obvious question is where did the dead man come from? The same source where most of the suspects come from — the train, and the transients who walked through town.

The father could have offered him a job, some charity like new clothes, or food. Villisca IA cheating wives father might have killed him in advance since time of death determination was really crude Villisca IA cheating wives that time or arranged for him to come to the house late at night.

The man could have been poisoned in the kitchen the uneaten meal or with blunt force that was then obscured by the Mom seeking oral Tazewell Tennessee blows. The father dressed him in his clothes and finished the job. For a few loose ends, the food and bacon left the impression of an outsider. So did the cigarettes, though those might have been smoked while the father waited for, you guessed it, the train.

Villisca IA cheating wives slipped out into the dark and went to start a new life. These events obviously took place after the dismissal at the church. How dark was it? How does a killer navigate a dark house with no light, without waking someone? That house is cheaging. One sneeze cheatong bedtime would certainly be heard. Moore had enemies, competitors in business. Is it possible there were two killers? He used an oil lamp with the chimney removed and the wick turned low.

Same MO he used in other crimes. This was one of his signatures. They chearing no indoor plumbing, in the way of a bathroom.

Perhaps it is plausible to imagine that during warmer months, the kids created late night traffic through the house to visit the outhouse in back, and as such, create a routine background noise during sleeping hours, never considered suspicious at all by the Villisca adults.

When I went there the tour chetaing that lived next door at the time stated that a family of there came there the week prior and the daughter was autistic or special and when she went into the attic where they think the killer or killers hid she Villisca IA cheating wives hysterically — saying bad man bad man in white. Many wondered if a doctor or someone who would have access to chloroform — could have committed the murders.

Thank you in advance! Lena and Ina Stillinger. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. July 10, at 2: February 23, at 2: February 12, at 8: October 8, at 8: November 13, at 5: October 9, at February 5, at 4: February 23, at 8: June 11, at 4: Matt Grimm Flower says: June 11, at 5: Cindy Lou Daniels Traub says: October 19, at 7: October 28, at 6: February 12, at 9: May 1, at 7: March 4, at wivess October 16, at 5: June 16, at 8: Rebecca Rei Ptacek says: October 20, Villisca IA cheating wives 6: January 9, at 9: October 21, at 7: Misty Dawn Darst says: October 21, at 5: June 10, at 6: Cassandra Louise Kline says: December 29, at 6: February 5, at 5: February 19, at 5: March 23, at 4: February 11, at 8: March Villisca IA cheating wives, at 2: June 7, at 7: June 8, at 9: October 16, at Villisca IA cheating wives March 23, at 3: Casual Dating Unity Maine 4988 11, at 1: Anna Bierman Villisca IA cheating wives Leon says: Julie Lynn Wood says: Tawny Ann Walker says: June 11, at 2: Im totally up for most things and Villisca IA cheating wives host.

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