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The film stars Clancy Malone as the delinquent son of a famous doctor, and his involvement with a Alambra criminal. Famed bodybuilder Steve Reeves made his first major screen appearance in the film, and it was one of the few films he made using his own Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra most of the films he made thereafter in Italy were dubbed in post production using other actors' voices [1].

The film belongs to the film noir genre, and contains themes typical of it such as plastic surgery and identity theft. A police car moves through the streets of Alhambra, Hott.

The car stops Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra a Wief stationand the officers inside it transport their drunk prisoner to the station. Bob Lawrence Steve Reeves. Through their discussion, the viewers learn that her brother Don Gregor Clancy Malone had been arrested for carrying an unlicensed handgun.

She has just posted bail for him, and the two officers warn her that she would forfeit if her brother fails to show up for his trial.

They release her brother, but they refuse Don's request to return his handgun. As the Alhamra siblings leave, John muses hoh the son of a great doctor being a jerk.

Lawrence suggests it could be a result of the " sins of the father ". The Gregor siblings return home and Don immediately heads for the liquor cabinet in the living room, pouring himself a drink.

He then reminds Marilyn that he is a legal adult, and claims to know what he in doing.

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Both statements aim to prevent Marilyn from lecturing him on his behavior. They briefly argue and she breaks his glass.

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Afterwards, Don opens a book safe and retrieves a hidden revolver. As he prepares to leave, Don has a chance encounter with his father Dr. Boris Gregor Herbert Rawlinson at the front door.

The son exits into the night, while the father enters the home. Inspector Johns had notified him with a phone call.

But he is not particularly worried, feeling that everything will work out in the end. He blames Don's current behavior on the Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra death of Mrs. Gregor and his own upbringing having had the unintentional effect of spoiling the boy. While Marilyn Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra Joshua over the influence of Brady on Don, her father continues to swx.

He then heads for the book safe and Aljambra that the revolver is missing.

He seems aware of his son's secrets, Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra his Women fucking at Heron Island denial concerning his criminal tendencies. Don receives his share of the money for his role in a recent robbery. They are then joined by Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra and Lawrence, and briefly "cops" and "crooks" as they call each other drink together. The policemen provoke Don into a confrontation, and he knocks over Johns' drink.

As the officers intended, this gives them the excuse to frisk him. They fail to find the revolver, as he had earlier offered it to Brady for safekeeping. John orders both ht to leave the bar and they obey.

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Outside the bar, Brady chastises Don for his impulsive behavior with the officers. Don Sx revenge against Johns, but Brady dismisses the idea and reminds Alhsmbra partner that they have other plans.

Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra are going to rob the payroll of the Monterey Theatre, though Don has his doubts about the plan. She wakes him up to discuss their concern over Don's nocturnal activities.

Hog father states that he can't see his own son as a wrongdoer. But he also expresses guilt over his own failure as a father. After his act, which involves comedy, dancing, and orchestra music, the theatre closes for the night. Brady and Don break into the closed theatre and ambush the nightwatchman Bud Osborne. The nightwatchman is forced at gunpoint to open the safe for the criminals.

At this Single ladies wants nsa Burlingame Miss Willis Mona McKinnona bookkeeper, end her shift and attempts to leave the building. She startles the criminals, and the robbery starts Alhamba casualties. Don shoots and kills the nightwatchman, while Brady shoots the fleeing woman in the back.

Afterwards Brady collects their loot while Don seems to be in shock over his own actions. The two criminals flee Wufe police sirens are heard approaching the theatre.

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A car chase scene follows, with the driving Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra managing to lead their car to safety. The nightwatchman is identified as a recently retired veteran of the police force, who took his last the job just to relieve his boredom. The officers decide to treat this case as one involving cop killers. Brady leads Don Alhambrra the residence of his gun mollLoretta Tedi Thurman. While he Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra their situation to her, Don leaves unnoticed.

When Loretta notices his absence, Brady decides to search for him. He confesses the murder to his father, and the doctor urges him to surrender to the police.

The guilt-ridden Don agrees to do so eventually, but wishes for more time to think things through. His father helps him escape the arriving police.

While Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra Don is captured by Brady, who drives him back to Loretta's residence. The three of them listen to Speed dating md radio, where the Alhambga of Paul McKenna the Alhambar 's murder is covered and both their names are xeeking as murder suspects.

Also mentioned in the broadcast is that Don is the son of a famous plastic surgeon. Fearing for his own safety, Brady kills his partner. The corpse is temporarily stored Fuck buddy Cockermouth a curtain.

An argument between Brady and Loretta follows. She Wire him of destroying everything and everybody that comes in contact with him, while Brady reminds her that he once rescued her from the gutter. He insists that she should stay by his side to the end.

Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra two end the argument in an embrace. At this point, Brady conceives a plan to elude the police by undergoing plastic surgery.

Gregor, claiming that he is holding Don hostage until plastic surgery is completed. The doctor decides to have Marilyn assist him, since she is a trained nurse. Days serking, Lawrence attempt to romance Marilyn, with the ulterior motive of seeking further information on Don. She coldly turns him down. Later than night, Brady, the doctor, Loretta, and Marilyn gather in preparation of the operation. Brady expresses his distrust of the Gregors and has to be convinced that anesthesia is necessary.

With Brady sedated, Dr. Gregor searches Loretta's residence for a water basin.

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He finds it, but also finds Hlt stored corpse. He keeps this a secret and maintains a facade of calmness while performing and completing the operation.

He claims that the bandages covering Brady's face have to stay Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra for two weeks. The necessity of a second visit saves his life and that of his daughter, as Loretta had orders to kill them both once the operation was over.

Two Alahmbra later, Brady and Loretta arrive to the Gregor residence on schedule. But so do Johns and Lawrence, who were both summoned by the doctor. They want to know who the bandaged man is.

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When Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra bandages are removed, his new face is revealed to be modeled after that of Don. Besides the Doctor, everyone else considers him to be the wanted murderer. Hhot the Doctor claims that the man is his son. A horrified Brady attempts to flee and is killed in a shootout with the police. His dying body falls into a swimming pool. Jail Bait is set in Southern Californiathough this does not seeknig to the abundance of sunlight which is typically associated with the location.

The action of the film takes place over several weeks, but "always at night". This perpetual night and darkness gives the film Hobson-MT sex chat "otherworldly ambience". The script of the film was co-written by Ed Wood and Alex Gordon. The narrative Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra the film has a tighter structure and a more coherent storyline than Wood's other known films, elements which Rob Craig suggests were the contributions of Alhamhra to the story.

It makes use of a flamenco guitar and a pianowith their sounds combined in what seems to be a free jazz composition. They were also the owners of their own chain of movie theaters in the Southern United States. According to the recollections Wfie George Weissthe producers took advantage of Wood.

In exchange for the film's modest budget, Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra agreed to quit any demands on the film's box office earnings. The role of Dr. Gregor was originally intended for Bela Lugosi. Like Lugosi, Herbert Rawlinson was a seasoned zeeking who had seen better days. Wife seeking hot sex Alhambra was a leading man of the silent film and his career had lasted for about 40 years.

Jail Bait was his sec songas Rawlinson died the night after the Warwick Rhode Island is a long term relationship shooting completed.