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Want my dick sucked by women

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Tell me what your day off might be. I just want to talk and pass the time.

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I was after this guy I thought was hot, but he was playing hard to get.

So one day I bluntly said, "I want your cock so bad. He replied, "Why do you want to suck my dick so bad? What is your need? You do it and what then? I was taken aback. For once I wondered what compels me Want my dick sucked by women want to do this thing to him. What makes me want to perform oral sex on men? Certainly to pleasure Casual Dating Wyoming Pennsylvania 18644 and make womn orgasm.

That's the objective, but WHY?

So I get him off. Once I've sucked Fuck lady Garland, what then? I think it was Freud who wrote about a patient who was obsessed with sucking cock and swallowing cum. I suked Freud though that the man was equating cock with breastfeeding and was trying to fill the void of a maternal role in his life.

The patient also felt that he was inferior to other men Want my dick sucked by women his obsession may have ben a subconscious method of ingesting their "power" to become like them. I haven't read about ducked case since the early 90s but thought it was interesting. I don't get the compulsion to put the organ in my mouth.

I mean I'm gay and all and have been all my life, but the act of putting the penis in my Want my dick sucked by women trying to bg a man to orgasm I want to know why the penis is the target of my affection.

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suckes Am I fucked up in the head? Seriously, some psychological take on doing this, thinking this. It's an intense intimacy, coupled with the knowledge of the pleasure you're bringing him, and his presumed gratitude.

Try sucking their big toe or thumb and see if you get the same feeling. It's pleasure and control.

Over-think it and you mess with the pleasure. You have an orgasm and feel womeh, and I feel better and happier for having giving you one. It's control "I control his ability to orgasm right now. Also, people are seeking approval by feeling that they've done a good job.

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I was once told by a priest who was also a trained psychologist that basically you're trying to incorporate the good qualities you see in the other man into yourself. So if you like older men, men with muscles, men with nicer bodies than your own, or as you get older, men who are younger than you, you're trying to get what they Want my dick sucked by women.

This is indeed a mystery to me. An even bigger mystery is why men will pay to do it. No woman would ever do that. Cocksucking-lovers must be truly altruistic people. Echoing R14, I've read similar things about sex in general.

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It's almost a form of benign vampirism--when you have sex with people, you take a bit of their energy whether you have an emotional connection with them or not. Sex is the joining of energies. In the priest's defense, he was very non-judgmental, understanding, and didn't jump my bones, even though I Want my dick sucked by women qomen cute young something and he was about Some priests are actually nice people.

I've seen posts where men are talking about licking, sucking and "chewing" on labia that a woman suckfd considering having surcically trimmed. They were enraptured by what, quite frankly, looked like shredded chicken filets.

I couldn't imagine being delighted to sucking on that mess, so I can see the how sucking a dick could seem equally odd and revolting. My first feelings for a guy were a crush, liking seeing his face, feeling excited about seeing him yake his shirt off. I first heard about what was involved on disparaging ways Want my dick sucked by women, fudgepackerbut that's where I learned what was what. But, for me, the intimacy, physical closeness were what I desired.

Sex is not about taking, but giving. You are giving pleasure to a man when you do it, and that is the important thing.

Really, all your psychobabble sounds self-loathing, most of you. Consider the Older ladies Idanha Oregon and irrational lengths that most men the hetero majority will go to fuck suckex.

Want my dick sucked by women

Want my dick sucked by women

Why do they do that? It feels good, sure, but so does your hand. It's certainly not usually to procreate.

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They just have to do it, and will do so with any random female who's willing. The sex drive is not entirely conscious, and if your wiring happens to drive you to suck cock rather than fuck pussy, I don't really thinks Want my dick sucked by women a "reason" for it. It is true that it is a bit odd that most gay men LOVE just sucking cock, to the point dlck some will pay just to do that as others have said.

What about the psychological need to suck a woman's cock? So much damned privilege on this thread. I get the Psych. Also personally, to me, it is an expression of my sexuality.

When I do it, I'm expressing myself at my most basic level. I think that is why I enjoy it - most of the time. But sometimes, it's Want my dick sucked by women just a chore. The fantasy is very often much better than the reality. But then again, those times when you're with someone who really turns you on - there's nothing like a good throat pounding.

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It is because you feel inferior. The act of being the receptacle for another man's pleasure is a way of reinforcing that he is superior to you. That you are not really a man. And this is deeply subconscious.

People with healthy self esteem think about reciprocal types of sexual actions, giving and receiving. The first thing a man would NOT think about is putting another guy's dick in his mouth but rather being the aggressor in a sexual act, being the one who HAS his dick sucked.

That is, if he is self-confident and self loving and self-respecting. I prefer to make love to it than to have my throat pounded. I am inclined to agree with R While there's no context for how OP broke the news to the guy whose cock he wanted to suck so bad, it sounds Want my dick sucked by women the guy was offended in some way or at least wants more than just some guy sucking his cock.

My lust and desire is expressed in wanting to fuck. I get the "it feels like a chore" part r32 mentioned. I am not oral so I don't have the need to suck though I do really enjoy kissing Looking for age play extreme as I said fucking.

R41, he would look Want my dick sucked by women much better without the beard. I don't get beards. The hide the face beautiful. I don't mind a five o'clock shadow or stubble, but a bushy weird is gross. As a child, I'd open a Cracker Jack Want my dick sucked by women and wolf through the molasses nubbins and nuts to get to Adult seeking hot sex Frazier park California 93225 prize.

I have simply swapped to a less sugary snack. Image in link, NSFW. From a subReddit where people ask strangers to assess their bodies, etc.

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Hundreds of Want my dick sucked by women from straight guys Wang on their beauty, their desire to lick, suck, and gnaw on them. No offense, I just don't have an erotic suckec to the image. Suddenly I found suckked wondering: Across town, Samantha was getting the kind of head every single girl in Manhattan was hot for, at New York's newest - and trendiest - hair salon I always thought it was a more controlled form of intimacy - I suck guys off all the time, but I'd only kiss certain guys, and rarely bottom at all.

I suppose the comfort is in making the guy cum, and feeling some sort of accomplishment there or something. Want my dick sucked by women pathologize men who suck cock?

Women suck cock, women suck pussy, men suck pussy, men suck cock. Most straight women do NOT look at sucking cock like most gay men Girls for fucking Boca Raton Florida. There is a monumental difference there. Real life, not like in porn.

A man's ass emanates a smell of shit, especially asses with hair on them. You get your face all down there and you get a whiff of poo! What to do about that?